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  1. Man got skills thats all there is to it.
  2. Walter Baker


    good stuff, well done
  3. I would start looking here first. Lots of good stuff. http://library.creativecow.net/tutorials/adobephotoshop
  4. WOW! Just the scene and options are awesome. Great work!
  5. I'm there and looking forward to fun stuff.
  6. Nice john, Still love the hair. One day I will figure it out
  7. Happy Happy jason, Appreciate all you do for us.
  8. Try this Rusty http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;hl=propellor
  9. Ok now that is just cool as it can be.
  10. Rob I just did a quick count of all the little training tuts. you have done for people ( I count at least 27) and I think you need to make a disc or something to sell or give out (as you see fit). You have a wonderful way of making things easier and I have learned a lot for ALL your help. Just a thought. and a BIG THANK YOU.
  11. Way to go Gene, Congrats to you and Myron!
  12. I have uploaded the same clip 3 times this past month but they do not appear with my other clips or on the site. It has original sound from the video clip with it, could this be the problem for it not showing up? Just wondering why it's not there.
  13. Just found this thread and your models are freekin' awesome. I have tried to get my models like this but not even close, the hair great, been a nightmare for me but still trying. Just an awesome job.
  14. Super Nice, I really like the reflections going on!
  15. That was just learning, got about 7 more seconds to the clip, probably will do some more. My animating is not to good but I learned a lot from this. Thanks for the comment
  16. Rob you always make the best Training videos.
  17. It was the lights. Or at least thats how I got what I needed. I added a second model and was able to get the original music of the clip with it. Thanks Danceing6.mov
  18. Well thanks to all the help and suggestions I figured out that it has to do with the lights. When you open the tracked project there are no lights like the regular Chor. So I had to place all the lights and settings. As I moved them to different locations and settings I was able to get the results better. I still see some distortion on the background but will deal with that later.
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