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  1. Some how something assigned all the 'hxt' files to another app. It was just lucky I checked on that. Thanks so much for all the help you guys gave.
  2. Solution: Ok to everyone that helped with this problem. I got it fixed. I opened my MacKeeper/Default Apps/searched 'hxt'/ assigned AM to default app to open....BINGO! Checked it in every version ALL WORKING. So thank you to all of you for the help.
  3. Well have the files switched to correct format but still no change
  4. Mark, I don't get option to "open with" Rob, yes more folders, then a .exe file which is for Windows extension, not Mac,,,,
  5. Ken, I have no idea if Macs do I have never noticed it but will investigate it.
  6. Well Rob I tried that created a new folder some place other than ver.19 folder, deleted old one picked new one...nope didn't work So then I tried picking the folder from other versions....nope didn't work Now thinking about the whole folder thing, If my memory is right in the HXT folder used to be just files like xxxxxx.hxt yyyyy.hxt zzzzzzz.hxt But now everything is in folders. Is that correct or am I just nuts.
  7. I have (In all this process) deleted it out and Re-picked it just to see if I would change any thing, it didn't...
  8. Ok Rob I think I did it, ver. 19, 18, 16 in that order left to right.
  9. Well have Now run full maintenance, repair and defrag on whole system, no luck....
  10. Yes I did Rob, I will check into that Ken.... Thanks everyone for the help.....
  11. Well an UPDATE.... I removed ver.19 Purchased a 1 year subscription of ver.19 , dowloaded and installed. (assuming a complete new install would fix problem) Entered NEW activation code....opened up a model.... SAME PROBLEM...No Plugins, or Export...So guess I quit trying.....
  12. Hi Mark, I am running High Sierra 10.13.6 The thing about this mystery is that up until Last week It was working fine. I had Export because I had exported my model to try in Blender, worked fine...I had the Plugins because I used them to 'Split/Patch' on the model several times. All in ver.18.... (I had at that time ver.16,18,19....) So through many efforts to find the problem I tried the Re-install so took them out and installed them again....no help. Still NO Plugins or Export.....huh a mystery....
  13. Hi Fuchur, Thanks for the response, no go there either. I even went into the system and checked the folder it was locked so I unlocked it then reselected it in AM did not work. I just don't understand how I am working along then want to EXPORT it and that option is no longer there, thats when I noticed the Plugins were gone also. Thanks for the help....maybe one day it will stop having a fit and start working again...
  14. I currently have ver. 16, 17, 18 on my main drive and ver.19 on a different drive, All the same. No Plugins, wizards and no Export.....
  15. Folks my eyes are getting crossed. For some strange reason which escapes me I have now lost my wizards. If i right click in window the menu that comes up has lost EXPORT and WIZARDS. Where did they go? How do I get them back? Sure could use some help here 'ole wise ones'
  16. Thanks Rob think I got it, appreciate the help....
  17. Me again Guys, had some problems and now needing to reinstall. Where can I find version 18 for a Mac?
  18. I'll try explain it better.... Model A was complete (Left Side) rigged and the Relationships.(Control Constraints, Cosmetic Constraints, and Show...all ON/OFF) I opened it up in "Text Edit Program Changed all the words Left to Right' Saved as Model B. So Model B was complete as model A but all Right side. Opened model B (Right Side) and Imported model A (Left Side) to make model C All the bones (left and Right) are in model C But all the Relationships are only for Right side, none of the Left side came in from A. I hope that makes more sense.
  19. Well my friends, it's me again with another question that is probably simple, yet it eludes me. I have my model all rigged on the LEFT side and finished the Relationships completed and working well. I have flipped the Rig to the RIGHT side and looks good. In the process it Flipped the Relationships also. No problem. Saved as new model under diff. name...Then when brought in the old LEFT side Rig it only brought the Rig, NOT the Relationships. So my question is how can I get the LEFT Relationships into the same New model with the Right ones. I have opened both Relationships to Edit, Tried 'command C' (Mac) Then Paste 'command V' in the new with all the RIGHT but nothing happens. Another mystery of the universe???? How do I get the LEFT and RIGHT Relationships both together? Am I missing something again???
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