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  1. ah ha, that's where it's hiding! good to know!
  2. Had tried that, and unfortunately it looks like the reset doesn't affect window position.
  3. Alt (option) 1 doesn't seem to do anything; I'm guessing that's the Windows equivalent of command-1. In the "View" menu, "Project Workspace" can be checked or unchecked and either way there's nothing there. (I've even tried quickly spamming command-1 on and off to see if I can see the flicker of a corner of a window somewhere.... nothing!) edit: Alright, tried one last thing... and it worked! I had been trying to change the resolution with A:M open, and it didn't do anything useful as the UI seems to still maintain the same size of the original resolution (parts of it bleed onto the sec
  4. Heya! Cracked open A:M (v17 Mac) for the first time in ages, and it seemed like something was missing. Sure enough, it's the Project Workspace! I think it must be off-screen somewhere, but I'm having absolutely zero luck getting it to show up. Tried all the usual tricks (changing resolution etc). I've poked around in the prefs and even done a complete factory reset (which unfortunately does not seem to affect window position). When I open a model or a project, all the other windows are here... but the Workspace is completely absent. Hitting control-1 (hide/show) produces nothing.
  5. In answer to your question, no, I don't think there's an automated way to create what you're trying, sorry. I could be wrong, though, many of the users here have far more wizard/plugin knowledge than I.
  6. Fantastic default chor setup, thanks a ton! I had no idea you could change it. I went ahead and tweaked a few things, here's my version: 1) Got rid of extra characters. 2) Got rid of dialog boxes. 3) Set SimCloth default tolerance to 0.3 (something I've always wanted in my default chor!). 4) Got rid of 'kicker' folder. Default_Chor.cho Thanks again!!
  7. Meowx


    A keylogger is a program that hides either on your computer or within the code of a website and sends a log of all the keys you press (passwords, account information, etc) to someone else. Keyloggers on web sites are often hidden in advertisement banners so they can pop up on legitimate sites. hash.com doesn't have any ad banners, though, so who knows.
  8. Great vids for fan bone basics; that's something I've never really played around with! Learn something new every day!
  9. Like Jake said, there is a certain suspension of belief when it comes to poorly-armored characters wielding weapons the size of their bodies in one hand. For the record: although the sword is easily two hand length and probably dwarfs most conventional claymores, it's meant to be used as more of a hand and a half longsword. It's just bigger for artistic license's sake. That being said, I find the more weight is put into something the better it typically looks, and there is definitely a limit to artistic licence when you're dealing with something that is in at least SOME way grounded in realit
  10. A question for David (or anyone else who knows the 08 rig well); is there any way to "break" bones? For example, I'll sometimes have the arm bend backwards past where your elbow would let you, to exaggerate the motion. I'm not really finding any pose/controller for limit settings; is that something I'd have to just go in and change manually?
  11. Second pass, started refining the jump as well (more natural transition in, better ease in/out). pass_2.mov
  12. Alright, here's the first pass at giving that sword some more weight. pass_1.mov
  13. Thanks a ton for all the C&C, guys! Some good points. Couple things quick - The woman is using a rig I built myself from the ground up because I wanted to get the experience myself, and the green orc guy is using the 2008 rig. The sword the woman is using, despite its size, is supposed to be relatively lightweight.
  14. Alright, blocking out part of a fight sequence here, looking for some C&C (bambi eyes @ rob)! Same sequence, different angles: fight_1.mov fight_2.mov The jump move in particular has been over-key'd, it's starting to look a bit stop motion-y even. (Haven't blocked out the hit yet, trying to get the jump right first.) Trying to put my finger on what looks off; something about the transition from the back -> up -> jump is off...
  15. Looks like that was just the "drivers" that got embedded in the file; those lines go away when I delete them (but still won't simulate in v16). How DO drivers end up in a model, btw? Is there a way to make that not happen?
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