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  1. Meowx

    TSM2 FK-IK Switch Update

    Oh man, thank you for that. I was wracking my brain yesterday trying to remember what the name of the skeleton model was!
  2. Meowx

    Anti-aliasing(correct term?) in rendering possible

    This is what I normally do; after reseting it to the default I did go back into advanced. I just can't find an "anti-alias" checkbox anywhere!
  3. Meowx

    Cupid's Sick Day

    The corners of lips are the bane of my existence!! The lower lip looks good, but the upper lip's separation needs to be farther apart. You could probably do without the first spline ring around the lips as well.
  4. Meowx

    Anti-aliasing(correct term?) in rendering possible

    I actually had this problem a little while back. Anti aliasing got turned off somehow and I spent about an hour trying to find the "anti-alias" checkbox... it seems to have been taken out. I finally turned off the "custom" render settings and selected the default "final" setting. This seemed to fix it. (correct me if I'm wrong, v15)
  5. Meowx

    Cupid's Sick Day

    The breasts are quite high up on the body right now. They should probably be a few inches lower. The face is much more feminine now! Doesn't look like a dude with eyeliner at all. The main reason she looks older is you've given her very prominent cheek bones but the cheeks themselves are still pretty sunken. Rounding out the face like you said should help fix that!
  6. Meowx

    Cupid's Sick Day

    What are you talking about, I walk down the street in a red cocktail dress all the time. er, wait
  7. Meowx

    Cupid's Sick Day

    I'm actually going for the one-off reality comic-book look myself with the project I'm working on. I've found that while male faces have very easy to exaggerate features like the chin, it's a little more subtle with the female. Making the eyes bigger and the cheeks themselves (as opposed to the cheekbones) a little puffier was what made the difference in the end for me.
  8. Meowx

    Cupid's Sick Day

    Looking really good! However, it kind of looks like a dude wearing eyeliner. The prominent brow, sunken cheeks, strong chin/jaw and overall tall face are all contributing to this. Check out this link for some key differences between male and female faces: http://www.virtualffs.co.uk/male.female%20...differences.htm http://www.virtualffs.co.uk/difference%20examples.htm