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  1. i think i have found the solution guys, i only connected my model with 2 spilne , and it seems to work out. thanks
  2. after rigging my model, i try to animate it in the chor, but i disclovered something strange, when i rotate the bones of the arms, the slines of the shoes and eye brow gets distorted, what could be the problem and solution.
  3. i model them in am v16, can some one help me with the rigging.
  4. this is great, its also a lot of work. cool.
  5. Well, it depends on the amount of time in invest in your project and your level of know how and professionalism that will determine how fast you will complete you film. What do you think.
  6. I love your reply, Fuchur. danke dir,
  7. OK, thanks for all your reply. Actually, i am in the early stage of the production of a movie call The ONE MAN MONSTER. And i want to be sure that i will not regret latter on. That why i asked the question. Or, i will it be possible to use AM v 16 to make a movie like MEGA MIND. If yes, then i am in the right path to achieving my dream.
  8. I am wondering, will it be possible to use AM v 16 to render a city, say with like 100 house, cars, having textures and so on. Any answer from the admin guys.
  9. Please, can any one help me with a tutorials on how a car can be modelled using animation master. thanks.
  10. hi people, does any one know a tutorial that teaches head modelling.
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