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  1. hi people, does any one know a tutorial that teaches head modelling.
  2. strange question . . . is V17 already on sale.
  3. Please can someone explain how i can constrain a sprite emitter to an object in the chorography so that it will emiiter from a particular point in a specified direction.
  4. Ok thank u very much. And thanks to the forum for our quick reply, this forum always helps me out when i am in need.
  5. Is it possible to use AM v13, for cutting and joining animated clips done in AM. I m not sure i have heard of this done in AM before. thanks.
  6. i am just wondering if there is any tutorial on particle system . . . just let me know if you have any one.
  7. petokosun


    yes it works, but i reduce the constrain to 0 percent.
  8. petokosun


    it looks funny but its real .... please where and how can i remove a constrain from a bone.
  9. On the 1st wk of next month, i am organising a workshop and it is going to be focused on modelling shapes, pliz can any body tell me types of shapes that will be good for beginers to learn with. thz
  10. I ve tried d methods suggeted, but its not working. . .
  11. i am stilling using V13. how can i copy an action sequence in AM so that i can ve a duplicate of my work in other frames.
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