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  1. hi people, does any one know a tutorial that teaches head modelling.
  2. strange question . . . is V17 already on sale.
  3. Please can someone explain how i can constrain a sprite emitter to an object in the chorography so that it will emiiter from a particular point in a specified direction.
  4. Ok thank u very much. And thanks to the forum for our quick reply, this forum always helps me out when i am in need.
  5. Is it possible to use AM v13, for cutting and joining animated clips done in AM. I m not sure i have heard of this done in AM before. thanks.
  6. i am just wondering if there is any tutorial on particle system . . . just let me know if you have any one.
  7. petokosun


    yes it works, but i reduce the constrain to 0 percent.
  8. petokosun


    it looks funny but its real .... please where and how can i remove a constrain from a bone.
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