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  1. WOW Dude that is freekin' awesome!
  2. I was messing with cloth attached this morning, trying to do something I saw on 'iClone' web site, this is video on a moving cloth. started getting frustrated enough to pull my hair out but since I am bald I decided to stop and go back to it later. Stay tuned for more updates!!!!!!! Oh ya , love this stuff.
  3. The problem turned out to be that I had lights all over the place. I removed 4 from the ships and the station, then used the Rim and Key light, cut the render time down tremendously. Nnow for some fine tuning. Thanks for all the help guys. station1.mov station2.mov
  4. You both are correct, there is interior lights. The interior has two lights and the camera is seeing more interior than anything else. attached is shot of the inside of the station with the decal. So since you are both correct any suggestions on what to do?
  5. Greetings all. Well new question. I have a model (space station) 2 ships approach and go inside. It renders a 3 sec clip in say 45 min. Then I created a second chor. and placed the camera inside the station to view them as the ships come inside. Wants to render in like 10 hours?????? so took the original chor. and placed the camera inside and tried again, still wants to render the final 25 frames in like 5 hours. The station has a decal on it and is smaller in the original chor. but when inside the station the decal is huge. Would that have a difference on the render time? I just don't understand why the inside shot takes longer to render than the outside shot. Any ideas?
  6. Welcome to the Gang I just started about 3 yrs ago and I have to say that these folks here are wonderful. You just ask and someone will be there to help you through it. These are good folks. So welcome and enjoy!
  7. That was freakin' Great for only 4 mos. learning. Loved it! Keep it up.
  8. Sweet, gotta love bull riders. Tail is great (just sayin) The first one looked dangerous......all is good now. Awesome job.
  9. You da man, love it! Great job.
  10. Ok made me look at the floor just to be sure
  11. How about a strange mustache or maybe some cool sunglasses
  12. watched it this morning, LOVED IT. Great job. Spleen just gettin better and better
  13. I think I saw that in a old Star Trek episode.
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