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  1. brainmuffin I believe your right, SPAM! imike24 Not cool to hack in on this topic or any other, Dude!
  2. WOW Dude Wow, Great job, model is hot, camera actions great, her walk awesome. I say that because I have been trying to get walk down for 2 years now. Music great too! Great job
  3. Thanks for the input. The background was just something I found on the internet. Rodney I don't have any force like wind in it but I have thought about it, makes me wonder how it would work. Will probably try it next.
  4. ok after several weeks of searching for my old test and settings, (which I apparently didn't save) I started over with my cloth tests. My animation still sucks but I think the cloth is finally what I am looking for, Comments and advice greatly appreciated. clothtestz4.mov
  5. Dude thats what I looked like in High School.........great job
  6. Awesome as always and I guess this is being selfish but I would love to see a tut... or some settings, just a direction on how you get this to work like that. After your Thom pants I went back to my work on a dress and have been fooling with settings for 2 weeks and just can't seem to get it. Will keep on though.....you are an inspiration to 'endeavor to persevere' (from the movie Outlaw Jossie Wells.)
  7. Great Nancy can't wait for him to dance and say "king of the foreeeeeeeeesst"
  8. Bon Sure Bon sure.......just thought I' throw some French out there.... Great twinkling.
  9. What Nancy say Huh? I failed French twice in High School, Spanish too and barley got through English. It is impressive anyway.
  10. Wow, looks awesome Great job to you and all the helpers.
  11. Rob you need to put all you training stuff on a special disc for people to buy ( but free is good to) lol. it's ALL great stuff. You has helped me so much. Thank you
  12. WOW! WOW! WOW...... All done in AM? The flames were awesome.....the red smoke Wow Great job.......
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