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  1. I have archives of models I've acquired and made over the years. I've been reacquainting myself by posing the models using the various rigs they own and have decided to delve into the various uses of bones and restraints for a more complete understanding. I also have an archive of various tutorialsto go through, but I'll probably be tapping the fount of knowledge that is this Forum. In the meantime, here is a model I made for use in this image I made for use as I get my website back up and running. Have a step ladder. Step Ladder .mdl
  2. We're no stranger than the rest of youse guys!
  3. Hi. My name is Myron LeRoy andI'm coming back into the Forum community after several years of wandering in the wilderness. Although I made some small contributions to "The Scarecrow Of Oz" , my biggest claim to A:M fame is probably my collaboration with Gene Thompson, known as "Spleengene". I am looking forward to getting toknow the current cast of characters, new as well as old friends on one of the best Forums I've ever found. Happy Splining. Myron
  4. Not the best animation, but it's progress. David11111 First Flight0.mov
  5. Rodney, I got the image sequence loaded into a new project. What do I right click on the get the "save as animation" option on the menu?
  6. I can edit and combine video clips with transitiions. I have The AVS suite of programs) and can add sound later. I'll play with the knowledge that I now have and see what happens. I'll combine the images in A:M and edit the clips and sound in AVS. Thanks again for your help, Robcat!
  7. It's just background music and engine droning nothing that has to be synchronized.
  8. thanks Guys! My plan was to get the video animated and then create a soundtrack ( basically music and sound effects, no dialogue) in my recording studio and then marry them together. If there is a beter way to go about it, I'm all ears.
  9. I tried rendering a 30 second clip to avi movie format. and things crashed. I rendered to jpg image format successfully. How do I now convert these images into an animation?
  10. I seem to remember that there was once a tutorial concerning making clouds. Perhaps from particles. Does anyone have any idea where I might find it?
  11. Thanks once again, robcat, got it fixed. Thank you for all your help.
  12. I'm using Version 19f. Is there an update with fixes?
  13. All of a sudden the keyboard controls are not doing what they have always done. I may have inadvertantly hit Control/something and changed what the keys do? Is there a way to get the keyboard settings back to a default setting?
  14. I'm using A:M 19.0 f. I am trying to tune up an old model. When I try to adjust the bias handles on cp's they behave in a bizarre manner. They lengthen and distort and won't properly respond to control of the mouse. Anybody have these difficulties?
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