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  1. Robcat suggested that I post these on the Forum. This conglomoration of musicians and I have been peforming at a local Wine tasting lounge every Wednesday for two years. This is a test animation. The Sax player has quit coming so I made a new "photo". Our motto is "Don't get your knickers in a twist, have a glass of wine!" More animation to come.
  2. I can't remember if I posted this or not. Sorry if it's redundant. It's a WIP commercial for a friend of mine. First Draft.m4v
  3. How do I add a sound clip to a video?
  4. A few years ago I animated a promo for a friend of mine who had the "Mike Branch Band" I recently updated it to promote the band that I'm playing with now.
  5. OK. I reconfigured my menus to make sure I could see the animation button. I' still not clear if it's the red "A" or the black "A" that means it's on or off. There is a checkbox in "Tools" that can reverse the'warning' mode. I turned on the animation mode in the shortcut to each model manually (one by one). Turned each on again in the timeline. Set my Invisibility to 100% at 0 and every 15 frames set successive letters to 0% invisibility and the timeline shows it to be so. I rendered both with the red A and the black A. All letters are suppposed to be at 100% at zero, so they should not be seen. Here are two screenshots of the rendering of frame one, as well a a shot of the timeline and keyframes. Whassup?
  6. Thanks Robcat, That should fix it. And thanks to you, too, Rodney. I'use that hint as well.
  7. Robcat, I remember doing this a couple of years back with no problem. When I tried it this time it didn't work. I watched your video and tried everything you did. I couldn't get the copy keyframe to work, so i did it manually. Is there a setting I've missed? I keyed all the filters like you showed. My problem is that the transparency values, aren't changing. When I set them to 0% all go to 0%. when I set them to 100% all go to 100%. Here's a screenshot.
  8. How do I get the letters to appear one by one?
  9. I've been making music with my friend these last couple of years, Darlene Lombrozo. We've been doing a regular Wednesday evening gig for over a year now and there have been a few friends that have joined us. We started out: Myron & Darlene, "An Entertaining Experience". People started asking us what the name of the band is so we came up with "Myron & Darlene and the Twisted Knickers Revue". Our 'motto' is "Don't get your Knickers in a Twist, Have a glass of Wine." We are having a demo video made and I'm making an animated version of our Business card. (Which I also made using Animation Master) I want to start the animated card out with the letters of our names individually fading onto the screen. I thought that I had done that before, but I'm having no luck with doing it now. I also created clothespin caracatures of the band members and will animate them eventually. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to get the indiviodual letters of our names to come to visibility in the chor. Thanks, Myron {Drumming.m4v
  10. Hi Robcat, I lthought I had purchased an unlimite lifetime subscription. My old antique computers are filling up their harddrives and I got a couple of refurbished Dell Laptops. I tried to transfer my AM to them usic my master licensing file but they were missing a couple of dll files when I tried to install them. I sent a message to support a few days ago and have gotten no response. Do you have any ideas.
  11. What is a Master Dump file when A:M crashes, and can I use it to restore the project?
  12. Robcat, do you have a tutorial on smoke that will help me make the smoke puffs mor "gaseous"?
  13. In all of our collaborations, Spleengene was the animator. I provided music and helped with modeling and other background stuff. I have started a project that has grown exponentially. Nate is a young mechanic who helped me out when I was in need. At the time he was a professional mechanic working at a shop in the next town. He tried for several hours to get the junker I had at that time running. He never once brought up money. We have become friends. I've spent a couple of months learning how to animate, and I'm bettter than I was, but I still have a looooong way to go. During the time I've been doing this, Nate has moved to a bigger (3 Bay) shop in a nearby town. I'll propably be refining and re-rendering most of it, but this is a proof of concept video of compiled clips thus far. My next learning endeavor is to learn to incorporate sprites to create the "backfire" puffs and the cigarette puffs. I will appreciate any help that points to the proper tutorials. https://youtu.be/UfDfhBRyFK4 "EDIT": As usual I took Roberts good advise and posted it to utube. the Link is above.
  14. Here is a truck I modeled for a friend to use in his advertising. The truck has been fully restored now, but this version sat in his driveway for several years.
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