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  1. Here is a truck I modeled for a friend to use in his advertising. The truck has been fully restored now, but this version sat in his driveway for several years.
  2. MJL

    Alpha channel

    Thanks once again, Robcat. And also, once again, Happy Birthday!
  3. I was having a couple of problems. Updating to V19.0o solved one but not the other. The one that I'm left with is this: It used to be that when I rendered out to a PNG, the background would be black during the rendering, but the object would render with out a background. When used as a decal, only the object would apply. All of a sudden, a PNG now renders with a separate "photo" labeled the same with a "-Alpha Channel" added to the name. As far as I know there are four places where you can turn on or off "Save with unpremultiplied alpha channel". 1. the Rendering tab in the 'Tools' menu, 2. in the 'output options' of the camera object property menu, 3. the 'output options' of the 'shortcut to camera' property menu, and 4. in the 'render to file' dialogue window. However, whether or not that is turned on or off (in all places), it now still renders the "two image" render. How do I get the "contained" alpha channel back?
  4. MJL

    AM Films

    Am I the only one having trouble opening the AM Films catalogue?
  5. My friend got a new guitar last summer. Because of the bridge she named the guitar "Mariposa". I made the model of the guitar and was using the presentation of that model to my friend as an occasion to build up my animation chops. I learned a ton. The background music is a cut we recorded of her singing Neil Young's Harvest Moon.. I pulled the vocals and just used the backing track with my lead, bass, and percussion. By this time next year we will have redone the cut and I will propably redo the video at that time. I intend to be a much better animator by then. I have lots of climbing to do up the A:M learning curve. Thanks for ALL of your help. I will be bugging you again soon.
  6. Had some trouble marrying the audio. I'm declaring this project done for now.
  7. I'll see if I can find a microphone. (computer type)
  8. The Butterfly will hold his own shortly, the view through the window is an introductory tease. I figured out the second path issue and have essentially finished the animation. About 44 seconds give or take. Some credits will be added at both ends to add a little more length. A bit of tweaking to do to fix some small details, but I am pleased with the project, and my progress in the learning curve. I'm learning enough to go in and fix glitches, that makes me VERY happy. Thanks for all your help and I'll be annoying you all further as time goes on. I probably won't show anymore renders until the project is finished. When is the live answer thing and how do I participate?
  9. Here is the render. There is a number of things I will tweak. I would still appreciate any advice about the Butterfly's second appearance. New path+ new constraints? do I delete the old constrains and path? New Presentation.wmv
  10. Okay! Rendering now, the first 06.10 from the video chor. Using the pose to pose/keyframe method. I watched the videos and did some keyframe reading. The Butterfly is in the video, contrained to a path. He is going to reappear later in the video on a different path. How do I deal with the whole old path/new path thing? Constraints and such. do I need to delete the old constraints and path at an inbetween point in the chor? Inquiring minds need to know? I'll show what I've rendered thus far when it gets done.
  11. Robcat, I tried to send you a personal message but it said that you acnnot receive messages. I tried to download these tutes from your page and got an error message: Keyframing Options. Video explains the right way to use the Make Keyframe button and how to control what bones it makes keys on. Quicktime video linkKeyframing Basics. Keyframing Basics covers much the same ground as the above "Keyframing Options" but in a slightly less complete way.Quicktime video link.Pose to Pose basics. Basic workflow for doing pose-to-pose keyframe animation. Quicktime video link.Making Bones Stay in Place. New animators are often surprised to see bones moving sooner than they wanted them to. This video shows how to make bones stay put and only move when you want them to move.Quicktime video linkPaired Keys. Workflow for blocking animation with "paired keys," a common animator techniqueUn-paired Keys. Workflow for animating motions like walks that do not have holds as in the "paired key" situation
  12. Here is a render from the project. I will be redoing it for a number of reasons. This entire clip is from the one pose. When I redo things I will delete the pose and animate with key frames. (I'll have to be doing some study on keyframing) Mariposa Presentation.avi Mariposa Presentation.avi Mariposa Presentation.wmv
  13. Pose Slider. I made a pose and used that to move the character. O% Pose at 0:00:00 and 100% Pose at 0:04:00.
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