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  1. GERAT JOB to everyone, just watched it and must say proud to be associated with all of you.
  2. Very cool job, and the final frame makes a cool alien face.
  3. Jason, I saw the tut. you did above back when you first posted it. I am trying something and was going to look at it again but now I can not find the link to it. I tried the film section and have looked through your other tuts. Can't find it. Since I got this new Mac I seem to find little mystery things so I checked on my older Mac and still can't find it. I sure would like to look at it again, HELP!
  4. Running ver. 16 and have been trying to add video to cloth sheet. (cloth not added to model yet) I import my image/animation, now when I go to apply it to the model I am unable to find 'Add Decal' I see 'Add Image'....... Any way when it is applied to the model it looks like below. Why is it placed in each section? Why is it flipped, flopped, right side up and upside down? Maybe I never noticed it before?!?
  5. That looked great to me, it looked heavy too. Nice!
  6. Best I can remember that was it. I just used a box then applied the first image of a tga. sequence to it as a decal.
  7. Well if I could remember how I did it I would try. At my age I have to wear a name tag at work so I don't forget who I am. I really need to save these things as projects so I will have them for later.
  8. THis is very short and not to impressive but I was curious one day and did this from something I saw on TV. Any way I added some of my video to some blocks to see how it would look. test2.mov
  9. Sorry Rob I can't help, I haven't figured out what a displacement map is yet. LOL
  10. Rob once again, AWESOME stuff. Thanks
  11. Sounds like a great plan to me, would love to see it when done.
  12. Hot! How long did you work on the hair? I have a model been working on but can't decide to use hair or to do modeled hair. The hair thing is very frustrating to me.
  13. Greatness in the making, wonderful job!
  14. Gene, that was great, had my girl watch it and she liked it too. (you know how girls are) The band has a great song too.
  15. Wonderful work everyone, I loved it.
  16. Beautiful job, impressive stuff.
  17. I doubt that, you have done some great stuff here to help us folks. Bet you'd get a lot of views with them too. Congrats!!!!
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