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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the help. Some times it the simplest things that can cause a headache. You guys are the AM Masters.......
  2. If I did this right here is just the rig and Relationships as a .prj file hope this works. Rig.prj
  3. No it's not flipped (yet) Once finished then I will flip it for FULL Rig.
  4. Greetings Oh Great Wise Ones: Got a problem giving me a headache, have been ReRigging a model following'Barry Zundel' training. All is well until I get to the Elbow. In an action the elbow moves to the from NOT the back. Any suggestions on how to get it to go the right way.
  5. Problems solved, I just Reinstalled and updated...... All is well with the world now... Thanks for the help Gang....
  6. Thanks guys, Im sure its some simple quirky thing, sooner or later Ill figure it out or work around it.
  7. Greetings Folks, Been a few years since I have worked with my AM so these will probably be stupid questions. Couple years ago I bought the program ( v. 18.Oo SSE4 2008). I run a iMac 'High Sierra v. 10.13.6 My problems are 1 I can not import images for Rotoscopes or backgrounds 2 When ready to save I can not choose a name or a location to save at. (see attached image) Any suggestions? Please.... Thanks
  8. Thanks markw, All i get now is the expired lic thing, can't even get to the serial number window. will keep plugging along till i get it.
  9. Ok, now I am getting this. Ok, now I am getting this.
  10. Ok guys just downloaded and installed the new update but can't open it, get this message, how do I fix it?
  11. Thanks Rodney, good to be back, I hope things haven't changed to much. Going to fun to get my mind back in gear.
  12. Greetings all, been a couple years since I was here and wanting to get back to my 3D fun, quick question, what is the net render thing I keep seeing? Or getting additional Rendernodes???? Whats this all about?
  13. Here's one I did for my Alien that may help. Alien_Eye1.prj
  14. Went to see BRAVE today (in3D) Had to be the best 3D animation I have ever seen, the Hair, the Cloth, Water all mind boggling when I think of how they did it. After working with AM these past few years it boggles my mind as to the amount of work and time it took. Great story, great characters, and great animating. Just sayin' !!!!
  15. Congratulations to be a GrandPa again.
  16. Josh, my thoughts and prayers to your family. Your Pop will be missed.
  17. I highly recommend AM. If you keep in touch with these great people on the forum they are so very helpful, and there is a wealth of info here.
  18. Walter Baker


    Dam that was sweet.
  19. I would start looking here first. Lots of good stuff. http://library.creativecow.net/tutorials/adobephotoshop
  20. Happy Happy jason, Appreciate all you do for us.
  21. Oh ya that be workin good. Love it
  22. Rob I just did a quick count of all the little training tuts. you have done for people ( I count at least 27) and I think you need to make a disc or something to sell or give out (as you see fit). You have a wonderful way of making things easier and I have learned a lot for ALL your help. Just a thought. and a BIG THANK YOU.
  23. Walter Baker


    Hi Shelton, I have 3 iMacs, one is old and retired, second oldest sits next to my new one, (9 months old) and they are networked together. New one runs Lion 10.7.3 which I am still not sure if I like yet, the other runs Tiger 10.4.11 (love it) All work great. I also have a laptop PC running Windows XP. When on and connected to my network they all connect good wirelessly. So I can transfer AM files and others back and forth from the laptop to the Macs and work fine. Hope this helps. ( I use the laptop during lunch at work and at the laundry mat )
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