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    I live in Karlsruhe, Germany and studied Media Engineering at the UAS in Offenburg. Today I am working for a middle-size fullservice media-agency in the web, animation and video-department.

    I like to do all kinds of artwork and creative things in general. I write, paint, make music and I like to animate and model (in A:M and with physical materials). But I although like to develope in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and sometimes in Java and ActionScript.

    I am using A:M since version 8.0(2000), and keept it up to date each year. So I am now using A:M 18. As you can see I am quite happy with A:M.
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    Desktop Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (3.8 - 4.1 GHz, 8 Core/16 threads), 16 GB DDR-4 RAM (3200 MHz), AMD Radeon RX 570 ( Sapphire D5 RX 570 NITRO+, 8 GB), 525 GB SSD (510/530 MX300), Asus PRIME B350-Plus, Windows 10 (64 bit)AMD PhenomII 1095T (3.5 GHz each of the 6 cores), 8 GB DDR3-RAM,ATI HD4970 1GB, 1TB HDD Samsung SATA III, Asus M4A89T, Windows 10 (64 bit).AMD Phenom II 955 (3.5 GHz each of the 4 cores), 8GB DDR3-RAM, PowerColor ATI / AMD HD4650 1GB DDR5-VRAM, 1 TB Harddrive by Samsung (SATA II), Windows 7 (64bit), Asus M4A79-E, LG Blu-Ray & DVD-Burner with HD-DVD readability.Old-Hardware: Athlon XP 2000+, 1.5 GB DDR-RAM, Aelton Geforce 6800 GT (256 MB)Hardware 2 (Laptop): Athlon 64 3000+, 1.5 GB DDR-RAM, Radeon 9800 64 MB (mobile)NAS: QNAP TS453A (5 TB useable in RAID 5, used for project files)Notebook Hardware:HP Elitebook 745 (AMD APU 7350b, 16 GB DDR3-1600 RAM, 256 GB SSD)Software: Windows 7, 8.1, 10; A:M 8.0, 10-19
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    Gerald Zum Gahr
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    Karlsruhe, Germany

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  1. Hm, interesting... do you know any software that can handle it? Best regards *Fuchur*
  2. Interesting... did not know about that or that VR was a thing back then... this is a workflow using directX (a improved exporter by Steffen in the newest version currently in beta) and using ultimate unwrap 3d (best software there is to get from directX file to collada or fbx (and a couple of other formats). It is pretty straight forward but a little bit of figuring out the character setup in unity for VRChat was involved. I might do a tutorial on all of that, but it will take a little till I find the time to do that. Best regards *Fuchur*
  3. Hi guys, I am currently spending (too much) time in VRChat (a software that is more like a multiplayer-game but meant to be used as a socialising platform to talk with other people and do stuff in a virtual world together with or without a VR headset). VRChat gives the possibility to upload own characters and worlds to the experience and so I had a look how that is done and brought my Animation:Master Plomper-Character as a fully functional avatar to that world. I might do a full blown video tutorial on it in future, but for now I just wrote a new blog article on the process. If you are interested, you can find it here: PW3d: VRChat – What is VRChat and how did I import my plumper model as a character? Hope you find it interesting and fun :). Best regards *Fuchur* PS: If you are wondering: That is a mirror infront of me in one of the worlds in which I am using my Mixed Reality Headset:
  4. That is a little optimistic if you ask me, but the AMD line-up is absolutly impressive :). I have a 5700XT paired with a Ryzen 1700 (overclocked) at home and a 3700X at work (have built about 10 computers at work using 3600 or 3700x recently) and they really are just great. And just recently got a new HP Probook 445 G7 (with a Ryzen 5 4500u). I am pretty impressed with all of them ;). The new APUs seem to be close to the older desktop parts in performance but with a GPU... it is not the best GPU for gamers in there (would not consider buying it for that) but for people who just need a little bit of GPU in it without the need of gaming that should be nice enough and still faster then the iGPUs of intels. Best regards *Fuchur*
  5. Actually I am for instance most of the time online... but it was never crowded and since you have to be online the same time, it is often a little hard to find somebody there... (I am from Europe, which means we are in a pretty different time zone.)
  6. Amazing looking image :).
  7. I am very happy that you like it :). Best regards *Fuchur*
  8. Here you go – how to use sweeper in a nutshell (not my mother tongue, just in case somebody is wondering): how_to_use_sweeper.mp4
  9. Never forget about "Sweeeeeper" ;). Best regards *Fuchur*
  10. Hi Soot, nice to meet you :). Have fun and if you have any questions or something to share, let us know ;). Best regards *Fuchur*
  11. The second question is something VERY different and pretty complex to talk about. There are a lot of different techniques in there for instance many different kinds of constraints, expressions, poses, etc. I am pretty sure that can not easily be packed into one live session but needs to be covered in several. You might want to open another thread for that if you really want to go indepth on that one... Best regards *Fuchur*
  12. A hint in the right direction but I am sure Robert will talk about it in the Live-Session: Gradient-Material (Transparent to Color) with a animated transform setting of the gradient.
  13. In general you should use true or false with booleans to make clear they are booleans instead of 0 and 1. In most situations that is not that important, but sometimes it really is and you need to be clear about what you are dealing with there. And of cause not everything is parsed "right" in programming languages. For instance PHP does it like this: A string can be parsed to a boolean if it is "0" or "1" but if it is something like "0abc" in there, it might parse it to true , since a string which is not only consisting of "numbers" are always defined as 1 => true. Just make sure you use it really as a true/false value holder if you can at start, especially but not only if you are dealing with strict programming languages like C/C++/C#. Best regards *Fuchur*
  14. Just have a look into my signature... the pipeline for Unity (using FBX) will for for UE as well as far as I know.
  15. Would like to activate Hash on my new computer however it's not accepting activation key due to it being " I assume, license to my old computer. 
    What do I need to do to correct this?
    1. Fuchur


      You will have to talk to Jason (support@hash.com) about that.
      In general you need another licence and often Jason will reattach it for you.
      But he has to decide about that.

      Best regards

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