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  1. Hi Ladymagpie, I have been working with AM now for about 2 years and I would like to say that of the other programs I have played with AM is the best and by far the easiest. But most of all this FORUM is outstanding. EVERYONE! has gone out of their way to help me with my many questions and problems. So do not hesitate to ask these great people for help or advice. It's kinda of a second home for me.
  2. Wow, and three weeks. Awesome! Loved it.
  3. You have SO got this modeling down pat! Great job.
  4. Great Job! It made me laugh when thinking of my days in school. Keep up the good work.
  5. here is my re-make, Thanks to everyone for the help. Pindit_Search3.mov
  6. Well still a mystery, so a new way to approach this. My chor is say 8 seconds, have a path. Constrain model to path. All good. Now Is it possible to have the model stop at say 4 sec. do a action for 1 sec. then continue on the path to the end? Or Is it possible to have 2 separate paths. Model goes down 1st one, then does an action, then continues on the second path?
  7. Thanks Guys, I will delve into it on my next day off and get this figured out. As soon as I get it done I will post it. Thank you Wally
  8. Hi again everyone, Ok, have been re working a older project and have 2 questions with a problem. My model is moving through the Chor. and at frame 00:06:15 I want the model to stop, not move for about 10 frames (a pause) then resume it's motion. I have been over Robs Keyframe tuts. but still can not put my finger on how to make this happen, the model still drifts through the 10 frames. Question 2: On the attached image how do you tell what each line is for? Thanks Wally
  9. Loved it Guys, lots of fun!
  10. Awesome Rob, Love it. Looks like something else for you to make a tut of. Hopefully.
  11. Try this, it might help Open your 'Disk Utilities' highlight you HD..... under First Aid.......run 'Repair Disk permissions' do it 3 times then Restart the computer Just a thought this early with only 1 cup of coffee!
  12. Rob was right I did do the wrong thing in QT Pro the new one should work now. Thanks Gang for the support
  13. try this re-rendered as H.264 crussingtest9b.mov
  14. Steve392 I am not even sure if the Icarus file is included with this, I have fiddled around, removed, and changed so much with this I don't know what I did. LOL These are the websites I have for Icarus. http://boards.theforce.net/Fan_Films/b10015/17604478/p1/ http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=363516 http://www.colinlevy.com/tuts/IcarusTutorials/Icarus.php I downloaded the tuts and have them where I can got through them over and over but it is still some what complicated. I got Voodoo and PFhoe and just way to confusing, I liked SynthEyes but don't have $400 to get the working version. I will keep working on it, sooner or later I will figure it out. Wally
  15. Sorry Gang Here is a new one to try. I exported it in QT at the attached settings, hope it works. I will render it tonight and see if I can get it right. crussingtest9a.mov
  16. I just tested it in Camino, Safari, and Firefox and it played with each.
  17. the original is 12 sec. 640x480 QT so it is over 300 mg changed size to 320x240 still to big Not sure how to make it smaller so I can load it,?
  18. had to do a lot of rendering it took a lot of time to work out the bugs. I can live with this Tell me what you all think and any improvements I could do. Thanks crussingtest9a.mov
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