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  1. Hi Guys, I've been studying this light business in hope to figure how to place 3 small flashing lights into a space ship. 'heyvern' mentioned a tutorial? Which one would I need to see, I think I have been through them all but don't remember anything about this subject. Just one more thing to ask. My ship has a lid that opens, I would like a light to turn on when it opens, project an image into the air like a hologram then turn off when the lid closes. Any ideas on how to do this. Would I need to make a small transparent grid with a decal of the image than aim the light at it at a certain keyframe of the animation?
  2. Thanks again and I look forward to your new tutorials.
  3. Me again, Well I downloaded the plugin for MirrorBone and MirrorConstraint then dragged them into my HXT folder, restarted and all I see is 'mirror constraints' no mirror bones. I had read some where here that AM can only work with 6 files in the HXT folder, is this true? Secondly when I used ' mirror constraints ' it replace the left with right but still didn't get the left, my limited mind thinks I need left and right. I opened both models located my Relationships and dragged them (right) into the other models Relationships and it turned all left to right, I don't get left and right. Am I doing something wrong again?
  4. Hi itsjustme, thanks I will give it a try. By the way I have a few of your tutorials that I have watched and they have helped me a lot so again Thank you. Wally
  5. Greetings all, I have been rigging my character with Barry Zundel's tutorials, I am using version 15e on a iMac. I opened the model with a text program, replaced all left with right; somewhere with combining the 2 models together the relationships (left) did not come in. So when I flipped my left side rig and created my right side the way he said all my relationships became all 'right' none of the left came into the new model. Now my question is there a way to bring in all my left side relationships from the old model into the new model relationships? Copy/paste.....Drag-n-drop... ??? Any suggestions would be great so I don't have to go through that process again.
  6. Hi mtpeak2 and Bandla I was looking for the same thing this morning, I have been using the training by Barry Z. and know that I see your lil movie I see that Barry calls them 'cosmetic constraints'. Thanks for answering my question.
  7. Hi Do any of you know where there might be some tutorials on this CP weighting process? I have been rigging with Barry Z's videos and seems like a lot of extra bones. My understanding of CP weighting is that it will do the same thing as cosmetic constraints or am I just misunderstanding it?
  8. Hi All, Same problems here. I have been able to get my video into a chor. window, but to be able to work on it I get lost. As soon as you change camera angle the image is gone and am unable to get it back into view. So my question is. In the tut. of the boy walking across the street, models were made of the tree and car! how do you do that and get them placed so the models and video can be animated. hoe do you change you view without loosing the images in the window? Example. (same process I think) Victor Navone and his Alien were placed together into a photo (very cool by the way) done with layers (still cant figure out because of the same problem, when moved you lose the images and cant figure out how to get them back where I can visually work on them. What am I missing? Settings? Layers? Rotoscope? Bet it's a simple thing.
  9. I did the SHIFT-P to select, F to flip...... Then tried to right click and Flip Normals. didnt work. I will check the CPs like you suggested, bet thats the problem. Thanks for the quick reply. Bingo, that worked. went to wireframe, selected each CP then flipped. Thanks for the help. Have a great day
  10. Greetings everyone, Merry Christmas to all. Have a question, I was checking my normals to make sure they were all facing correctly when I ran up on at least 2 that wont flip. Any ideas on how to get these guys to flip around? Wally
  11. Personally, I thought it looked pretty darn good.
  12. From a rookie that plans to do such things someday, JUST TO FREEKIN' AWSOME!!!!!!! Loved it
  13. Greetings All I live in the middle of NC and would love to be in contact with some NC Hashers if there are any out there. Not there is anything wrong with the rest of the WORLD but NC and SC are closer. Saw the note from williamgaylord and would loved to go but just saw it today. Any way kinda new to AM and have been learning slowly. Have been fighting with Rigging for about 3 weeks now, slowly learning but getting there.
  14. OK whats TSM2, where can it be found?
  15. Thanks for the replies, It seemed the more I worked with it the more bones started to appear. I will compare it to a rig with Thom model and see it have created a Borg or something. LOL
  16. Hi again all, Been putting bones in my model, (tut. on backbone ) then did the 'new action for a split screen: he crossed is legs. Did he come to life or something? Any way looks like somethings are missing or other things have appeared. I used the rigging that is with AM then added fingers and toes, eyes and tongue. I know this isn't the best model to work with but it is my first try.
  17. To all those that helped me with my other question, THANKS~~~~~~ here is what I got to work. First I took my video and converted it in QT to TGA sequence Image Sequence format: TGA FPS: 30 Then opened AM New Project New Choreography Went to Images Images Import Animation/Image Sequence find files ( just saved from QT ) Click the first Image in the sequence ( it will import all the rest ) Open Then 'Short cut to Camera 1' right click New Rotoscope Select Image At this point the video should appear in the chor. window Go to the play button and click it and my video played Yea!!!! God bless America it worked. Then I went to 'Shortcut to Ground' down to 'Options' in properties window 'Front Project Target' turn on! Now the fun part how to place my character into the video and animate! Again thanks for all the advice and help getting me into the right direction. Wally
  18. Thanks for the help guys, I have already tried the tut of boy walking across road and down sidewalk. No luck. Sometimes my poor sad ole' brain doesn't quite understand what I read, I seem to do much better with visual things. I don't tend to give up easily so the battle will continue till the mountain has been crossed. "spline on young ones"
  19. Hi All, Newbies and experts, I am using subscription v15.0c on a iMac G4 and would love to place my character into my Granddaughters home video. The video is 320x240 and a QuickTime movie. (very small) about 9 seconds long. I have had some advice and found very few tutorial helps on the net yet, none of them seem to get the video to play or even appear as a Rotoscope in the choreography window. I also have searched through the online manual and not found anything to help. Does anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to get me started. Any and ALL help would be deeply appreciated. Your friend in 3D
  20. Ok, just clicking around this morning and apparently the .atx files work in relation with 'materials' So another question, what is the process for importing a home video and placing my character into the movie, for example some of the movies out now and tv commercials. The files are QuickTime and avi I have seen many of them done on the web but need a starting place. By the way thanks to all for all the help that this forum provides.
  21. Hi all, I have the subscription program and in my textures folder there are .atx files and am unable to open them, so do I need to get a special plugin for them or what? the error message says invalid file type or plugin missing. Where can I get the plugin needed? Thanks
  22. Ok been working a lot of the tutorials off the web site and even purchased the training videos form 2005, have a problem. A lot of the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to apply to the new version 15.0c So my question since I don't have the hard copy of the manual, just the .pdf from the web site where can I find a list of the newest shortcuts. It seems to me that the shortcuts are the key to most of the modeling which is what i want to learn, gotta have a character before you can make it move!
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