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  1. Walter Baker

    AT-ST Model

    Wow nice job Meowx, thank you!
  2. Happy Birthday to our lusterous potentaite Thanks a million for the fun!
  3. Hi Ladymagpie, I have been working with AM now for about 2 years and I would like to say that of the other programs I have played with AM is the best and by far the easiest. But most of all this FORUM is outstanding. EVERYONE! has gone out of their way to help me with my many questions and problems. So do not hesitate to ask these great people for help or advice. It's kinda of a second home for me.
  4. Try this, it might help Open your 'Disk Utilities' highlight you HD..... under First Aid.......run 'Repair Disk permissions' do it 3 times then Restart the computer Just a thought this early with only 1 cup of coffee!
  5. I agree about Barry Zundel tutorials thay helped me get started too. Good Stuff
  6. Walter Baker


    Hi steve392, I have thought about that too, I took the photo and many others. ( I bet the neighbors wonder what my problem is when they look out the door and I am crawling all over the ground )
  7. Walter Baker


    Ah, ok the decals.......sorry I miss understood. Decals.zip
  8. Walter Baker


    Yes Rob I opened the photo in Photoshop, cropped out a small section of the top and the stem then used the clone tool to spread them out. Then used that as a decal. Seems to work ok, I haven't tried to flatten out anything yet and go that route. Thanks HomeSlice for some reason they grow a lot at my Girl Friends house so I have a lot of really nice photos of them.
  9. Walter Baker


    been playing the other week and thought someone could use him. original image Mushy2.mdl
  10. Nice Kimberly........and different......good job hope to see more.
  11. Hi Jason I am running Mac Tiger 10.4.11, have QT pro and do not have that feature; do you know if there is a plugin for my version of QT that will allow me to record? Wally
  12. Got it, nothing fancy. Thanks for the help
  13. Greetings Ok, how do you folks get those animated avatars on your profiles? I re-rendered a .mov, (64x64) opened it in Image ready, saved as a .swf but still can't get it to my profile. Any ideas?
  14. Walter Baker


    The adventure begins!!!
  15. Hi Well I just posted the same comments on my other topic. I tried that today on my PC and it didn't work but haven't played with it on the Mac. I will work on this tonight and tomorrow and let you know what I find. I don't think its a Mac/PC thing it's just a matter of the right procedure.
  16. Greetings TD3D enjoy!!!!!!
  17. Thank You jimd Cant wait to get a look at your light work. AWESOME!!!
  18. Walter Baker

    Next Step

    I did a quick look through and this one is the one that shows you how to set up a rotoscope and start the modeling process. Part1 and Part2 teach you about the program and basic operation of AM. A:M Training 1: Part 3 - Character Modeling Part 1A:M Training 1: Part 3 - Character Modeling Part 1
  19. Walter Baker

    Next Step

    Hi MJL Last year when I first started I found this and purchased several of Barry's tuts. Great stuff and helped me a lot. http://stores.lulu.com/barryzundel I suggest first draw a sketch of a character front and side and then once you can import them in as rotoscopes it's all just one CP at a time. It's fun, love it.
  20. Hi frosteternal, thanks for the advice and encouragement, while fighting the mobs at work today I was think about this and have a question. Should this cloth work be done in a chor.? Can it be done in an action or just what are the specifics of working with cloth?I have seen several times coments about choro. So it makes me wonder. Wally
  21. Thanks Fuchur, AM is such a great program and you can do great stuff with it but this cloth thing is a bit overwhelming. It is one of those thing I will have to study on a bit more and do a LOT of practice. Thanks for the help and advice.
  22. Thanks Rob I think I will let this roll around in my head at work for a few days before I give it a try
  23. so now this creates more confusion in my mind, which would be the best way to go to have a dress move as cloth would on a model, cloth or CP weighting? The cloth tuts that I have found seem very vague in fine tuning where as CP's are more specific yet a lot more work and the cloth may not flow as cloth would. I know it is a choice I have to make but which would give the better effect? I saw a mov. that Vern did where a curtain opened and it swayed and moved smoothly which is what I would like but not sure how he did it. the cloth thing is still as confusing as CP weighting, I guess it is all trial and error, for the best effect right?
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