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  1. That was freeeeeekin cool, loved it guys. Loved all the transitions and overlays, girl is hot, and the drummer has got his pimpin goin on! Great job
  2. Have not seen that before, Great Stuff, loved it.
  3. Hi Gene, how did your cloth work turn out?
  4. You do such great stuff.....hope to be as skilled as you some day.
  5. Good morning Gene, been sucking down coffee for a while so I started playing with your model. I didn't know about the spring stuff in your chor. so I just took the model and made some changes for cloth. I hope this helps. SpleenCloth.prj
  6. Gene could you send the project here? I would really like to see how you got that action like cloth without cloth. Makes me wonder if it could be a Force like the flag tut. or some other plugin. I see 2 models in your picture, could there be something on that model......very curious... But to answer your question I would create a deflector in your Materials and put it on legs group just to see what happens.
  7. Looks good SPLEEN, I been playing with cloth for a good while now and and when you make a chor. (like Rob said) in the plugin/simcloth you can turn the time to off and then set new times. I always START at a -15 frames (to give the cloth time to settle) and END time to when ever you want. I start a simple animation at frame 5 so then if there is a deflector it has time to prepare to meet it. on the model (legs) make a deflector for that... Materials/SimCloth then change to Def. Now when you set up the Chor./Plugins/ set the Colision Tolerance to like.50 or .25 this is the distance between the cloth and the deflector. Then Simulate Attached project look at the settings for the cloth material FallingCloth.prj
  8. Thats a lavalamp if I ever saw one, nice!
  9. Walter Baker


    Most Excellent job, really loved your work with cloth. Would really like to see your settings for the cloth seems a little more thicker than when I did my model.
  10. As an avid Start Trek Fan, can only say WOW! WOW! WOW!
  11. head, orient like, neck or neck to head, hand to forearm, I used the mirror bones plugin and noticed in the Groups there is a CPs without mirror and Unassigned CPs would ehat have anything to do with it?
  12. The bones are not hidden and they are, if I understand right, not in a one bone chain. It is a simple straight forward rig with no fancy extra bones, some attached others not but for some reason I am unable to select the bone need for a constraint. Some times most of the bones will show up in the list of tatgets sometimes just a few will. It's a mystery to me.
  13. Just made a simple rig and was watching 'building first rig' by HomeSlice. Got to the point to do my Constraints, when I try to pic target bone it does not select the one I choose, so I go to select target and the needed bone (s) do not show up in the list. I'm sure it is something simple i have missed. FatGuy.prj
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