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  1. No sure didn't Rob. Had to completely clean and reinstall operating system, so after I installed AM and got the errors I looked for that master0.lic but did't see it. I just checked again not to be found.
  2. Hi Folks I had to reinstall AM v16 on my system (Mac) got these. Any suggestions how to get my code back in? 1.tiff 2.tiff
  3. I am probably running way behind on this post but I had a thought today at work about rigging and assigning CP's. This may already be available, if so I don't know it. But if you can rig half a model the way you want it and get the CP's assigned correctly, (I know how to flip the model and the rig).... but how about having the CP assignment on the original side automatically match on the flip side. Does that make any sense.....or........ is it already in the program?????
  4. Walter Baker


    We had to watch the whole series on Netflix.......oh ya! Serenity also...... Good stuff if you like that sorta stuff.
  5. Bet that gave you some ideas of new animations!!!!! I expect to see a duck at any given time.
  6. So he has a Phd in Klingon! Cool, be proud Pops.
  7. ok looks like the iris decal didn't load . sorry
  8. If anyone can use it, hopefully I saved this right so it all together. For some unknown reason the model looks like part of it is missing but it's not. It should have pose sliders with it also. Alien_Eye.mov AlienEye.prj
  9. Walter Baker


    Mr. Spleenmister, I think that your brain is to powerful. Seriously Please take care and behave yourself......... We need folks like you with such a great skill and imagination. Hope you get well soon.
  10. Very Impressive Jason, great job from the ground up. Hope it all goes great for you.
  11. I have had the same problem a few times and get so frustrated I could scream. In the Tools I have gone from 'use camera settings' then to other settings, and I think that is where the confusion is. In the PWS you can choose settings for the camera, but in the Tools if it set to something else it seems to get confused. So I shut it down have a cocktail, go to the boys room, (if no boys room available use a girls room) when I come back later.....tada!!!..... all is normal. Either way it does get done.
  12. Walter Baker


    Dude, Sorry to hear this. Rest, rest ,rest and get better. ( you just over worked AM, it put a strain on you) Take care
  13. My Uncle sent me this on an email thought it was cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=K-Rs6YEZAt8
  14. Wow, I had seen some of them before and didn't know they were done in AM. Man this is a great program.
  15. I doubt that, you have done some great stuff here to help us folks. Bet you'd get a lot of views with them too. Congrats!!!!
  16. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my Dad had brain cancer.
  17. A jiggle, holy molly, that was some awesome jiggling! Great job!
  18. Ok I'll have nightmares tonight. Nicely done though.
  19. I would like to say that Hunter is one of my all-time favorites, not just the modeling but also the animating. Animating is the problem for me, I am so impressed with the smoothness and skill Joe did and others like Rob does. I look at http://www.deviantart.com quite often and I know that most of these people use Poser but still I love to their models and use them as inspiration to learn AM more so I can show AM off there. It does help me to learn faster by watching others tuts. on how others do things, but it is what I need to learn my self. So I guess what I am saying is that I see MUFF's point but think it is best for MY growth to admire and try to aspire to that level of skill. Where and these be found?
  20. Welcome to the Gang I just started about 3 yrs ago and I have to say that these folks here are wonderful. You just ask and someone will be there to help you through it. These are good folks. So welcome and enjoy!
  21. That was freakin' Great for only 4 mos. learning. Loved it! Keep it up.
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