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    It took a ton of work, but it's done. A:M Stills is now here and almost all of the images where saved. I'm going to look in to if there is a way to users to 'claim' the image. But I have a lot of work before I can do that I think it will have to be done in the DATABASE it's self. But enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!11 https://forums.hash.com/gallery/category/7-am-stills/
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    Experiment using cloth as gravel particles... GravelDrop1K.mp4
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    Hey Wally, This is a common glitch in the Mac version. The workaround is to switch to another app and then back to A:M. I use CMD-TAB to open the app switcher and I usually go to Mail, since it's usually open and seems to work every time. Once I'm in Mail, I do the same thing to go back to A:M and you'll find that it's not greyed out anymore. I almost do it out of second nature these days.
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    I'm making a project that involves a solid-spoked wheel, much like many car wheels are today without hub caps. To cut down on the modeling I used some lathing and duplicate techniques. I based my lathe outline on a rotoscope diagram. I used two CPs at every corner to make a sharpish but still-beveled edge... This wheel has 8 spokes (with 8 holes in between) and a bump on each spoke. The easiest way to model a round bump or hole is to stitch it in on splines between two other splines. That means a minimum of four splines across for each instance of a hole and a spoke with a bump... To support 8 holes/spokes, i need to do a 32 cross section lathe. (You set that at Tools>Options>Modeling)... However, the five-pointers around holes and bumps prefer not to be stretched very far or around large turns. I'll need extra splineage where I've drawn it in... To create those spline I put some extra CPs in the lathe outline where i wouldn't normally need them for a straight spline. I broke up one spline crossing and spread the edge splines apart to start the pie-shaped hole... Connect the front and back edge splines... The corners are 6-points and need to be split into two 5-pointers. I add a CP to the middle of each front-back spline with the Y key and stitch in a middle spline... The five pointer patches are still visibly wrinkled from having to turn a large angle. I stitch in a new spline around the hole between the middle spline and the old square edges and hook in a new radial spline at each corner at the wide end of the hole... Now the 5-pointers don't have to do much curve work. I stitch in the oval spline for the bump on the spoke and that gets me one finished hole and spoke... I could do this seven more time around the wheel, but there is an easier way... I cut out the 5 lathe sections that contain this new modeling and deleted one lathe section on the edge to leave hanging splines... I grouped that, set its Pivot to 0,0,0, the copied, pasted and rotated the pasted part 45°... I connected each hanging spline to its immediate neighbor in the old section. This new quarter section gets copied, pasted, rotated 90° and connected to make a half section. The new half section gets copied, pasted, rotated 180° and connected to make a complete wheel.
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    YouTube it is. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/yLnrZywVnbA Sorry about the misfires... If anyone can provide a Mac-based workflow for reliably producing videos that will play in the forum -- much appreciated.
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    Here is a movie of my Rhino-Beest model (so far). Looking at the video of Jansen's Rhinoceros, it appears that the six leg pairs (front + rear = pair) each have separate cycles. I decided to simplify the task of boning/constraining the model/action by making 3 pairs of bones/constraints and assigning CPs to leg bones so that the legs move symmetrically on either side of the model centerline. The action is driven by bones M1 through M6 which rotate around a common center and each move one of the leg mechanisms plus its respective CP doppelgänger. The walk cycle that seems to best resemble Jansen's Rhinoceros has pair M1-M2 (front-rear) set at 40 degrees apart, then an 80 degree gap followed by M3-M4, etc. Thanks again to Robert and Serge. Rhino-Beest-gait2.mov
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    Robert, A brilliant solution and excellent explanation. For me, the key concept that I would never have arrived at is making bone F a child of bone B, without any intervening/connecting linkages. And your model and action are far simpler than my almost-works attempt. Simpler is always better in A:M world. Thank you. Joseph
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    Here is a zip with the PRJ with the leg both the undone (01) and done (06) form if you want to try it as in the video. BeastLegPRJ.zip
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    How exactly the mechanism works for you, Holman! It is wonderful!
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    Just finished this bit of fan animation for one of my favourite Youtube channels and as it's done in A:M I figured I'd share it here. Also Rodney mentioned that it would be nice if my next project wasn't as scary as Breckridge so as the title of this topic suggests, this one is a bit nicer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdDvio7152c
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    Original pumpkin model looked to okay but after a long Halloween test he changed a bit.......pumpkin.mdl
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    I don't understand that story but the mention of the word gives me an opportunity to show my 4-door batmobile.
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    Had a thought about Fall contest so for fun I came up with this rough idea
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    Been doing some more work on the possible competition entry.
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    Modeled a column for my Guardian set and got to the difficult part of having the rounded divets on the ends of the fluting. I could have just faked it, but I went ahead and worked it out. This might not be the best solution, but this worked for me.
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    eyelids_V5.mdl I removed all unnecessary
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    I think it was to do with internal spines confusing the 5 point patch maker. Also a couple of the spines weren't registering as connected (where you have to press 'k' top separate them instead of just hitting delete). So I deleted/reconnected them and that let me close them up. eyelids_V3 5 pointer closed.mdl Hope that helps, Paul
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    Decided to leave the hair for now as it was slowly driving me even more insane than normal. Instead, I thought I'd try making something for the Fall image contest. Don't know if I'll succeed in finishing something worth entering but It's given me a good excuse to make a lamp post and bench that I can reuse for other things and I've also built some carriages to go with the train I built a little while back.
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    So with the A:M Reports moved, and hours of work i big program is finally getting fixed. For years all of the attachments in A:M Reports have been stored in the database. Since v11.0 back when you could email in reports. This makes the database really large 4.6gb for a small database(when text only). Now all the images/attachments are getting move to a folder not the database. This will mean hours saved next update or move!