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  1. Thanks guys, all those things you suggested work well and it answers the question of why you can't rename imported chors. Much appreciated!
  2. Embarassed that I don't know how to do this. I have a Chor that I want to copy so that I can make another version with all the light settings intact but if I do a "Save As" it re-names the Chor and saves it to disk (which is good) but I want to be able to make a new version with the objects arranged differently but keep all the light/camera settings etc. BUTT!!! If I import the Cho it won't let me rename it. Am I making any sense? I know this should be AM 101, but normally a "Save As" function makes a new file in most apps. You guys are very patient with me and I appreciate it. Espec
  3. NEVERMIND forgot to turn off Moron mode! Selecting groups must be in Muscle mode!
  4. In Action I activate the other items icon and the groups all show up but I can't select ANY of them. Is this normal? Any help appreciated.
  5. Ok I'll try that. Thanks, and thanks for the tip on the first finger bone placement.
  6. Spent hours setting up constraints finger joints, all was working well. Came back later, opened the project and boom. Most of the constraints had vanished. For some reason a few remained (see attached) but they were "broken" and had question mark on them. This was made with new pose on/off when I started and everything seemed to be working. I did notice as I was doing this that AM was creating an Action file and all was going into that but after closing the window and returning to the project all constraints but a few had turned to vapor. I also saved constantly while I was working on th
  7. Yet another thing i didn't know and very useful - can't thank you enough robcat, be well and I'm sure I'll run into something else soon.
  8. Yes, had the timeline set to wrong mode but couldn't get it to work until I deleted the Cell Turbulence. Then it began to react to input. I was using the timeline from View/Timeline but that should be the same as the one attached to the project workspace tree right? Anyway it seems to be working now so thanks again robcat.
  9. Always something with me. Today it's hair. Trying to follow the tech ref manual re hair and most of it works, the grooming tools work well but am trying to achieve color variation along the length of the hairs as in the book but not any details of the numeric settings. Trying to get close to the 2nd enclosed pic. See last pic for my results. Any help appreciated.
  10. Thanks I'll give that a go and let you know how it goes. Until then I'll talk to you during the week.
  11. That's ok Robcat, enjoy your 4th. I'm one of those pathetic people who don't do anything on the holidays. This isn't an emergency just tinkering. I'll shoot for next Sat. then and thanks for the responses.
  12. Ok I thought Live Answer time was cancelled on the 4th but is there a tutorial somewhere on decaling a head with the cylindrical projection? Tried it and can't get it to work yet.
  13. No that's an intentional wrinkle, see the smearing on the back edge? and just to be sure, here is a pic of the add image function I'm using.
  14. WAIT! Sorry I used the one thats under the actual image icon under the Decal "add image".
  15. I used the add image by right clicking on the Decal icon and selecting the bump map. Not sure where the patch thing is.
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