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  1. THAT'S IT!!! So simple. Seems to me there was a setting in the options for that but cannot find it now, is it still there (or anywhere)?? Anyways thanks again robcat.
  2. Windows 7, AM v19.oi Nvidia grafx card Shaded view once used to show decals but now they don't show up. Nothing updated, nothing changed. Had tried to update Nvidia driver but could find NO button or function in the Nvidia control panel to do so, So Nothing has changed yet - no decals without doing a render. any help appreciated
  3. Is there any way to do this with AM? Where the eyes can be rotated, lids blink etc. and still be stretched in the Y axis?
  4. BINGO! wasn't the drivers but had to reconfig the sound system to use the old stereo instead of the surround that WAS working but isn't now for some reason. So IT WORKS NOW!!! and thank you guys for all your help - very much appreciated!
  5. yes here is my master.log file master.log
  6. Ok, brought sound into AM opened up the mixer-AM shows up-turn volume to 100% - still no sound yet sound plays ok in media player.
  7. Shelton, AM connection???? Where do you find that?
  8. Do the sound files play for you on your AM?
  9. Tried almost all of the sound files. They work fine in the windows media player but none will play in AM.
  10. Right click double click anywhere in AM no sound. Right clicking brings up the PLAY button - no sound. Double click from Windows desktop and they all play immediately with windows media player.
  11. Have tried installing v18 - no sound yet sound plays fine everywhere else in the Windows world EXCEPT AM. Haven't got a clue what to do so any help would be appreciated, heck I'll do some professional art or design for anyone who solves this for me! (serious)
  12. Still no sound. Anybody know of a fix?
  13. ok thanks, also the sounds play fine in the windows media player.
  14. Update on sound- still no sound in spite of installing v18. System sound still working fine everywhere else.
  15. Robcat you had noticed that environment maps were only using the top half of the image (when you helped me with env. maps a while back)

    Was there any resolution to that problem?  Now I'm running into it.

    1. robcat2075


      Unfortunately,  it's not an "assigned" problem yet.


      You can install v18 and use that for now.

      after you install it, copy your master0.lic file from v19 to v18

      Also try your sound problem on that.

    2. svetlik


      I'll try that. Is v18 on the website somewhere?

    3. robcat2075


      They have an ftp site where old versions can be found.


      With your subscription license you can run versions 15 and later.

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