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  1. Thanks I'll give that a go and let you know how it goes. Until then I'll talk to you during the week.
  2. That's ok Robcat, enjoy your 4th. I'm one of those pathetic people who don't do anything on the holidays. This isn't an emergency just tinkering. I'll shoot for next Sat. then and thanks for the responses.
  3. Ok I thought Live Answer time was cancelled on the 4th but is there a tutorial somewhere on decaling a head with the cylindrical projection? Tried it and can't get it to work yet.
  4. No that's an intentional wrinkle, see the smearing on the back edge? and just to be sure, here is a pic of the add image function I'm using.
  5. WAIT! Sorry I used the one thats under the actual image icon under the Decal "add image".
  6. I used the add image by right clicking on the Decal icon and selecting the bump map. Not sure where the patch thing is.
  7. Damn SEAMS!!!! Can't get rid of them. Only "seams" to happen with bump mapping. Tried stretching, shrinking the seam in Action to compensate but to no avail. Bump is fine everywhere but the seam. It is an image applied after the color decal using the "add image" function. I expected to get some kind of seam from mapping front and back half of the model but wtf is this? Please see attached and thanks in advance for any help. I can't think of anything else to try.
  8. Anyone know how to cure the effect of an object spinning with increasing speed until it looks like its going in reverse? Like movies of propellers and wheels. Other than just slowing it down to a crawl. Had tried to come up with a way of making the chain advance along a path using expressions but just animated the chain & sprockets separately. Thanks in advance. Sprocket01.avi
  9. HA !!! That did the trick robcat Thanks!
  10. They were indeed but still renders the same after reversing them. I will try that trick of swapping the image and let you know. Thanks
  11. Trying to apply a decal as cookie cutter to a grid that will be curved slightly. Image has alpha and looks fine in Photoshop, alpha is clear w/black all around. See attached pics. Am I the only one who has constant problems with everything I try to do in AM????? Always loved AM but AM don't love me BACK. I'm sure its something stupidly obvious. Any help appreciated-sorry to be such a painus in the anus.
  12. Think I got it from the website. Dated 2008? The fire tutorial page 174. I can send it to you but its 21 megs.
  13. Thanks for your help today robcat. Was able to get color to work but not until I deleted that Action file. I found that once something gets "broken" in AM it must be deleted and started over or it will never work. I tried going into the material directly from the material folder after today's Live Talk and still couldn't get any color until that damn Action file was deleted and then boom there were all the colors. I've run into this many times with lots of items and here was another example. This also tells me that you can't do this type of thing in Action as the manual instructed but please tell me if that's wrong. This may help other people.
  14. Thanks for the response. Here is a screen shot of the timeline in Action of the animated color & resulting render. Not sure if I can make it to the Live talk but I'll try. Have also tried making this from scratch with new object (sphere) from scratch several times with same results, so it's gotta be something I'm doing wrong.
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