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    I am embarrassed that I have not put out the award video for the last image contest yet but that's no reason you can't get started with your entry for the next one! You may have already started... Deadline: It's a Fall contest... the end of Fall...December something. Prizes: $150, $100 and $75 Hash Store gift vouchers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers! The Image Contest Medal, likewise for the top three! Three $25 gift vouchers will be randomly awarded among the 4th-10th place finishers and one more among the 11th+ finishers! Elegant certificates, so suitable for framing that you get a dollar to buy the frame, for the top ten finishers! Rules: The usual ones, I'll post specifics later. And while you're working on your contest entry I will Finish the Unfinished award video for "Prehistoric!"
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    Hi everybody, since we are more or less all wearing some kind of mask or faceshield nowadays, it sometimes is a little bit harder to see the expressions on peoples faces who are wearing masks. On the other hand faceshields are little bit less effective concerning filtering moisture out of the air. So recently I thought of a little concept to combine those two tools together with the help of Animation:Master and my Makerbot Replicator 2. Hope you like it :). More can be seen on my blog article here: https://www.patchwork3d.de/blog-5-en/mask-with-integrated-face-shield-or-how-to-show-mouth-expression-despite-corona-and-the-obligation-t-1080 Best regards *Fuchur*
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    Thanks! That was the first thing I did on my computer after posting It
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    It may not exactly be "rolling stock" but it runs on rails so I'm rolling it out of the factory. The PCC (President's Conference Committee) style of street car was the type used all over North America during the 1940's, 50's and 60's, This was an attempt to design a standard, modern street car that would keep cities from paving over their street car rails. And we all know how that turned out. I remember travelling as a kid to Toronto where these types of street cars were kept running long past their design lifetimes. I liked their shape then and I still do.
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    Ok think I'm finished now.. couldn't sleep cause I wasn't completely happy with the fur. Also wanted to add some translucency to the fur which gave it more edge lighting.
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    Snoopy night flying. Thanks again Robert for your examples files... used your SpriteClouds for the clouds.
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    Robert, Nice contest video, very well done. I'm sure I've got more than a few projects knocking around that would qualify for this. Here is to finishing the unfinished!
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    Or mine..same deal. Mice, nob and tube. I spend more on pest control than I do electricity!
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    In "Satan's Waitin'" (1953,) Hell for cats is like one of the visions of Fatima, a fiery pit of snarling, snapping, bulldog demons. I don't think this one ever made it to the Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Funtime Hour on Saturday morning.
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    moving things to new computer found this model from about 3 years ago MRobot.mdl mrProject1.prj
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    Looks like some damage to the Sopwith Camel. I hope Snoopy doesn't go down behind enemy lines!
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    I finally finished the first draft of Bernie Book 1 so treated myself to doing a bit of work on the illustrations. There's a scene where Bernie's Grandpa is helping him do some homework and as the bedroom was mostly done I decided to start with that. I don't think I've shown the room from this angle before so that's a thing. Pointless details include the maths homework being appropriate for the year Bernie would actually be in at school, there's a very faint wisp of steam coming off of his tea and one of the books on his shelf (sadly not in frame) is titled Captain Bombastic Is Really Fantastic.
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    That is looking very dog hair-like. Don't get him wet!
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    Worked on texturing the cap and adding fur to Snoopy.. Tweaking the fur settings took a while to get look I wanted but Robert's hairtestV11_BearHair.prj was a helpful start.
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    Thanks for your efforts Robert. I tried your idea but the render bug you mentioned was more severe in my case in that I could only get the desired results in a final render if I was rendering from an isometric view (v19e). I had similar render problems with my own attempts at both pose and action based solutions. Camera view progressive and final renders yielded inconsistent results. I'll revisit this technique if and when Steffen can fix it but for now I'll simply have four versions of the same model with different decal sets...brute force but guaranteed results.
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    Hi Roger, Here's how the decal pose slider can work... DecalPoseDemo004.zip clip4944DecalPose1200.mp4


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