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    After reading the latest Martin's Minutes about "Charlie Brown Books" I remembered that I modeled a Snoopy vs Red Baron a few years back using Lightwave and was curious to try the Lightwave importer with A:M. After re examining the model I decided to model him from scratch in A:M. I just get a kick out of the elegance of spline patches vs subdivision modeling it seems like you can say more with less. Here is some progress of the model so far... still working on the hands and feet and will be modeling a scarf next.
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    Hi Guys, Been experimenting with rendering some gem and glass like objects in A:M and decided to try my hand at rendering some quartz crystals. Have a few more things I'd like to add and experiment with in the scene so figure I'll keep adding here as a WIP when I get around to it. ( have to get back to my Snoopy post as well ) A few post tweaks were added in Photoshop like exposure and blurring.
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    The first type of boxcar I built was the older style where the handbrake wheel is mounted horizontally above the roof line. In order to maximize the number of boxcars, I decided to cheat and put a different railroad line and specs on each side of a single car. This scheme only breaks down when looking at the end of a single car where you see the two different numbers. However once the two cars are connected together and their ends are somewhat obscured I now have two boxcars for the price of one model.
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    Great comments on the rigging. Will have to go back and study it in more detail... ...but in the meantime here is what Rob taught me yesterday. I used 4 frame holds on the incremental increases in opacity to approximate the jerkiness of time lapse videos. timelapse.mp4
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    UPDATE: PROBLEM RESOLVED. Jason, Thanks for finally getting back to me. Replaced the lic file and everything seems to be working just fine.
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    Here's a Shaded render version of the streaks project. A Final render has some transparency trouble I've sent in as a bug report.
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    Cards go boom. Admittedly over-sized cards but they do uniformly go boom. Edit: I just realised that you wanted the individual particles in the shape of a heart/club etc and not the shape of a playing card. Sorry, ignore me, carry on. House of cards0.mp4
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    Next up, a flat car. I've always felt one's interest in passing flat cars is proportional to the loads they're carrying, making an endless line of container cars extremely boring. Having said that, large steel pipes are pretty plain as well (but low in patch count). So I went a bit overboard on the material textures for the rusty steel and woven tie down straps.
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    At the last Live Answer Time I had trouble getting a satisfactory bouncy ball with Bullet soft body dynamics Here is a more successful attempt with a quadish-topology ball with more patches and the patches of uniform size. From left to right the balls have "stiffness" of 0.01, 0.1 and 1 All4Ball005b weight comparison.prj StiffCompareB000.mp4
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    Are you thinking of animating the dogfight?
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    Hi, Olivier! A:M is much faster today, largely because we have faster CPUs and more available RAM and A:M has been optimized in recent versions to take advantage of the advances in these. The benchmark scene that took 20 minutes to render on the computer I had in 2009 takes only 2 minutes on the computer I have now, which is still about four years old. Also, NetRender is now included in A:M so you can take advantage of multiple cores on one computer or across your home network when you are rendering more than one frame. A:M does not devote more than one core to a single frame nor does it use GPU-computation. Not yet anyway. A:M will be slower at rendering than some other programs. That is not a deal-breaker for me because A:M is better for me at modeling and animating. Do i want to give up the better modeling and animating environment i get with A:M just to have faster rendering? No! (en français!) Rendering is something the computer can do while I'm doing something else. Modeling and animating is something I have to do at the computer no matter what program I use so it is better to use the program that is better at that. That is why i use A:M. If you have more questions, do ask!
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    I'm back on top of email today.. But if I missed you PM me here and I will get it.
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    used amplitude to control the pose ....need to improve my recording bday.mpg bday.mp4 Robin.mdl
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    Some more progress...
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    HA !!! That did the trick robcat Thanks!
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    You're welcome, Tom! You don't need to get me anything, I enjoy helping people solve their A:M problem and get their project back on track ! That is fun enough for me. And the only thing left on my wish list anyway was the diamond tiara!
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    LT WT (light weight) is the weight of the empty car. As you've guessed, LD LMT (load limit) is the builder's recommendation for a maximum safe load while CAPY (capacity) is the absolute maximum load the wheel bearings can withstand.
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    This is the first few seconds of a scene Chris @mouseman is animating. Character modeled by Steve @Shelton. The cloth simulation takes up to 6400 sub-steps per frame but it does survive the motion now. Hail000.mov
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    Modeled the scarf and playing with some surface properties... will work on the dog house next.
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    A bit of remodeling to the the hands...
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    "The Bear's Tale" (1940) So "estimated reading time" was a thing even back in 1940? The US wasn't in the war yet so it's not a war-time efficiency measure...
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    In general you should use true or false with booleans to make clear they are booleans instead of 0 and 1. In most situations that is not that important, but sometimes it really is and you need to be clear about what you are dealing with there. And of cause not everything is parsed "right" in programming languages. For instance PHP does it like this: A string can be parsed to a boolean if it is "0" or "1" but if it is something like "0abc" in there, it might parse it to true , since a string which is not only consisting of "numbers" are always defined as 1 => true. Just make sure you use it really as a true/false value holder if you can at start, especially but not only if you are dealing with strict programming languages like C/C++/C#. Best regards *Fuchur*


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