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  1. Cool stuff! Now I'm going to be humming that song all day. :P
  2. It worked out on the scarf as well... I'd like to try using transluceny with some tree or plant foliage sometime.
  3. Thanks! That was the first thing I did on my computer after posting It
  4. Ok think I'm finished now.. couldn't sleep cause I wasn't completely happy with the fur. Also wanted to add some translucency to the fur which gave it more edge lighting.
  5. Snoopy night flying. Thanks again Robert for your examples files... used your SpriteClouds for the clouds.
  6. Thanks Jake! Your correct, still a good idea to avoid the 3 point patches, I'm guilty of using the 5 point patches here and there.
  7. Worked on texturing the cap and adding fur to Snoopy.. Tweaking the fur settings took a while to get look I wanted but Robert's hairtestV11_BearHair.prj was a helpful start.
  8. Great job on the logo! Best wishes for your brother.
  9. hahaha... or a nice heat lamp during the winter months.
  10. Was working on a man-eating type prop for a project and decided to take it a little further... rendered with some volumetric lights and radiosity.
  11. Excellent thank you for the Info Robert! Have lots of models to share.
  12. Hi Chuck, I see that you were asking about Police Officer models, I don't have any at the moment... but it made me curious to ask, is there a Repository of models, materials and scenes for A:M? I have a bunch of old models I'd be willing to share if their was a place to upload them to?
  13. Hi J.S. I'm tempted to make an animation of Snoopy flying but have a few other projects I'd like to work on as well.. so I'll work on the animation at a later time.
  14. Thanks Chuck, fun to tweak a little in photoshop..saves me from re-rendering sometimes.
  15. Hi Guys, Been experimenting with rendering some gem and glass like objects in A:M and decided to try my hand at rendering some quartz crystals. Have a few more things I'd like to add and experiment with in the scene so figure I'll keep adding here as a WIP when I get around to it. ( have to get back to my Snoopy post as well ) A few post tweaks were added in Photoshop like exposure and blurring.
  16. Thanks for sharing Rodney! Looks like a fun app, looking forward to trying this out.
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