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  1. Thanks for sharing Rodney! Looks like a fun app, looking forward to trying this out.
  2. Thanks Robert! Yeah I've been confused about whether the scarf should be silk or wool?
  3. Some modeling of Snoopy's dog house, Think I'll work on some texturing of Snoopy next.
  4. Welcome to the forum Scoot!
  5. Modeled the scarf and playing with some surface properties... will work on the dog house next.
  6. Ohhh... Thanks for pointing this out Robert, helpful video and posts!
  7. Worked on his feet some more... lots of 5 point and 3 point patches also using a porcelain material on the white material to soften things up.
  8. A bit of remodeling to the the hands...
  9. Thanks Guys! Same here Robert, Snoopy was always the coolest
  10. After reading the latest Martin's Minutes about "Charlie Brown Books" I remembered that I modeled a Snoopy vs Red Baron a few years back using Lightwave and was curious to try the Lightwave importer with A:M. After re examining the model I decided to model him from scratch in A:M. I just get a kick out of the elegance of spline patches vs subdivision modeling it seems like you can say more with less. Here is some progress of the model so far... still working on the hands and feet and will be modeling a scarf next.
  11. When learning about layout I remember my teachers saying to be cautious about how background objects lineup with characters heads, here it looks like the animators lined up Daffy intentionally under that tree... it adds to the humour.
  12. I remember back in the day Hash inc. sold t-shirts. Any chance they would ever again? I used to have the H*A*S*H beige one and one that said. "say no to polygons". that was always a good conversation starter when out in public.
  13. Looks Great!, I like all the texture details like cracks in the pavement and stains coming from the windows.
  14. Thanks Ken, Not familiar with the Torque engine, I'll check it out!... it is an extra step importing from A:M to Unreal since it uses FBX. Sounds like Epic Games is trying to make it easier for developers and artists. They are making it royalty free until you make your first million. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/05/unreal-engine-is-now-royalty-free-until-a-game-makes-a-whopping-1-mill/
  15. Hi Guys, Recently upgraded to A:M v19 from V13 so was excited to try out some of the new features. (well... features I didn't have access to till now) Some SSS and Radiosity applied to an old model. Mike
  16. It is an unusual program... I've been finding the interface takes some getting used to. So many programs to play with so little time. :D Thanks for making the exporters and tutorials available Fuchur!
  17. Thanks Robert, I'll give Fuchur's exporter a try. and look forward to seeing what you learn with C++ looks like game engines are the future for animation production.
  18. I'm sure everyone has seen the latest Unreal Engine demo?.. looks super impressive! Has anyone been able to export A:M animations to engines like this for rendering?
  19. Yeah, damn your right. Thanks John!
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