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    I am embarrassed that I have not put out the award video for the last image contest yet but that's no reason you can't get started with your entry for the next one! You may have already started... Deadline: It's a Fall contest... the end of Fall...December something. Prizes: $150, $100 and $75 Hash Store gift vouchers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers! The Image Contest Medal, likewise for the top three! Three $25 gift vouchers will be randomly awarded among the 4th-10th place finishers and one more among the 11th+ finishers! Elegant certificates, so suitable for framing that you get a dollar to buy the frame, for the top ten finishers! Rules: The usual ones, I'll post specifics later. And while you're working on your contest entry I will Finish the Unfinished award video for "Prehistoric!"
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    Robert, Nice contest video, very well done. I'm sure I've got more than a few projects knocking around that would qualify for this. Here is to finishing the unfinished!


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