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    Tropical fish, animation, computer graphics, film/movies
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    Win 10
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    Thinkpad laptop and Intel desktop, 20+ GB RAM, Win 10, Nvidia 1060
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    Place in or win an AM contest
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    Complete rigging both characters for my movie
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    Complete my short film
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    Somewhere in the midwest...

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  1. Sorry to hear that. May you have much success with your LLC in the coming years.
  2. Happy Halloween, Rob!
  3. Very nice, shame we don't see more of this kind of thing.
  4. I think we would all appreciate a visit from the money truck. 😄
  5. Nice to see you getting recognition, Mark. Congratulations on your success!
  6. Wouldn't anyone? That's a lot of manic energy to keep going.
  7. Last I heard, his housekeeper was holding him prisoner in his house. May or may not be true.
  8. I dunno man, last time I listened to the cool kids I got into trouble...
  9. Just do what you can, we appreciate your hard work. Hopefully things slow down a bit for you.
  10. PM me your details and I'll see if I can't get it out to you by end of the week. I need to do a quick test with it to make sure it's working.
  11. I always wondered who the heck they were trying to sell a $20k workstation to. SGI might have been able to get away with that back in the day, but I think those days are long gone.
  12. I just checked used prices on Mac Studios with 64gb, Looks like they are running $2200-$2500. I'm liking that price a lot more Any ideas when the new Mac Pros are supposed to be coming around?
  13. I've got a spare quad core i7 with I think 8GB if you're interested.
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