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  1. These are very good for low poly models. How did you get the devil lady and catlady so curvy? Also, why are some of the monsters blinking in and out in the videos? Are you doing a whole mod? Would be interested in seeing the full mod.
  2. I'm glad you managed to get in on that, I didn't get it when I was thinking about it and missed out. I've seen several bundles recently that have repeated, I'm surprised they haven't run this one again.
  3. Take your time, there's no rush.
  4. Happy 4th of July to you as well, Rob.
  5. Just wanted to say a quick "thank you" to Rob for going to the trouble of running the image contests. It's always interesting to see the different themes and see what everyone comes up with. Thank you again, Rob, for your efforts.
  6. Roger


    You may want to consider running Windows XP or Windows 2000 in a Virtualbox VM and then run your older version of AM on that. That may let you get around the problem if money is tight.
  7. Looks cool, how are you generating the trippy backgrounds?
  8. Frazier, Just wanted to say as a long time AM user and also synth enthusiast and amateur musician, I really enjoyed your video and liked getting a "behind the scenes" look into how you did this. Would love to see more of your stuff.
  9. Congratulations Steve Shelton, Dan Skelton and Paul Harris! Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries in the upcoming image contest.
  10. Wasn't one of our forums members working at Blue Sky? Or am I mistaken?
  11. Neat! Is this part of a project or just messing around?
  12. Merry Christmas to you, Fuchur, and everyone else on the forum! If you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!
  13. I could try taking a stab at it but I don't know if I'd be able to do a detailed enough model to stand up to close scrutiny. How large of a print are you planning on doing? Bullwinkle seems like he'd be easy but Rocky has that darn flight helmet thing he wears.
  14. If your animation library is wanting, you may want to check out this bundle, jump on it now since it ends tomorrow: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/mastering-animation-crc-press-books?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_4
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