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  1. Jason, Thanks for your comments. I am not worried about any financial data being lost, I have seen some unusual activity on number of forums I belong to lately, but that could be attributed to script kiddies jiggling the locks, or bots or other automated tools. Working in IT, I'm fairly security conscious and frequently rotate passwords to new, secure passwords. I had thought about switching to a password manager some time ago but am concerned about the ones that store the DB in the cloud. I believe at least one of the major password managers was breached in the last few years. I don't expect that we require any especially exotic security measures on our little forum here, I guess I was just playing "Devi's advocate" so to speak. Speaking of which, it's about time for me to audit my systems again.
  2. I also think I'd be more impressed with AI "art" if the people didn't all have either six fingers or lobster hands, and mangled faces.
  3. I will admit that I'm more than a bit concerned about AI being used in the creative realms. What's left for people to do? It's one thing to have robots that can flip burgers and stack boxes all day, but if you add creative pursuits into the mix, then that doesn't leave much (if anything) that only a human is still good at. In fact, what about an expert based system that has access to all of case law on a given subject and does most of what a paralegal or (dare I say) first-year associate at a law firm would do? I'm assuming other fields that have a fairly rigorous, rules-based approach to their practice might also be automated. https://businesslawtoday.org/2022/02/how-ai-is-reshaping-legal-profession/
  4. I guess I better prepare for the update then.
  5. Ah, but this isn't going to stop the real problem, which is reusing passwords across multiple websites. While 2 factor authentication that is email or SMS message based is not foolproof, it is a bit more secure if you have an option for it. Again, I'm not arguing against the change, I welcome anything that will improve security. I just don't see much of a difference between someone using the password that they found in hacked password database (that you used for a dozen other sites) to try and login to your AM account....I mean it is sort of moot at that point whether they are using it with a display name or an email address, no?
  6. While I don't have a problem with this in theory, wouldn't someone already have to have your password in order to sign in? I'm not sure how switching to the email address makes it any more secure, unless you're going to set up an option for 2FA.
  7. I'm still interested, just need to figure out how I'm going to work it into my current schedule. I should be free Sundays, but need to work out when I'm going to do the exercises.
  8. Oh wow that looks like that would be fun but I'm not sure I could pull off a 3 to 5 minute animation in that time frame, that would do the music justice. Practically every single track on that album is iconic.
  9. The lighting definitely looks better in the above photo, the ceiling looks less sterile and more realistic due to the less perfect surface. If not for the CG character I might think this was a photo in an architectural magazine and not a rendering.
  10. Looks a bit like one of the Mortal Kombat characters. Can't think of the name, but he had 4 arms. Nice animation, you get the sense he is really heaving something heavy.
  11. Wasn't there a model of a fish that had a cane and a big hat?
  12. I could probably do Sunday.
  13. I would like to maybe give it another try. What night were you thinking about for meeting?
  14. Maybe it's only mostly dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.
  15. It's not exactly pining for the fjords....
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