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  1. Hello everyone ... Thought I would share something from my Facebook with you guys (Robert suggested that I should also post it here). Just a little backstory, the guy in his underwear was originally created for my website about 20 years ago and he has been with me ever since. He doesn't have a name other than I know him as "Wedgeeguy" (if he turned around then you would know why I call him that). Anywho, just thought I would share my latest creation with all of you. Hope that you enjoy and I hope that 2021 behaves itself. Happy New Year!
  2. Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest! As Oprah would say as she pointed to each one of us ... "You win a car!" ... "And you win a car!" .. "And you win a car!" Thank you Robert for all the hard work in creating the video as well. Nicely done! Although, I have my suspicions that you may not have been wearing pants during the whole thing ... Thanks everyone!
  3. Thank you Robert for all your help. I have no idea how you figured all this out but you are officially "Da Man!" ... Glad to read that things have been sorted out and that there is a solution ...
  4. Temporarily disabling anti-virus and firewall before running still doesn't help. Hostler, I hope that something turns up for you and that you are able to get things to work. I am out of ideas ... Sorry
  5. Fuchur ... Tried your suggestion but I'm afraid it's still a problem. Thanks though! Robert ... Ouch! ...
  6. Hmmm? A little bit further investigation may be the verification that the CD is in the drive (at least in my case) may not be working. Normally, if A:M is already installed and you insert the disk, a blue window pops up with the message "Installing Wise Installation Wizard" and then quickly goes away. Then you can click on the A:M icon to load the program but for me it seems to be ignoring the disk in the CD. Again it works if I boot into XP but not when booting into 7 ... same computer - same CD drive? I will keep checking things and report back to here if I stumble upon anything ...
  7. Yep, I have the same problem with ver. 13 on Windows 7 Professional. Mine just states that I need to run it as Administrator (which I am). None of the tricks listed so far seemed to correct it. It was installed and working perfectly fine before. Not sure when the update occurred that messed everything up. Might have been when they started sneaking in the nag stuff about upgrading to Windows 10. Luckily I have a dual boot with Windows XP and can fall back to that. Way to go Microsoft! Sorry that I don't bring any other good news to the table ...
  8. Hi Rodney ... If I remember correctly you need to export a model first as a Direct X file. Then when you export the action file, it is asking which X model file you wish to "open" to add the exported action file to. Hope this helps ... Bruce
  9. Very nice job Robert! ... When I watched it a second time it made me stand on my chair because it looked so realistic ...
  10. Have you guys heard of Three.js and Babylon.js? Both are able to display 3d inside a browser window without a plug-in being installed. You will need a browser that supports HTML5 and a graphic card that supports a newer version of OpenGL though. Not sure if they are compatible with phones and handheld devices. But worth a look ... http://www.threejs.org http://www.babylonjs.com
  11. Hi Nemyax ... Animation Master's(A:M) files (model, action, choreography) are readable text files. Meaning you can load them into a text editor and be able to see how it deals with each. It would just be a matter of parsing this text file to create your own format. Depending on your game engine choice though, you would need to to be able to convert things into a format that the game engine recognizes. Personally, I export my game data to an .X file and then can convert that .X format into whatever I need using another piece of software. Mainly I work in Ogre so I need to convert from A:M files
  12. The bad news may be that you're 54 but the good news is that you only have to be that one time ... Again Happy Birthday!
  13. Nancy that is just downright "perty" ... Very cool! Makes me want to put on my feather suit and dance around! ...
  14. Did ya have a boy or a girl? ... Twins? ... Triplets!!! ... p.s. Sorry to hear about your recent illness but glad to hear that you are back home recovering.
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