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  1. IMG_1151.JPGIMG_1150.JPGBack working with Dylan Perry, formerly of Momentum Animations, Now Perry Animations on some videos he's working on, thanks to Jason we got AM running again, tell you what after a brea from AM for so long it was refreshing to dive in again and relearn some things, hopefully I can now seriously get back into it again and pic up on some projects that have been sitting on the shelf for a while ;-) The old Mac pro that I had, turned it into my 3D rig, not too shabby for an almost vintage computer, runs windows and AM awesome 

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      Looks like you got the window office! Congrats!

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      I hope we get to see them when they are done!


  2. Yes indeed ! I haven't quite did what Id like to do so far because time and work gets in the way, and obviously the using macs etc. so now Ive get a dedicated system just for AM so I can really get back into, really its such a great program, simple is the best !
  3. Hi Fuchur, I just bought and installed the RX 580, updated all the drivers, launched AM and am getting 85 fps in wire frame mode, however when I switch to shaded wireframe it bogs down to 5.7 - 5.8 fps . . . . . AHA !!!! PROBLEM SOLVED !!!!! ok ! so real time subdivisions was checked in the options, however for some reason in the modelling view its set to max subdivisions . . . hence the bogging down, now that I have lowered realtime subdivision down one step its back to normal speed 49-50fps in modelling and and actions is back up to 80+ fps !!!! Somehow I have forgotten this setting from momentum animations days !!! Now I have fix up the rigging in the old models ( 2012 - 2013 ) as actions are all gone wonky - anyway I have to go through the models and fix the rigging and redo smart skining etc. THANKS A MIL FOR POINTING THIS OUT TO ME GUYS !!! Its been a while using AM and I have forgotten advanced production routines. Now I feel like I just wasted money on the RX580 . . . but since I got the PC for free I suppose it was ok to spend a little bit of money on it. I have ordered a ATEN Dual dislay / dual link switch so I can connect the PC and MAC simultaneously to 2 x 30" Apple Cinema Displays for more screen space for better modelling and animation. Cant wait to get back into AM again and finish off some projects that have been sitting on backup for ages !
  4. Hi Rob and Fuchur, forgot to mention, Im running Win 7 64bit, AM 18 x, the current card is the older GT 640 1gb Yes, loading old fellow Thom and viewing in shaded + wireframe makes it super slow, I remember a B&W Mac G3 tower being more responsive with more patch count models running on the old ati cards Yes I will have to check this out, will have to do it tomorrow as its fathers day here and I quickly snuck into check the post I have been reading and watching about these two cards for the last to days, theres only a minor speed bump from RX570 to RX580, the AMD Card draws a bit more power than the Nvidia 1070, but here's the thing we can get a RX580 / 70 for $250 aud over here and all Nvidia 1070 xx is like $500 - $600 aud, I suppose now that Fuchur has pointed out that the Nvidia card has CUDA for the other apps I suppose that justifies the price over the RX series, I was using Fusion 360 - but it is really really slow on mac, so I'll see how this goes on the pc, also going to learn Design spark mechanical - from trials this appears to work much faster than Fusion 360, I don't know the specs for these programs if they use CUDA or not, I will check and probably this will decide if I go AMD or Nvidia The print server was driving " Memjet " large format printers by Xerox, I think this hardware was requirements for Caldera Rip software, the machine originally had Linux on it - well the main HD still has this and the RIP on it with a Dongle, I think the HD is a propriety Xerox unit as it cannot be erased with the usual methods, so I put in a SSD with Win 7 and it works fine . . . one thing I have not done is boot into bios and check settings - could AM slowing down have something to do with any Bios setting ? Ill try out the subdivision settings and let you know how it goes
  5. Hi all, since there is not going to be any more Mac versions for the next Catalina Os, I’m building a new PC rig for AM and some other CAD apps, I got a super cheap ( free ) 2012 Dell Optiplex 9010 min tower, the offer was too good to refuse, its was used as print server for a Xerox printer, it has a 3.7 i7 processor, 20gb of ram and currently a Nvidia GT 640 1gb card, I can max out the ram to 32gb, but was wondering about the video card, the case is a Mini tower and it can have half length graphics cards in the PCI slots - I can Frankenstein it and cut out the HD enclosures to fit a full length card if necessary. I’m thinking about upgrading to a AMD RX 580 8gb or GTX 1070 8gb, I’d also be required to get a higher power PSU for these cards. I am testing AM on its current configuration now with the GT 640 card and creating basic models from scratch its nice and responsive, but if I load a model say, thom model or any other models which are a bit complex, AM really bogs down in speed and frame rate in shaded wireframe view when modelling , I have set the Nvidia driver to performance over quality but it really slows down once models get complex. What are people experiences with video cards and performance in AM, what would be a card that gives fast modelling and frame rates in shaded wireframe mode with textures ? Which is the best card for this, Nvidia or AMD from people doing complex models and scenes ? I really want a card that can deliver faster performance for high path count when modelling. Is AM just relying on cards for modelling or do I need more RAM as well ?
  6. Yeah a very very smart parrot ! That’s the theme I use in AM - grey space places more emphasis on the model and modelling in space and is great on the eyes, I usually also set object lines to black and unselected points to red and selected points to black, find the interface to be easier on the eyes
  7. I decided not to get the crazy priced Titan and got a Gtx 680 4gig, which I’ll flash . . . Let’s see how it goes
  8. Is Mac version 64bit now ? It also says V18.0 instead of 19 on the installers link above
  9. Hi All, in the process of upgrading my computer with a new video card and processors, ram etc. Mac Pro 2009 - Flashed with 5,1 firmware so this will let me make it a pretty beasty machine - as always AM is on my mind when it comes to 3D work, and the question I have is should I get one of those Nvidia Titan 12gb cards ? or something like a GTX 680 - my current card is an ancient Quadro 1.8gb FX 4500 - the last time I tried to use AM on the Mac side it had so many issues that I had to load up boot camp and install win 7 and use it on that, it was OK - but I defiantly felt the video card was not being used fully, there was a lot of slowdown even on the windows side with this card. I have found that AM likes consumer grade video cards instead of the pro cards while working at Momentum - so this time round I am thinking of getting a beasty 'gaming' card - what are peoples thoughts on this ? It would be awesome if AM leveraged the processing power of cards - and yes we have discussed this man many time before - yes it will require a rewrite up of the code and so on - but in real life scenario - actual usage of the interface and screen drawing - refresh rate - responsiveness etc. Is it worth the money to get one of these titan x / xp things ?
  10. I like the idea of reintroducing the dongle, downloading the software on any computer, mac pc etc. and being able to run on any machine simply by plugging in the license dongle would be awesome.
  11. I think a lot of issues are memory based with AM on Mac and that its running as a virtual app in a shell for the mac version and runs out of memory quickly, this is what I deduced from a quick study of crash error reports . . .
  12. The Toadstool - dude do yourself a favour, install bootcamp on you mac and install AM on windows 7 + 64 bit and you wont have this problem, I know its a pain if your graphics and editing apps are mac based, I went through the same thing a few months ago with v18, have already tested out if it was due to video cards having tried both AMD / ATI + Nvidia on mac = some times if you toggle the OpenGL 3 / open gl setting in settings the textures and rotoscopes come back for a while then it goes back again, then sometimes your files get corrupted - be careful of that one as you don't want to lose your file you spent time on getting lost. Long story short if you want to get busy doing work and mac version is not playing nice - bootcamp ! There is some issue probably with system configurations and hardware / software / drivers etc. across different macs which s why only some of the mac users report issues, I remember using AM back in the days on the Aqua G3 machines and G4 machines and they were rock solid for production work - https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47610&hl= https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45848&hl= https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48106&hl= https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47916&hl= https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47857&hl= https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48175&hl=
  13. These might be useful soon he he he https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/xeon-phi/xeon-phi-processors.html
  14. Hey Martin, I just watched “ The Founder “ with Michael Keaton - awesome moofee and incidentally I was researching on render farms when I decided to check in here it was awesome meeting you, I’m still very optimistic about AM, its good you moved on, I always like the saying, success is the best form of payback and the software is maturing fine with age, come on in dip your feet in again ! Great to have you back on the boards.
  15. Thanks Robcat ! I was playing with Ik and it works but it needs to be reversed some how - I like the idea of the pose slider too let me have another go with the above setups included into the rig !
  16. Hi people , am trying to rig up a RC car steering but am getting no joy - the first bit is easy - but I need to do the other half - so far have tried constrain to / roll / dynamic but havent got it working The selected bone is the driver / main - then there is a bone on the tie rod to the pinion, which goes to the swing arm to another pinion and one bone for the hub Now when I move the main bone which is from the servo steering in a RC car the other bones should work in chain - but I dont know how to set the constraints - can anyone give me some pointers please , would be much appreciated , I'll continue to tinker in the mean time
  17. Hi all, FYI finally got some time to get back onto setting up AM after going through a learning curve to install Windows 7 on the old Mac Pro 2008 3,1 - finally did this, installed and new subscription and am happy to report, AM now works Flawlessly ! The old mac with a quadro fx 4800 card is no slouch and makes a damn good PC with the dual xeon processors and heaps of ram, now I am super happy and can get on with work, and possibly even get a new mac and have a great PC to run AM on it stable which happens to also be a mac he he, I have tested both ATI and Nvidia cards and they both work fine with no texture or rotoscope glitches at all. Exxxceellleent !
  18. Am 18p on Win 7 running on Mac Pro 3,1 through bootcamp with Nvidia Quadro FX4800 working perfect wit rotoscope and texture rendering
  19. Ok - installed Windows 7 via bootcamp on Macpro 3,1 2008 installed AM 18p - working flawlessly with Nvidia FX4800
  20. Please disregard its all working now . . . finally I can get on with some work with windows 7 !!
  21. Hi guys, I finally got windows running on 2008 mac and installed AM 18 64 on it, I was going through the process with Jason to transfer my Mac since over to windows and have left it a bit late, so I just bought a new subscription now, I removed the old license file and put in the new activation code and it tells me the code is invalid - am I doing anything wrong - or has the procedure changed ? I have uninstalled and reinstalled from a fresh download and still the same - I did notice that when the panel containing the company names etc. comes up it has the test name I used for Company Name / User Name / Email ect. Can anyone tell me how to completely reset AM - eg. get rid of all files for a total clean installation. I have sent Jason an email again but if anyone can tell me of anything Im doing wrong it would be great. Thanks
  22. cheers Rodney ! I will do that, I really want to see AM running oaths mac pro with windows 7 and see if the issues with the Nvidia card remains
  23. For anyone that has been having trying to install Win 7 on Mac pro via bootcamp if you are having issues, send me a message, I went through it all over the last couple of weeks and have discovered something - boot camp does tidily squat on the older mac pros 2008 - 2009 etc. If you're trying to figure out how to install windows and it aint working message me and I'll tell you how to do it, now after two weeks of stuffing around I have a pretty awesome dual Xeon professor Windows machine with a kick arse video card which is also a mac ;-) . . . now if orders@hash could kindly send me my license file so I can run AM in windows - that would be awesome - chop chop - time is money orders@hash
  24. Yeah, it would be great if we could buy a USB dongle like print software, then you could have it installed on multiple machines and just plug in the usb dongle to operate it, Dylan from momentum has 2013 production which has a network license for multiple computers for a studio environment, I think has should offer this for AM on single license with the ability to upgrade to multiple license on multiple computers like this network dongle, I mean they do this with net render license, so why can't the software also be like this. I installed my mac pro 3,1 with windows 7 - finally ! and am now eating for my license to be transferred over so I can use it on windows booted on my mac pro through boot camp - THAT was a mission !
  25. ha ha no, I actually need the DVD drive to install windows on my Mac, my old one has died and IDE/ATA Drives are impossible to find in the wild, I actually have access to V13 with the network dongle - so no CD required ;-)
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