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  1. Hahahahahahahaha.... Silent but deadly Tom
  2. I tried manipulating the existing model to try and get a curved arc to the effect but with not luck yet. I'll keep trying... Tom
  3. Robert- Have studied the project and am amazed at the cleverness of how you assembled the pieces! Well done! The material and animation is presently applied to a flat model. Do you think that if the model were designed differently (like a circular shape) the clouds could be made to unfold as they do in the attached time lapse clip? Tom timelapse.mp4
  4. Many thanks! I will study the written description and try and increase my AM IQ! Tom
  5. I am going through the project that you posted but it seems very advanced so it is going to take me a while to digest it. I'm still trying to figure out how you added a material when there were no "groups" in the model. I know it shows my ignorance but could you explain the steps of that project in a few sentences ? Many thanks, Tom
  6. looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the prj!
  7. Robert- The cloud using the "material Effect" really looks like an evolving cloud. Would you be able to post a project to show how it was done? Tom
  8. Tom

    Happy Leap Day!

    That's terrific...! Thanks Robert!
  9. Tom

    Happy Leap Day!

    Looks cool! I really need to investigate the Onion Skin tool more. Has anyone done a tutorial on that feature?
  10. very nice... How would it look if it was animated? like rolling clouds... Tom
  11. So..is that entire modeling being achieved with a displacement map? If so, very impressive... Tom
  12. Wow....many thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!! Tom
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