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  1. Here is a comparison. The Radiosity version is a bit more washed out...
  2. Wow..fantastic answers. I can't wait to study and test this! Thanks!
  3. How would you describe the difference between "Ambiance Global" and "Radiosity"? It seems like there is a bit of overlap in their functioning...
  4. What sort of Ambiance Occlusion are you using in that scene?
  5. Thank you for isolating what the problems was! Much appreciated! Tom
  6. Hello Hashers- In the beginning of the sequence the volumetric beam reaches all the way to the ground plane but as the project continues (frames 30-60) the beam breaks up and doesn't reach the ground. Can anyone figure the problem? VolumetricTest.prj
  7. Pixar is laying off 14% of their workforce, animators seem like another career threatened by AI- https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/pixar-animation-lay-off-about-14-workforce-2024-05-21/
  8. It is a depressing thought that AI animation is being chosen over hand crafted animation....
  9. I have been using v19 regularly because V19.5 crashes when I try rendering anything. I believe I sent you the specific files related to the crashing a while back and I think you passed them on to the programmer. I was just checking to see whether any changes had been implemented yet. Thanks!
  10. Is AM V19.5b the most up to date version available? ( I am not referring to any versions still in Beta.)
  11. Rob- Thanks for doing the testing. That is a very informative analysis of how the software emits sprites. Thanks!
  12. Running a test with the Sprites material and the question is, does the patch count effect the "look" of the material emissions? Here is a picture of two meshes (project attached) and the denser mesh seems to have a smoother looking cloud... It would seem that the more patches, the "busier" the picture would be but this is not the case.. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? (BTW- the picture is from 30 rendered.) CloudSpriteNewTests.prj CloudletDisc.tga CloudletDiscDarker2.tga
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