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  1. All excellent suggestions! Will have to play around with those ideas... (That errant dollar bill sticking behind must be due to inflation!😄) I know he is very busy but I did write to Steffen and asked if he was able to update that leaf project ......because it is SOOOOOO Cool! What he had going on with those Forces is remarkable. Thanks again, Tom
  2. Many thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this! I might contact Steffen and see if he is able to clarify how it would be done in the new build. Tom
  3. Yes, the one I posted was re-saved in v19. I found the original zip file and it was from 2006 !!!.(attached) It still beggars the question of how can a v19 user recreate the simulation that was set up? Or does a person need to start from scratch? leaf.zip
  4. Once again the "Wizard of AM" comes to the rescue!! I found the simple scatter plugin but so far it has crashed on me a couple of times (so I must be doing something wrong). Two questions: 1) Do you know if there is any documentation for that plugin? 2)When the leaf project was posted there were two versions. One fully simulated and one without. I have attached the leaf blowing project without any simulations created. Do you know the procedure for creating that leaf simulation? I tried right clicking and everything related to simulations was ghosted. I tried selecting the leafs in the choreography but they were not pickable. Hmmmm. Many thanks! Tom Blow_start.prj
  5. Hello- Was studying this older project that someone posted and enjoyed the leaf and force interaction. I tried deconstructing the Project but was unable to determine how the many leaves were placed in the Choreography. I'm assuming it wasn't done manually but can't figure out how it was done. Does anyone know? Many thanks for any insights. Tom LeafSwirl.mp4 LeafZip.zip
  6. Hadn't even thought of trying to flip the baked particles. As you said, filming it straightforward and reversing in another program might be the easiest way to go... Thanks!
  7. I had an interesting idea and that is , what would it look like in reverse. Particles coming together to form something. I took the render into After Effects and reversed the order. I don't think having particles come together to form specific models would be easily doable in AM. Reverse.mp4 Does anyone know whether it is doable as shown in the new video? Or is the best way to render normally and reverse the frames like was done here? If it was doable, there could be some interesting scenes of things exploding and coming together while skipping the step of exporting specific frames,reversing them and then re-composting them afterwards. Tom
  8. Good troubleshooting on the Spade color issue! What's nice is that multiple materials can be dropped on top of groups for interesting results.Can't wait to play with this...
  9. I clicked on the link for June 27, 2020 and I got the "404" error message page not found. Maybe something got the wires twisted.
  10. Rob- I unzipped the S_to_Streaks project and this (attached) error message popped up. I tried clicking through it but it just keeps cycling this message with different ".pai" files. And then starts at the beginning again. I don't think it will even give me the chance to un-bake the files. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
  11. Many thanks again to Rob for another invigorating tutorial! Can't wait to study the S to Streaks project and go over the recorded session. Animation Master is really an astounding program (when explained by an expert!)... ....and dollar for dollar is one of the best buys out there. Tom
  12. Thinking up one idea (but probably not a great one) and that is use some sort of substitution system to swap objects mid stream. Looking forward to hearing feedback Saturday.
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