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  1. Robcat to the rescue one more time!! I changed the Compression from "Microsoft Video 1" to "Intel IYUV codec" and it worked great! Many thanks! Tom
  2. Hello Hashers- Just installed V 19 Oi SSE4 (64 Bit PC) and when I try to render an "Avi" file I get the error message: "Import Null Object" I hit "OK" and it then says "Unable to save file" Hmmmmmm,................ not quite sure what to make of it but I wondered if anyone had suggestions? (or workarounds) I can render the animation as single frames, but, it is really nice to test animation with an avi file beforehand... Many thanks! Tom
  3. Can you post a picture of the displacement maps? and what settings were used? Because that is one cool model! Tom
  4. check out around 1:39 I love how the clouds tumble in on themselves I l
  5. Sorry about the Mp4 compression issue.. Here it is as 264 PlumeNEW.mp4
  6. Here is a different Mp4 format in case the previous Zune compression didn't work. plume1.mp4
  7. here it is plume.mp4
  8. thanks Rob! Here is the smoke file Smoke.tga
  9. One last question....completely unrelated to the decal mapping question. I am trying to create a plume of smoke like the kind that happens when a rocket is about to launch. (see the "red line" in the picture below) I am struggling to understand how the sprites can react to the force AND gravity and create that cool looking plume that rolls in on itself. In the zipped Project I attached I create an invisible channel to help shape the plume ........but my smoke is a dud. The project file is zipped (but it is in V. 18) so if any adjustments are made, please do them in V. 18...thank you, Any suggestions are welcome... Tom RocketPlume.zip
  10. Best wishes to the entire Hash community for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! Tom
  11. Rob- That is a great workaround! I always wondered how to do that .............and now I know! Thanks, Tom
  12. Love those leaves!!! Thanks for explaining how sprites work! Tom
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