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  1. check out around 1:39 I love how the clouds tumble in on themselves I l
  2. Sorry about the Mp4 compression issue.. Here it is as 264 PlumeNEW.mp4
  3. Here is a different Mp4 format in case the previous Zune compression didn't work. plume1.mp4
  4. here it is plume.mp4
  5. thanks Rob! Here is the smoke file Smoke.tga
  6. One last question....completely unrelated to the decal mapping question. I am trying to create a plume of smoke like the kind that happens when a rocket is about to launch. (see the "red line" in the picture below) I am struggling to understand how the sprites can react to the force AND gravity and create that cool looking plume that rolls in on itself. In the zipped Project I attached I create an invisible channel to help shape the plume ........but my smoke is a dud. The project file is zipped (but it is in V. 18) so if any adjustments are made, please do them in V. 18...thank you, Any suggestions are welcome... Tom RocketPlume.zip
  7. Best wishes to the entire Hash community for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! Tom
  8. Rob- That is a great workaround! I always wondered how to do that .............and now I know! Thanks, Tom
  9. Love those leaves!!! Thanks for explaining how sprites work! Tom
  10. I had one other question Rob... Do sprites always face the camera? or can they be made to spin? Many thanks for any info... Tom
  11. Thanks for the response Rob! That looks like it did the job! Best wishes, Tom
  12. Martin- Great to hear from you! You planted a wondrous seed and although one can't always predict what shape the fruit will take, it has turned out magnificently. Your software has been a blessing to many, many artists who would have been otherwise strangled by corporate greed. Remember when Softimage cost thousands of dollars to license one seat!!! yikes..... Thank you!!! As far as the unseemly stuff.....yes, unfortunately when egos and money are at stake, and the reptile brain (R-Complex) does it slithery thing...the only consolation is that the weasels often get whats coming to them quickly. I know of a situation where a guy apprenticed with a craftsman and learned all his tricks. He then went out on his own and siphoned off the old craftsman's customers. Two years later the weasel had another guy learn his tricks and siphon off his customers......instant karma Anyway, Are you going to Comic Con? would love to touch base... Tom C.
  13. Tom

    Stolen Smells

    Grand High Pooh Bah- Love this approach to 3D animation! Disney did a wonderful take on this style with their 2012 Oscar short "Paperman". BTW- the story of paying with "smells" with the "sound" of money goes back to various folktales. Mullah Nasruddin (who Richard Williams loves) tells this one: The Smell of Soup and the Sound of Money One day a poor and hungry visitor took a piece of bread from his pocket and hold it over a hot cauldron food at a open restaurant window. The dry bread became softer and he began to eat it but the restaurant keeper stopped him for fee of the food steam. The poor visitor had no money and they decided to go to judge. Our Hodja was the judge of the town and listened carefully both men. Hodja took some golden coins from his purse and show them to the restaurant keeper. – Come here, please! said to him. When he came to receive coins, Hodja jingled the coins in the palm of his hands to the man’s ear. – Now the fee was paid, said Hodja. – What is that all about? the restaurant keeper wondered and asked. – Justice! Hodja replied, the sound of money is a fair compensation for the smell of the food. That's All Folks!! Tom C.
  14. Thanks for the dropbox movie...that is a very interesting solution! Thank you!
  15. Thanks Rob! And Happy upcoming Birthday!
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