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    Animating game models for Quake. Working on a short animation of the model in my avatar. This is how far I´ve come:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1lL3sCU4gE
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    Getting more knowhow with working with the AnimationMaster programm. It's so full of opportunities I'm still finding out.
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    To make an fully covered animation movie of something in my interests.
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  1. Oh, now I see. It seems these counterparts just occure randomly but can be solved. Well, thats better than patching the wrong ones together. Thanks for your advice.
  2. I have this model from turbosquid, and I tried to outrun the skinny lines of the verts by rendering it in toon setting. What I wondered about is the patching of a squad with a centerpoint. The rendering wants to make it a pyramidical shape, but for some reason there always appears a square over it. I know there is a way to patch a five edged subject, but is there a way to delete the square above the five pointed object?
  3. Yes! Hurray, I had the idea I couldn't download v18, because I have v16 only. After adding the plugins tiff.iio and psn.iio I have two new file import extentions. That's what I was looking for. After so much prehension with alpha it finally works. Adding transparants to images is also a way, bit this is so much easier! Thanks Robcar and Fuchur for helping me out! Specky gives a count for RAM 3.0Gb Dual Channel @ 400Mhz, Intel Pentium E5200 @ 2.50Ghz. Uh, this is another compter, Windows7. My otherone just overheated. 004ud0.tga
  4. I am using the 32 bit version, so it might be a reason for the importing thing. Glad you liked the morf1234.avi , in fact it are four parts bined together. Animating this kind of graphics asks a lot of my computer. For a 16 seconds rendering on avi VGA format cartoon I start on: first frame - 23h19 PM - avarage time 1h49 - startframe render 0:00:14 44% 272fr - 2h53 AM - time 3h40 - framerender 0:02:32 when using fractalsum generator I see the rest of my 540 frames turn into 270 x 2min30s into 10 houres. My computer crashed the first time, now I'm rendering to tga files.
  5. I managed to use the TestFace.tiff. It works well, just surprised it will load only specific *.tiff files. The only way to import them is with *.allfiles, and most of them just bump for "image plugin missing". Testface imports, but wolken2.tiff won't. Thanks for the pluginn, it is a step in the right direction. The mp4 was a quicktime file, I repacked it as avi is rather large, 74Mb. morp1234.avi wolken2.tif
  6. morp1234.mp4 I made a cartoon with small objects, added a raster to them and make them animate. The moment I start using squares with alpha it goes wrong. Transparent also washes the black lines away.
  7. Yes I bought v17, I received v16 and updated to v17. 😫 I placed the tif_64.zip into the ImageIOS directory. I tried to import a tiff TestFace,tif what happens once. Then all my attempts end on "invalid imagefile [TestFace.tif], unsupported file type, or image plugin is missing". I hope it is not the 32bit/64bit version that wanks. TestFace.tif
  8. I should have resend the v16 on 17august 2015. Well, let's try to explain what I try to obtain. I have this comic, and I want to turn it into 3d paraglyph stereo. So I split out the parts that need to come in front and behind, but this is a black/white drawing. I tried to use the transparant methode for decals, but then the black lines are transparant and the whites block. Using negatives helps, but then I end up with white lines. This will work for paraglyph stereo, but it's a bit confusing looking at white lines for a black comic. I wish I had v18, so I could make usefull effort of the tiff extentions.
  9. @RobCat275 - I bought v17, I received v16. !? @Fuchur - I can save them to png, photoshop won't add alpha.
  10. I am trying to import files that have alpha channels in them. Sadly these are comprimised in - *.pdf - *.psd - *.pxr - *.raw - *.tiff extentions. These extentions can not be imported in Animation Master. Is there a plugin that can do so?
  11. I was a bit confused about the updating proces. So AM2005 doesn't up date to AM2006, but AMv11.0 updates to AMv12.0 I assumed it would be regular, like AM2016 updates to AM2017. It works alright now. As for what I can see now the same would be possible with AMv.0.8 Don't see it working on AMv0.85, but I think that's outdated. Thanks for the info!
  12. I found the ftp site, but it's not really clear to me. In the AM2005 folder I see all files but no update. In the AM2006 folder I see an update but that goes for AMv.13 Only question is how can I launch the v.12 with an updated version and a v.11in the cdrom.
  13. Although I have Amv16 updated to v17 I have another error. It's not this version, but the earlier versions. You can ask why I want them both, but lots of files are twitched in versions. After installing Am v.11 I can update to v.12. When I do so, the the program bumps telling the disk isn't in the cdrom. Of course It is version v11 in the cdrom, but what is stopping the update? I thought it would be updated with the old disk in the cdrom. Also the update wants files from the ftp site, but that fails. It seems the site isn't there anymore, so how can I obtain these files? regards
  14. It seems it works alright, at least for what I can obtain with a cartoon frame and a rotoscope. Maybe the upper legs are a bit too round, as the back tie became a bit too small. I already had Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty. Great as a handy pet object. dino13.avi
  15. No, I was a bit confused in the working area. Some additions are made in the model window, others in the relation window. So after checking things in the action window, I got lost in doing things in the wrong window. I assumed that when I turned the user poperties on in the relation window, they would automaticly be turned on in the action window. This is not the case, but thanks for clearing it up.
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