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    Pentium 4 - NVIDIA GeForce GT 740- Systeemgeheugen 4096 MBytes MB- Creative SB X-Fi -
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    Animating game models for Quake. Working on a short animation of the model in my avatar. This is how far I´ve come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1lL3sCU4gE
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    Getting more knowhow with working with the AnimationMaster programm. It's so full of opportunities I'm still finding out.
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    To make an fully covered animation movie of something in my interests.
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  1. I was a bit confused about the updating proces. So AM2005 doesn't up date to AM2006, but AMv11.0 updates to AMv12.0 I assumed it would be regular, like AM2016 updates to AM2017. It works alright now. As for what I can see now the same would be possible with AMv.0.8 Don't see it working on AMv0.85, but I think that's outdated. Thanks for the info!
  2. I found the ftp site, but it's not really clear to me. In the AM2005 folder I see all files but no update. In the AM2006 folder I see an update but that goes for AMv.13 Only question is how can I launch the v.12 with an updated version and a v.11in the cdrom.
  3. Although I have Amv16 updated to v17 I have another error. It's not this version, but the earlier versions. You can ask why I want them both, but lots of files are twitched in versions. After installing Am v.11 I can update to v.12. When I do so, the the program bumps telling the disk isn't in the cdrom. Of course It is version v11 in the cdrom, but what is stopping the update? I thought it would be updated with the old disk in the cdrom. Also the update wants files from the ftp site, but that fails. It seems the site isn't there anymore, so how can I obtain these files? regards
  4. It seems it works alright, at least for what I can obtain with a cartoon frame and a rotoscope. Maybe the upper legs are a bit too round, as the back tie became a bit too small. I already had Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty. Great as a handy pet object. dino13.avi
  5. No, I was a bit confused in the working area. Some additions are made in the model window, others in the relation window. So after checking things in the action window, I got lost in doing things in the wrong window. I assumed that when I turned the user poperties on in the relation window, they would automaticly be turned on in the action window. This is not the case, but thanks for clearing it up.
  6. Yes, Happy NewYear! Thanks Robocat. I didn't see the site window appear for attached to parent, and set user properties on. So I kept repeating the good advice for wrong outcome. One thing I still don't get is when I use the properties on in the model pose they won't apear in the action window. I still have to turn them on. Well, that won't weight for the good outcome I now have. I was using the bone rigging for Tom to get a start. Also tried the Skeleton2001 in trying to see what kind of attachments are used. But it fails when I don't have he basic principes of rigging. Thanks for taking time to answer my question.
  7. Well, further on in the rigging manual there is this moment the feet get sepperated from the calf bone, and then the calf bone is attached to the foot bone with an "IK constraint". Then the feet would animate with the calf bone. I don't see this happen, as the feet stay on place. I tried to make an "orient as" constraint, but they still keep in place. Only when I attached them again in the action window they respond. But that's not the way to do it, I think. doni07.mdl
  8. Yes, the mirror selected points gave a better attachment. Now the bones are both on the same way positioned. It works fine now! Thanks for advice.
  9. Sure, here it is. mannetje07.mdl
  10. Hey, I tried the tutorial of Robocat Rigging Bones. So I tried it on a model of mine, and I can follow it clear untill 38m00s. Then the wizzard mirror bones is used, and as far as I can see I get another result. When I try to mirrorbones there do start another -x bone collection. But there is no attachment. Also I see a new Root bone, while this was excluded. Further there apear only a left bone with a foot. Maybe I have overseen something in the parms?
  11. Due to a computer crash I'm forced to install Am on another computer. When I want to start the programm it asks for an activation code. Then it says the code is already used. It is a lifelong version with an internet activation. Now I have it installed, but what file should I send to activate the code? regards, Rien.
  12. Madfox


    Yes! Didnt know it was that easy. Thanks.
  13. Madfox


    Well. I've got AM v16.0 and a disk with a v17.0 activation code. Not sure what the extra advanteges are between the two. I'm quiet a lot at work with it, with its happy and crash moments. I'm on Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 - Intel Pentium 4 650. Is there any chance, or how do I activate this v17.0 while v16.0 is installed?
  14. Well, the Microsoft bulletin looks too complicated for me. I'd expected a simpel way, but for now it's better first to format the win7 to my own ID. Thanks.
  15. Yes, but then I'm installing v16 on Win7. My question was installing v11 on Win7. Of course I could install v16 on win7, send the lick file to Jonas and receive the authority. But the computer with win7 is off line because it doesn't have my identity. I'm one who keeps using older versions to see what's in there on possibilities. Programmers make better applications, manufacturers make better computers. Old programs never die,they just stay away from update to update.
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