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    Pentium 4 - NVIDIA GeForce GT 740- Systeemgeheugen 4096 MBytes MB-Creative SB X-Fi -
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    Animating game models for Quake. Working on a short animation of the model in my avatar. This is how far I´ve come:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1lL3sCU4gE
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    Getting more knowhow with working with the AnimationMaster programm. It's so full of opportunities I'm still finding out.
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    To make an fully covered animation movie of something in my interests.
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  1. Thanks for your attention and reply, Roger! I started modelling for Quake since 1999 with A:M 0.8. I found it a nice job to do, as it gave me much pleasure modelling these creatures. Quake has a low poly count of 1000tris/2000 verts so making things comes down to work as simple as possible. This looks easy, but isn't. To get the most expression while being limited is a rare task. I used the devil lady from the EXtraData Cd Conquest, simplified it and gave it a fork. The catlady is from a womanmodel with a whip. Both I adjusted with the dynamic constraint. The whip lash was a more complicated part, as it needed different settings for gaining the elastic mode. The blinking is because I used gifs, and some of them just come through the right way. Maybe the files are too large to expose. I tried to replace them with better ones. Most of the models are used in game with fully extentions. They ride beautifull in the Quake contex. The fun part is that this game has a lot of input. There is a part of mapping, creating a world with polygons, and then shaping them up to large environnements. A perculiar nice thing is the light setting, that gives this "worlds" a realistic glow. Then there is the part of making these creatures, that walk along in these created shapes, and have the nasty abillity to fight the player, as he is in a world that isn't his own. At last there is the coding part that is quiet abstract, to change the game and alter these creatures to give them challeging properties, as well as making the game parms different. I could show you some scenes there are made with them in one of my maps. I just have to dig into the archive to see what I can find. I took the map "FourFeather" that is commented on a good way by "The Quake Grave", someone that makes demo's of levels and has a special touch of giving his way of playing the level. He did this on more levels and is really good at it. I took the title from my own special favour of "Three Feather Waterfall", an old animation of Gerry Anderson, which was my favorite in my younger years, and also the one who encouraged my taste of making animation in general, like "The Thunderbirds". Another one that kept my attention of making models for in AnimationMaster.
  2. the dancers are zombies. ., they just hadn't enough food to eat.
  3. Here's an example how they look in game.
  4. well.., let's say it was the main reason I bought Animation Master. I just can't get enough.😊
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