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  1. Ah , the last tb3start.zip should have the right info. Now I have the better attitude for the smoke sprites, I guess the case of long rendering is solved. After taking care for the right parms for the smoke_emitters most frames render within a minute, and that is well for a VGA format. Only thing I can't explain is why the front emitters of the rocket have that strange transparancy, while in the model editor it are three constant beams. Before I can explain the wrong file format I've come to another breakpoint. I'm working from an update of AMv16.0b to AMv17.0g . I use both versions
  2. I tried to consolidate the file, but the program fails in a loop to endless archiving. It is a bit large to splt up all avi files into jpg as it is more than 840Mb. I tried to compromise this with a codec to 80 Mb. So I deleted the background to archive it again, but I think I found a better way to compose the scene. The sprite emitters are too large to serve the given purpose. A smoke sprite covers a explo sprite, so it is useless to use them both. It only makes the render process more timeconsuming. I took the sprite emitter from the first thunderbird, and this one goes much fast
  3. Thanks for your attention! The sprites have a lifetime of 9 seconds, but they differ on the track of the timeline. So to give you a right answer it would take a long time to answer. I packed the file so you can take a look at it. I hope all elements are included.☺️ thunderbird3.zip
  4. Not sure if I understand the question, Robcat. I made a render of the smoke and explo sprites alone on solid black. Attempting to change this in an alpha channel so the scene will render some faster and the sharp line in the smoke/explo versus ground would be avoided. Not sure how to add the alpha channel of 16sec smoke background can be acomplished. By real shaded view I end up like start07.avi or asomething like this, what looks a bit poor for a rocket explosion, but I think I can live with that. Here is a real time render vieuw of the scene, the actual rendered file and the moment
  5. I rendered the scene in five houres. I'm a bit concerned about the straight line under the particle surface. Maybe better to lift the camera a bit. This scene has nine sprite emitters, six underneath the launchers for smoke and fire and four in front of them with a turbo smoke and explode. It looks as if the smoke overbrights the explo emitter. The first frames without sprite activity render fast, ie 4 seconds, the others go about 2m30. Yet it isn't still what I was looking, maybe the explo.mat is a bit too dim. 07start.avi
  6. It's not trouble. It's more trying to comprehend how it works by keeping it a challenge. The error that apeared had to do with trying to change the existent choreography. I tried to exchange the rocket with another one . Then my idea was to make a new choreography and that worked better. I'm on 20 minutes rendering for 16 sec on mini format. It becomes 4 hours for low. Mostly things only get worse when trying to improve an exciting scene.
  7. Hey Furchur.., kind of you to offer me the possibillity for rendering. I just looked at the file, but I have some trouble with working on version 16 - 17a. For some reason the sprite emitters won't work since I updated to version 17a. That is .., in version v16 they don't work anymore. A bit frustrating, as it is the more reliable one I have. I won't say 17a is not good, but it crashes more often than the original v16. So now I want to save a v16 project after some changes, but it falls away. Also the background has a 850Mb avi file, which isn't that easy to transfer. I zipped the whole
  8. The cloud particles take too long to render. If I count 1h30 for a frame and 30 frames a second it is a long way to 16 seconds. Using only the explode sprite seems less time consuming. I tried another one of Scotty in its turning cabin. Had a long laugh after seeing the pilot of the SpaceX craft! Reminded me of my idle attempts. 04start.avi cabin08.avi
  9. Glad you found your models. I don't have acces to a 3d printer, so the question was just informal. I saw it as a challenge. Got my own Rocky now.
  10. What are the common specks for objects to reach the range for 3d printing? I just made some a arangments for the head to fit on Rocky's purpose. No idea how to obtain the fitting of the spline closure. I could change pink panther in something like Buckwinkel. Just wondered how close these models have to be to give a reliable stl format.
  11. Shot in the dark after some houres of puzling. No idea what I am doing, as I am more famliar with Fred Flintstone. The model should be more rounder, I shaped its head as far I could and put it up to Thom. No intention for what ever, just the atraction.., like Pink Panther.
  12. I have baked the particles before I started rendering. I never tried netrendering. I deleted half of the sprite emitters and made it a target sequence. So I can start and stop rendering whenever I want. It doesn't seem to change much as the render time quickly grows. A new computer? Sure , would like that! Only my fiances are not that broadly.
  13. Thanks for your answer. It was more my surprise, as earlier avi's took only a smaller amount of time. If It takes this size I might better make smaller parts of it. Two days rendering is a bit long. Here are my specks, I've got 3Gig memory.
  14. I remember doing the AM render benchmark test, and I came upon 5 minutes to do the VGA example. I was thinking of it now I have a short animation with rather a lot of particles. When I first did the render, a rising thinderbird into the sky, my minimum render time for a frame on VGA became at highest 3 minutes. So for a 8 second animation I could get away with 6 houres rendering. After some sessions I decided to give it some more sprite emitters for smoke and explosion. Then I realized this quotum would be rather high: three flame throwers - three smoke paths - three explosion sprites an
  15. I tried a transparent sphere as static object , but the debris passes through.
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