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    Animating game models for Quake. Working on a short animation of the model in my avatar. This is how far I´ve come:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1lL3sCU4gE
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    Getting more knowhow with working with the AnimationMaster programm. It's so full of opportunities I'm still finding out.
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    To make an fully covered animation movie of something in my interests.
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  1. Yes sure Robcat! That will make things much clear for me. I admire your knowhow.
  2. I was trying to do the same thing in the fractal sum question with a thunderbird launch. (lunch08.avi). I tried to copy the effect, but I have no SmokeBallF.
  3. A year later and I'm looking for the same kind of effect. The Rocketplume has a smaller size than the later example. Could it be possible to share the parms?
  4. It could be very usefull for the Octopuss I found on the ExtraData CD! I'm using them (as so many) for my Quake1 besturaium.
  5. I had also this problem with foot targets after adding a model to skeleton2001. Robotcat explained that it is easy to rebound them again. It needs to uncover the hidden hinge bone of one of the legs. Then it needs some addictions. First use the calf bone as a IK-handler to the foot target. Then use the footbone orient like the foot target. Finally you need to use the hinge bone as a point to foot target. If all went well the foot target responds to the whole leg.
  6. Madfox

    fractal sum

    thun1013.avi Hey thanks Robocat! I don't know how I came to the idea to split the streak emitters from the model. Probably I thought I could change the position of the streak emitters. Then I saw that the scale of my model versus particel measure was wrong. After some altered position I managed to get what I wanted. Not expected it was so easy. The start position of the streak emitter is on the y axe 100%. THis works for the upward position. So all changes in the position of the model will change the streak emitter also. Does this also work when positioning it in horizontal position? Or should the emitter aways be on this start position in materials.
  7. Madfox

    fractal sum

    Maybe this makes it more clear. The first part of the animation goes untill the stars with a static cheography on the thunderbird, and a background/terrain that lowers out of sight. From the moment I try to change the airplane the streak_emitter starts shifting, although the streak emitters are adjusted in the right direction. (ie. from upwards to camera side lunch08.avi .)
  8. Madfox

    fractal sum

    My biggest problem was to change the direction of the flame, like in emmit08.avi. As the image in the topvieuw shows it takes some parms in the timeline to make the streak_emitter change its direction. Probably the 100% x-y-z axe took me some time to understand, as it are no 360 degrees. I made this whole launch scene with a ground and background that turn down, while the cheography remains static. I did this because everytime I made a cheo that changed the direction of the airplane the streak emitters didn't change. So it is a bit of a movearound. Now I understand how to channel the emitters over time it goes better. It would be good if the emitters would act with less lag.
  9. Madfox

    fractal sum

    Yes, that are some good examples for a fire rocket. Thing is when I make a launch effeckt "the change of direction in three axes" was my greatest problem. Indeed the fade effect goes on in the distance it was facing. The hardest part was how to overcome the time it took after some 20 seconds. From then my computer just froze, as the amount was too large. Then I saw Icould turn off the streak emitters, and from then it was much easier. Still have trouble while making changes in the streak emitter, as sometimes the screen refreshment lacks. Sofar the results are amazing, but time consuming.
  10. Madfox


    After tracing out the forearm error skeleton2001 is good enough for me on 32bit. TM2 is always welcome to explore other ways to do it even in amv16. Great it is a free plug-in now.
  11. Madfox


    Ah, would it be that bad? It installed well on Amv.11, which in my case I think worse, because v.11 won't start up on WIndows7. Just the folder with the usual subfiles. So I couldn't use it anyway. The Amv.16 handels the file well, so that's no problem. Just got a bit scatter with my attitude like what to do with a AM v.11 I can update to Amv.12 or a AMv.16 that updates to AMv.17. I would not even try it out because I can catch AMv.15. Is the compatibillity realy that tight? Almost makes me want to downgrade.
  12. Madfox


    Yes, that looks good Bobby! I haven't tried examples with excisting pose files yet, because I'm entangled in the rig setup. Just when I had the whole model rigged and all I came up to that silly point I couldn't use the three circle movements with the fore arms. I feel its sounds strange to say that forearms won't move in three directions. Or that only one moves right and the other won't. Where it comes to is that in the original skeleton2001 they move both and in my model not. I have tried earlier to make this clear, but something in my explenation did not make it clear. So I went through the whole stage of rigging the boneless ( and relationship less) model and came to a severe crosspoint. I did stated before so let me be short. When importing the bones group of the skeleton2001 to my model everything is fine, except the feet targets gets lost. After Robocat explained me how this is done with a four legged cat and four feet targets I invented how to make this work. The major problem starts when I import the skeleton2001 relation group. I ususally do this as the manual tells me to do, but when I examined my model (although without feet targets) acts precise the way it has to do. (two 3d moving forearms) So as soon as I add the relationship group to the model my left forearm starts blocking in x and z directions. Pff, that took a long shot to trace the problem. I suspect there is a twitch in the relationship group that makes it so. Further it is a usefull group for hand clatching and all. But in a way they are easily to add after wards. Then thanks for the TM2 model. It is much more delicate then I suspected, but with the same straight learn curve. First of all my Amv11 won't work under windows7. It will install but then lacks all excistance. The start icon in the programm fills have a directory but the start icon won't appear. So I copied the TM2files from v11 to my updated version v17 which crashed spontaneously. Only way to go on is version16 which does. Made my first model, attached all splines, asked the machine to count my rigs, and ended with a scrambled model. Nevermind. The streak emitter you made Robocat looks good! I finally learned how to use these sprite and streak emitters, as they caused much trouble before I saw that you can shut off the emitters so modelling the choreography is easy. My god, I waited years before I saw when they are off locked the choreography goes just fluwently. (me donkey!) Here a small example of a streak and sprite emitter. And it took almost four and a half houre to get me 20 sec VGA format. tb1launch.avi
  13. Madfox


    Where can I find TSM2? Is it a free plug in that I can use?
  14. Madfox


    The skeleton2001.mdl does have that atitude, before I adjusted the model.mdl. My suspicion is that I took a step too far. If I use an already encapsulated model ( ie. a model that is allready been imported into a skeleton model) will hold this properties. Here is the skeleton2001.mdl. You can turn and change the fore arms all directions after the bicep bone is moved. 2001_Skeleton.mdl
  15. Madfox


    I had embedded and zipped th file. Maybe a bit encapsulated. Here is a simpeler file. It is very straight forward. Why won't left forearm not turn as right forearm? Scotty.zip
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