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Little more pointier tip and you have a very nice candle fire


Yes, it's going to take a force to scrunch the particles back together at the top but without making them look like they are getting sucked into a straw.

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What are you using to make this? It looks awesome. It definately reminds me of a match. Can the colors be adjusted easily?




These and the smoke tests are plain old particle "streaks".


The secret is to use so many that they all blend together and to make them nearly transparent so when they're all ovelapped they dont' blow it all out to pure white.


for the fire the emitter rate is set to 250,000 and the transparency varies from 100% to 99.7%


a force with weak turbulence makes the flickering motion.


downside... takes up to 8 minutes per frame to render.


But I'm impressed it works at all. A:M is successfully managing a million particles at once.


There's probably lots of room for further dev on this.

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So this fire discussion dredged up an old memory. This is a video I made some 6 years ago (in A:M). Thankfully it never made the light of day, since in looking at now, it aint so great. But, I did make fire for it, using streaks.


Be kind on your thoughts, this is an old old try of mine!




nuts..wrong thread!

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