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  1. http://www.codeblocks.org/
  2. Thank you, Rob, for inviting me to the contest, but there is not enough time. But I will definitely come up with something interesting for the club!
  3. handmade fake, no script & expression ))
  4. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4tVfDV?fbclid=IwAR2fkqeXJbfuLUdEps4tKH516IRb4gut5gSFtBP8xjYdo6-KHHXs7XeLzJw Had seen. I want to do this for different numbers of triangles and other polygons
  5. serg2

    UV mapping tute

  6. How exactly the mechanism works for you, Holman! It is wonderful!
  7. I myself do not understand how this works. We need to work together to make a more universal installation for the study of the most optimal solution. Thank.
  8. FlyingSouth05.prj FlyingSouth05.prj
  9. You have not saved the path. I attached files with a saved path to the message. v17-v19 Kudenn_Path2.mdl Kudenn_Path3.mdl
  10. Maybe it's worth making a Bike action to save the poses? Menu Action/Bike(remove constraints)
  11. Aquarium Fish / Flock Experiment (based on the previous topic - https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48389)
  12. This was for the more beautiful behavior of particles in flocks, crowds, swarm, birds.... PRJ file: http://dropmefiles.com/0bc63 http://gph.is/2zbg8sl
  13. R - In this case, this parameter R represents the channel of random changes An example is given below: AtFrame(Round(GetFrame(),R1),R2) R = R1 = R2 = ..|..|..|..|Shortcut to Model1.Transform.Translate.Y (random change channel) R1 - random time R2 - random amplitude PRJ file: http://dropmefiles.com/uFaSe
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