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  1. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    Fake AO dome? I'd like to give that a try.
  2. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    Wanted to add the tga. Ivy_trio_86.zip
  3. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    Thank you both for looking into this with me. Off to work I go, but when I get back, I'll check out all of your suggestions.
  4. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    To be honest, I forgot to turn multipass off this morning when I set the render. In any case, isn't it taking a bit too long for the hair to render?
  5. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    No, the improvement isn't that drastic - initially 16 passes at one hour per pass, now 16 passes at 25 minutes per pass. There must be something wrong somewhere - a render without hair averages about 6 minutes now, but the hair only render with an alpha channel just finished rendering after 7 hours and 35 minutes at 28:30 minutes per render for 16 passes. Here is the TGA of the vines that took so long. Is this normal? Btw, my computer is an Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.40 GHz running Win XP SP2 with 2 GB of Ram running AM 15.0i. Had to convert the TGA to a jpg for uploading.
  6. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    Well, I exchanged the three sun lights with kliegs and made sure that only one of them cast z-buffered shadows. A 1000x750 render still took 20 minutes with hair enabled for a single frame. Without hair it took 6:24. That's quite an improvement for the hair render. I'll try rendering the hair out separately next. Also, maybe I should rethink my hair model?
  7. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    Thanks guys, that will get me going again. First I'll change the suns to kliegs...
  8. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    I'll have to check on that. I know I am using only three lights, all suns with only one casting shadows. It's an outdoor scene of an alley shot with IBL and the suns.
  9. Eric2575

    Can hair be rendered out separately

    I have a scene with many objects in it that is taking about 7 minutes per frame to render without hair. When I enable hair to render, the time goes up to over an hour per frame. The density of the hair material isn't the problem, it's down to about 3%, it's the fact that there is a lot of hair in the scene. I created a vine running over most of one wall that is causing the slowdown. So now I'm thinking I could render the scene without hair and then render out the hair separately, then composite them together. I just don't know if this is possible, and if so, how to do it? I don't want to wait 16 passes at over an hour a piece to see that I will likely have to change something anyway. Thanks for any help on this. Eric
  10. I'm working on a scene that has quite a bit of hair in it. The hair is actually leaves, ivy that is hanging on a wall. Can I render that out separately, and what about the shadows the leaves cast on the wall? Eric
  11. Eric2575

    EVA Pod

    Great minds think alike - I do exactly the same thing - copy the part I'm focusing on, mess with it until I either break it or like it enough to replace the original with it. Nice work, Al.
  12. Eric2575

    EVA Pod

    Wait till you try and model them into the sphere
  13. Eric2575

    EVA Pod

    I already knew you were a Master Modeler, but the speed at which you turn out these pieces is what sets you apart from the crowd. My hat off to you Al. Eric
  14. Eric2575

    Cupid's Sick Day

    With those tight pants, are you sure he's interested in Cindy?
  15. Eric2575

    Ford GT-40