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  1. Hi guys NVIDIA Geoforce GT 120 521 I can duel boot and have tried it on an early version of Mac os with the same results (same computer) I do have a 2006 mac pro i could try and run some tests on there Mac Pro (early 2009) OS 10.10.5 2.66 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon 18 gigs ram I hope this subject stays active and more mac guys chime in so this could be resolved
  2. sorry there is no audio but here is what it looks like on a mac import jpg tag and png files using the Q key quick render trick and this is just for rotos fixes same thing would apply to decals note this test was using V13 (my last version was V18 ) however it does not matter what version of AM I use from 13 on it is the same I had to stop using AM altogether because of this and I would love to have it fixed so I could use the newest version in the meantime I use 13 in frustration (: AM_1.mp4
  3. Working with images on a mac either Rotoscope or Decals can be and will be a pain and it will not matter which type png, jpg, tga ect... you are going to run into problems especialy when you start to use more then one There is a cure (disclaimer at least for me) use the quick render button and scroll over the image that is giving you the problem you might have to do this several times but it will bring all your decals and projections back to normal. there is an however when you go to another window and comeback you might have to do the quick scroll trick again this is the onl
  4. Hi check to make sure you are exportng the correct range of your timeline (just incase ) and try using animation as your export setting ( you can adjust your frames per sec to match )
  5. I did but for some reason when i copied it over it was showing up as 2013 (which i did not know until the text edit trick you guys gave me today) so when i tried to open it just said expired which of course made no sense I wish I knew what happened to cause this in the first place (: oh well we learn by crashing thanks again all j
  6. ok well I used the text edit to look at that master.0lic and yep the copy was 2013 so I made a new copy from v16 moved the copy to v18 and deleted the old v18 master.0lic ( it opened! fingers crossed that all is well ) Thank you so much everyone the forum comes threw again I'm back to work Jim
  7. Hi Guys I did do a reinstall Yes if i make a copy of v16 and place into v18 its says license expired
  8. Hi Last week I lost the ability to open v17 and v18 in mac Mavrik and mac Yosomite the problem started after taking a break and relaunching (up until then no problems) I can use v16 but v16 will not render any files even though it says render complete (to clarify the render issue v16 goes through the render process says complete but I cannot locate the files anywere I suspect the the master0.lic thats my only guess and I'm not do to expire until 2-2016 I did the usual disk management on my drives and tried moving the master0.lik to v17 v18 but they fail and crash on load
  9. Hello I am using the newest version of AM and here are my specs Mac Pro (Early 2009) Mac os version 10.10.3 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 18 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB ​The new version is not very stable nor are all the others versions using 10.10.3 it works when it wants to and then it dose not It would be a good idea to get the specs from Steffen as to what machine he is using so at least we are all in the same ballpark T'm a big fan but it is a pain j
  10. Camera view addition love it Jason Brilliant!!! Thank you
  11. Too funny !! yes they do, and I am tempted to make them into some.
  12. I've been using AM for theatre productions here are some screen shots the backgrounds image are all AM (in-fact all the art work was done in AM) and the actors work with the AM characters on screen you can see the inter action by going down to the itty bitty plant song Childrens books made easy interative ibooks and audio books for children The only downside to the production was the front projection so creative lighting was called for that being said (: bottom line aM awesome!
  13. update ok now its working here's what i did I opened version 17 and set it open gL then I did a restart of the computer everything works so I opened version 18 and that works here's the kicker its set to open gl3 maybe it's all this snow we are getting here (:
  14. Yes I did try that I've tried everything I can think of anyway and what makes it crazier its not always this way sometimes it works but I don't know why ( so the good thing it does work sometimes)
  15. Hi guys well it seems i cannot get pass this I've tried pigs and jpg and all get is some strange image unless i do a quick render and deals are no better I'm using 10.10.2 but Ive tried this on earlier versions and have similar problems I also tried version 17 here is what i have any help would be grateful j
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