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  1. "I have tiny arms and a big head, I don't think this plan was well thought out!" Merry Christmas to all, and to all I'll see you at work tomorrow.....
  2. I will have to try that out....just as soon as I finish my Nemo seagull...my room spanning monkeys in a Barrell...and...and..and
  3. I've been using cookie cutters to provide the palm fronds for my palm trees. The only downside is that the surface of the frond has to be facing the camera or it gets lost. Works ok for stills, but I can see it potentially being problematic in an animation.
  4. Yeah, looks like it needs to be higher up with a more pronounced curve to the neck...
  5. I've always wondered if a:m could be used to drive an anamatronics rig. I'm working on building a finding Nemo seagull now in am and 3d printing it. I figured I would have to build my one controller and interface in either raspberry pi or arduino. But using am...now that gets me wondering what the workflow would look like.
  6. Will it fit a bear?! Of course I'd like to see it.
  7. Yes, another fur/hair question. For each of these contests of ours I endeavor to learn/try something new. This time it's hair. I am at the point of trying to create an animal skin (what caveman would be caught out in public without his high fashion cave fur?). I'm trying to get the pattern of a decal to color the hair. I've followed the steps, but all I'm getting is a solid brown, not the spotting I'm looking for. my fur decal the result the test project ProjectTest.prj
  8. Ok how about this....shadowing on the sign letters has the sun to the left, but the shadowing on the gate and pillars has the sun coming from the right.
  9. In the spirit of the next image contest, I've (at the suggestion of a few) given the seagull a prehistoric makeover! I've got to come up with a scene of some sort...but I might still get it done on time!
  10. Yes indeed https://blog.everythingdinosaur.co.uk/blog/_archives/2017/04/19/prehistoric-seagull-from-the-outback.html
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