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  1. fae_alba

    Try out this test Contest poll

    the results have to be stored somewhere, even if to only a csv text file. I can work with any format, just need to see an example of it to put something together.
  2. fae_alba

    Try out this test Contest poll

    Do the results go into a database? I can provide assistance in analyzing/cleansing the results to master based on a given value (say ip-address if it is captured).
  3. fae_alba

    Update from Jason

    Speaking from experience, DUDE, CHILL! The forum (and A:M) will be able to muck along without your sage input for a bit. But you need to take care of yourself above all else. Working like you have been put me in the hospital with a heart attack many years ago. That was a wake up call that 100+ work weeks just aint worth it.
  4. fae_alba

    Grandma ate your contest image?

    What if my grandma got run over by a reindeer? I mean dealing with that could eat up a lot of my time.
  5. fae_alba

    2019 here we come!

    I feel your pain/angst/desire to get something done! I've spent more time traveling for work this past year, and each time I hit the road I bring my laptop with me with the sole purpose of spending some quality time in the evenings with A:M. Never happens. The hotel bar always seems to have a louder siren song! New year, new leaf. Let's hope that we get something done!
  6. fae_alba


    I get it. I work in IT at Boeing SC. I work do for information builders. Currently in loan to the department of justice.
  7. fae_alba


    I'm a "enterprise systems architect" by day, but by night i'm, well off the clock and want Nuthin to do with programmin!
  8. fae_alba

    Image Contest?

    so...Flying....Back On Track....and Hit the Road. Perhaps all clues to the next topic? Already the wheels are turning!
  9. fae_alba

    BVH Capture Sequence not working like it used to...

    I have a local rig that uses motion sensors. Tried to get it to work with I think the saucy rig, but couldn't figure which bones to constrain the bvh bones to. But the ability to do the constraints once, then swap out the big file (in my case from the same mocap suit, so same naming) was the major selling point.
  10. fae_alba

    Animation bootcamp interest?

    Any idea on when you would have the Skype sessions? I'm in, hopefully traveling for work will slow down to only one week out of the month and I can carve out much needed time with a:m.
  11. They're not bugs. They are undocumented features....
  12. fae_alba

    Masterclass.com anyone?

    The problem of courting local advertisers is that you need to be local yourself. And yes building up an inventory of content is the toughest but to crack. For,this to be a viable business model you couldn't restrict to just am users. This would have to be an independent filmmakers distribution channel to get enough content. Or, go it alone and spend the next two years producing a dozen shorts and keep it all in house. Take the long view.
  13. fae_alba

    Masterclass.com anyone?

    A fun subject to be sure. I thought about starting a topic related to just that thing although from a slightly different vantage point than many. My take on that is the question of reliably monetizing content made in A:M, very generally speaking, is that content made in A:M can be monetized in the same way another other content is monetized. That may seem to be something of a question dodge but I think it rings true. A:M is the all important conduit through which we, as A:M users, create that content. Specifically speaking to the software, there is a certain efficiency gained through use of A:M just as there would be with other software. A:M's strengths are well pretty well known and those should fact into the 'reliabilty+monetization' equation. Spline patch modeling can't be done anyplace else like it can in A:M and that is why we all hang out here. I can't speak too deeply from experience with regard to monetizing creative content so... reliably doing that is even more of a stretch. My questions related to that relate mostly to supply and demand elements such as: If I needed a model created and rigged from a set of drawing... 1. Where would I contact a modeler/rigger in order to get that process started? 2. How much (on average) would a basic (humanoid) model cost to model and rig? I'm talking of modeling and rigging with A:M of course. Having the model converted for use in Blender or Maya is another consideration and one that others would reasonably pay money for in derivative product. And a bit back on topic... When Is Robert scheduled to release his Animation:Master Masterclass? Rodney, i think you and talked about this very subject when I was working in springfield. Yes A:M merely creates the content to be monetized, but we as a community should be able to find a way to improve on, automate, facilitate the workflow of projects so that a) the cost of producing content goes down and more quality content can be produced faster. I think all of the pieces of that puzzle are currently available to us, we simply need to put them together. I had a wild idea the other day when going to the local movie theater. It is a local privately owned second run theater. Popular, showing movies every night. Why not create G,PG, PG-13 grade shorts and distribute to these sort of venues? Charge on a subscription basis, and provide content that can be shown to any audience a la Disney in the golden age of animation. Currently our local theater runs locally produced commercials and regional "color" shorts of local history etc. so I'd think the door would be open, even if by a small crack, to such an idea. The trick is to have a relatively large volume of shorts (say of no more than 3-5 minutes in length) that would support several months of content. The production of new content would have to be shortened so that new shorts are always in the pipeline.
  14. fae_alba

    Masterclass.com anyone?

    Now we just need to find the formula to reliably monetize our content made in A:M!