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  1. I will have to try and recreate that tomorrow evening. I would say it is odd behavior, but it's Microsoft so that would be a misnomer since odd behavior is pretty much the norm.
  2. That's totally a chimpanzee beating the snot out of a pile of bones with a bone. Although Mel brooks' version was much more entertaining!
  3. If you float your cursor over the error does it present a helper to give a hint on why? Also with variables it is good practice to preface the bar name with the bar type. For instance, a string var named address would be str_address. This makes it easier for some poor developer down the road to read your code.
  4. It has seemed twitchy toe, but I always chalked it up to having my mouse too sensitive and being too ham fisted.
  5. When you add an include statement it allows you to execute external code. Think of it as resuable external subroutines. Some libraries , like iostream include essential functions for displaying and capturing input/output to/from some device. So in short...you are correct!
  6. "This is an indication of what has been edited.Green means unchanged since last build (save technically, but files are saved every time the project is built), yellow meansedited. No color means that the file is unchanged since opening the file."
  7. Try rebuilding the project...that usually does the trick. Technically, once built you shouldn't have to do it again as vs is "supposed" to do it for you, but as a best practice I always follow the workflow of code, build, test run.
  8. If you had another force acting on the smoke higher up would that get the curling effect at the right end?
  9. All I'm saying is Robert should have kept the book! He has earned it many times over
  10. I was wondering where you were on this. Let me know when you start and I will try and pace you on my side. As far as an idea is concerned, there most likely isn't a whole lot of difference between them as far as learning is concerned. If you are looking for an apples to apples comparison with a:m then I would go with 2015 if you can find an installer for it ( haven't looked myself and will have to wait until I get back from d.c. on Friday to check).
  11. Microsoft and the bleeding edge don't generally get along well...better to stay on a known stable release
  12. welcome! come on in, kick your feet up and enjoy!
  13. Pick any IDE you want, I can highlite and assist where you need. If ya want, I will take the course too so I can be more focused in assistance
  14. "ages ago in college"! For me that was assembler and cobol!
  15. I can provide insight/guidance with c++ and development in general. Used to do a lot of web based apps in Microsoft visual studio and c++ before I started turning tricks for my current employer. If you've ever played in java then c++ will prove easy.
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