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  1. fae_alba

    Weathering a model

    Thought as much.
  2. fae_alba

    Weathering a model

    I played with decals a bit this afternoon. Every time I applied one to the model . on am (19f) am crashed. Im going try it again later this evening, hopefully with better results.
  3. fae_alba

    Weathering a model

    I'm looking for thoughts on the best approach to weathering a truck model. I am trying to get this to look something like this No entirely so ratty, but not so brandy new either. I figure I could bring it into photoshop and paint up a decal, but I'm not all that proficient with that so am looking for a down and "dirty" (pun intended) way.
  4. fae_alba

    Gravel Drop

    wonder if that would work as rain drops falling in a puddle, and generating concentric circles in said same puddle. I seem to remember a thread along those lines many many years ago.
  5. fae_alba

    Damn 5 point patches!

    thanks all for the insights. Finally got all of the 5 pointers closed, I decided not to cheat and use the samples you all attached because I felt it better to slog through this as a learning moment. The 3d printer is busily printing as I type and has about another 5 hours to go.
  6. fae_alba

    Damn 5 point patches!

    I've been spending a lot of time playing with my 3D printer, and started down the rabbit hole of using AM to model some parts for an animatronic projects I've started. The below screen grab is for an eyelid mechanism that i need to print but the infamous 5 point patch has reared its ugly head. Below is a patch that I cannot seem to close. The patch across from it did close as a 5 pointer, the one that won't is a product of extruding the closed patch. I cannot for the life of me figure what is wrong with it, having tried the lasso tool, hiding all other points then selecting, selecting in different orders... you name it. I've attached the model for anyone wishing to have a go at it, I would appreciate it. eyelids_V3.mdl
  7. fae_alba


    I get it. I work in IT at Boeing SC. I work do for information builders. Currently in loan to the department of justice.
  8. fae_alba


    I'm a "enterprise systems architect" by day, but by night i'm, well off the clock and want Nuthin to do with programmin!
  9. fae_alba

    Image Contest?

    so...Flying....Back On Track....and Hit the Road. Perhaps all clues to the next topic? Already the wheels are turning!
  10. fae_alba

    BVH Capture Sequence not working like it used to...

    I have a local rig that uses motion sensors. Tried to get it to work with I think the saucy rig, but couldn't figure which bones to constrain the bvh bones to. But the ability to do the constraints once, then swap out the big file (in my case from the same mocap suit, so same naming) was the major selling point.
  11. fae_alba

    Constraint enforcements... D'oh! (now with GIFs!)

    Say it aint so!
  12. fae_alba

    Animation bootcamp interest?

    Any idea on when you would have the Skype sessions? I'm in, hopefully traveling for work will slow down to only one week out of the month and I can carve out much needed time with a:m.
  13. I tried simcloth on papa bear some time ago Ang wasn't happy with the results. Looks like I have a reason to revisit the idea.
  14. They're not bugs. They are undocumented features....