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  1. grabbed an old pumpkin I posted earlier and tried to animate it ...its a bit rough just trying idea untitled.mp4
  2. Had to get back to tinkering time thank you Robcat for the cloth remonder ghostly.prj
  3. Sorry have not had a tinkering spell for awhile so only 2d flattest.prj
  4. did a quick render of 2 characters I found on old training cd in title
  5. Found old (1998) Animation Master book by Jeff Paries did a quick render with some of the models on the disk included
  6. This was just me tinkering and thought some one might enjoy it newguy.prj
  7. Found this why sorting old stuff on cds.dvds Animation_Master Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf
  8. Tinkering with a glass container idea here is the rough start trial.prj
  9. She wanted to sing this song,,,,,so rough amplituded a picture guy_x264.mp4
  10. will check further thanks for looking
  11. Have not done much and decided on trying a simple cat here is my 30 minute result tinker.prj
  12. Decided to "tinker" tonight with a sphere the results is below the avi file stops the gif keeps going spin.avi tinker1.prj
  13. I have a vcr and dvd recorder connected to the tv and was thinking I might attempt to record them onto dvds before they die of old age
  14. watched the first four parts of blue list brought back old times
  15. Have decided to watch again as my aging brain needs all the help it can get
  16. a few changes as couple know each other better but having weird flashes
  17. some one suggested on Facebbook to give him a face to see her better might try that
  18. Roughed out model partner for Thom ,,,not complete for now pt1.prj
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