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  1. found these in my Hash folder do not know where or how they got there
  2. used amplitude to control the pose ....need to improve my recording bday.mpg bday.mp4 Robin.mdl
  3. quick trial of Idea suggested from previous post appear.prj
  4. should mention project has slightly different results as original project lost
  5. Remembered animating a material on a model so tried a simple sample to see if it works ...modified simple sphere to be oval add material and animated it l move.mp4 matmovetest.prj
  6. Trying out an idea of a simple ghost ghost_mpeg1video.mpg test.prj mp4 version: ghost_mpeg1video.mp4
  7. Sorting found old 3d world cd with some LWO models on it and decide to try AM's import feature which resulted in the swing set Also show spark plug and LWO model in case you might want to try importing ....original model from 1997 swing.prj GA107A.LWO
  8. heard this and decided to play with it in AM sun2_x264.mp4 sun3.prj sun2.wav
  9. Great idea thanks for sharing sorry your surprise had a sad surprise
  10. All I did was import it all detail and color came with it
  11. found old cd from magazine with free lwo files so decided to import the largest ...it did a great job frreeModel1.mdl
  12. Tying an idea using cloth to make a ghost here is first decent attempt very rough ghost.prj
  13. Found this model while cleaning up hard drive anyone remember him ?? George.mdl
  14. I thought it might be interesting and wanted to test the conversion Glad you like it
  15. Downloaded 3mf file of chess set and then converted online to obj file and imported the obj file into AM thought I would post the results for anyone interested the pieces are okay but a bit rough chessset.prj
  16. Found this on a cd with a bunch of AM stuff I made or saved not sure if I did the model yellowdog.mdl
  17. thought I should do something for grandkids ..twisted Thoms arm and he agreed to help ebunny.prj
  18. saw this model on line and tried to duplicate it in AM a1yellowbird.prj
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