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  1. Thanks was wondering if it was just me....will wait for v19m
  2. have questions on multiple sprites tried multiple sprites on same model and only 1 showed and when using 3 models initial quick frame render only showed 1 model shooting sprites but actual render showed all flowers_x264.mp4 flowers.prj
  3. Decided to play with import function on free obj file model worked out great but will see it can be animated later importtest.prj
  4. found another old project ..thought I'd share acfrog9.prj
  5. will upload model tonight not sure why its not in project
  6. moving things to new computer found this model from about 3 years ago MRobot.mdl mrProject1.prj
  7. looking at AM stuff on old computer and decided to play with it oldguy.avi oldguy.prj mp4 version... oldguy.mp4
  8. next need to add some splashes,,,
  9. TRied your method ...alot better looking water with have to tinker some more
  10. Anyone have suggestions on how to make better water waves ..??? anothertestwater.prj
  11. Looking at areas I had not played with earlier prim.prj
  12. Thanks will check it out ..need new tinkering idea
  13. thanks for the help here is test NEWTEST.prj
  14. trying to flower to randomly grow with random function have done it before but can not get to work now...want to make a field of flowers randomly growing once I get this working NEWTEST.prj
  15. thought it would be great to have random control of pose ....after talking with Robcat got the basic idea and this is my use on random pose control sprinkle.prj
  16. I wanted to start off simple but had thought about making more "puzzle looking" pieces ...something to try later
  17. Thought it might be fun to animated a puzzle getting together ,,,granted this is very simple but it was first attempt on the idea TURKEY.prj
  18. while transferring files to new machine saw this model dated 2008 anyone recognize it Robby_Final_2.mdl
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