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  1. Thanks for your help also should be already to go 

    1. robcat2075
    2. johnl3d


      Will post something tomorrow if time allows ...I think three was an issue      same version already install but expired

  2. Success will talk later   Dinner Time

  3. Just asked Jason about RLM error 3 and need to have software activated by email from suppport 

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    2. johnl3d


      here is the capture of the  error message


    3. robcat2075


      I wonder what RLM means.   And why is it down to negative 3?

    4. johnl3d


      Hopefully Jason can shed some light on this 


  4. Just checking new site 

    1. Rodney



      Things are improving around here.  :)

  5. Lots of information and ideas shared here!!
  6. Thanks it was a nice surprise I had almost forgot the contest....
  7. Looks like we want another toy .......
  8. Thanks but want to tell you that Avast is not allowing it to be run to install or if installed ..works fine if I disable Avast this is windows 10 64 bit computer Decided to update Avast and now it works with Avast turned on
  9. Not sure if my mind can handle it but will look at it.... learned some machine language programming while playing with my first computer OSI Challenger 4P and the Commodore 64
  10. I had the large windows update a couple of weeks ago and had no issues with 19 d or any earlier version I am running Windoows 10 home 64-bit with amd athlon 64x2 dual core processor 5200+ 2.7 GZ with 8Gb ram
  11. I am using windows 10 try this project redball.prj It does simple sphere red in color
  12. Reinstalled and we are good to go all fixed not sure why it didn't work before
  13. Tried it again no luck ....tried version 18 worked as it should.......HTX folder has files will redownload it and reinstall and see what happens
  14. Was trying to use sweeper plugin and could not find it in 19 d or any other plug in ???
  15. Merry Christmas ...hope or the best as the New Year comes into view
  16. I remember watching Wallace and Grommit multiple times and enjoying it every time
  17. Not on my list but apparently it is possible
  18. Just reading further on this ...a lot of traveling I've made 49 states (not Hawaii yet), parts of Europe,Russia, and a few Caribean islands and Mexico next is Cuba ...Maybe I bump into you somewhere besides the Hash office...glad your checking in oops almost forgot Vietnam
  19. Glad to hear that the Hash is back In Animation Master.
  20. I did this awhile ago https://youtu.be/Urd0hPs-nF8
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