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  1. so when are you moving .....great detail
  2. played with an unfinished turkey so here is a rough version newturkey.prj
  3. https://youtu.be/2CYW1dJy7B8 playing with amplitude again rough test singingbird.prj new.wav
  4. looked out the window and did a quick animation leaf.prj Untitled-1.tga
  5. Just a Tinkering Gnome experiment helloween.prj
  6. updated idea still working on it any suggestions welcomed newpumpkin.prj
  7. Just remembeedr how to increase lathe sections (tools/options) and started on my pumpkin idea now have to get eyes etc better pumpkin.prj
  8. heard this song and did a quick animation using Amplitude to control the mouth whatwould.mpg whatw.prj
  9. to convert get this free program search for any video converter free download avc
  10. avi would not play om my machine so converted to gif interesting animation
  11. soundcontrol_x264_001.mov soundcontroltest.prj view at https://youtu.be/AlmIGq37sF0
  12. here is Hash version will add project if interested test_mpeg4.mp4
  13. I used AM to have my grandson speak with a pose controlled by a wave file wideawake_mpeg2video.mpg
  14. found another old file 2003 biplane.prj
  15. going through old project found this newblob.prj
  16. Found this in old AM stuff thought it might be good for Halloween..... emodel.mdl
  17. wish I knew put that together in 2002 18 years ago
  18. Found a bunch of old project files this one from 2002 I wonder if I should "finish it" alinemannew.prj
  19. Thanks was wondering if it was just me....will wait for v19m
  20. have questions on multiple sprites tried multiple sprites on same model and only 1 showed and when using 3 models initial quick frame render only showed 1 model shooting sprites but actual render showed all flowers_x264.mp4 flowers.prj
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