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  1. checkout the project its from 1 long time ago
  2. You can use any small image file I could not find the original but tried a few with the same results vortex.prj
  3. I guess it I could have added poses to parts to make it even better....maybe next tinkering time
  4. I was tinkering around using a small sphere to created a model by reshaping it a number of times and adding the pieces together ....just for fun simplesphereguy.prj
  5. I found this cd as I was sorting stuff and thought I share what I saw on it placing all he models into a group shot
  6. The bee gif I showed on Face Book did not have any rigging  I did the movements  with poses  controlling different  parts  of the model  as I went from frame to frame and the arm was not attached to the body yet  and  so it  showed up that way by accident

    1. robcat2075


      That's the way it was in the old old old days!

      We'd just move the mesh around from frame to frame.

    2. johnl3d


      This was just something on the spur of the moment  just for fun 

    3. robcat2075


      Fun is what we are here for!

  7. triedto animate my bee but not getting anywhere got a dump file I sent to Jason 

    1. johnl3d


      think I fixed my issue reinstalled O and I could  animate  did a quick render to test

    2. robcat2075


      If you can duplicate the crash and know the steps that do it that can make up a bug report.

      But it sounds like we're too late!

      Glad the problem is solved.

  8. having issues with new version and got attached file after  a project closed  thought you might want to see it


  9. The Texas cold is on the tv again tonight,,, a lot harder to handle then the cold and snow in Wisconsin since the power is on here as well as the gas heat for the furnace.
  10. tried out idea and had Amplitude control pose trombone.avi trom.prj
  11. Tried this idea late last night did rough test of what I did ~20 minutes butter.prj
  12. looking through some cd's thought this might by fun to look at
  13. Now have to bone him and get him moving
  14. Is N official  because I down loaded it  and it said it could not find a lot of HXT files 64 bit version

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    2. johnl3d


      yes just thought it strange when the library was blank


    3. robcat2075


      Steffen has this fixed in the beta "release candidate" for v19o I got today.

    4. johnl3d


      Great !


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