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  1. Found an old model and got ot ready for the hoildat
  2. found an old 2005 model Waffy.zip
  3. Tried to animate again could post file if there is interest 314360743_844783973523732_286301850634375731_n (1).mp4
  4. Thom volunteered to get me going...that's him and a decal
  5. sound controlled the mouth pose newguy.avi
  6. Simple and can be better but have to start slowly
  7. 2005 models trying to dance
  8. decided to try simple animation took about 20 minutes MP4 version: happy.mp4 happy.avi
  9. SwordsMan.AVA SwordsMan.MDL Tea Lady.AVA Tea Lady.MDL partners.prj
  10. did a simple shape then slightly modified it to make a character and a simple animation just for fun simple.prj
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