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Hey Everybody,


This isn't too exciting...and I can't seem to get away from Modeling super heroes...However, this is an attempt to finish my Captain America model. I'm going to try and sculpt him from an already existing base model (made a little beefier). Here's a dirty start with the textures..nothing too exciting...but I'll post my progress.


It'll be slower than it use to be.




Thanks for Looking!



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Looking good!


Cap has been one of my favorite characters over the years.

I liked him even more when Roger Stern and John Byrne revealed in one storyline that when he wasn't out saving the world he was making a living as an artist.


I assume this guy is the Captain's partner from WWII (Bucky) who is currently filling the star spangled hero's boots?

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WOW!Amazing so far! I can't wait to see the finished model. I just started reading the Captain America Reborn series. They are drawing him with a little bigger chest than what you have, but not much bigger. Keep up the great work!

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for the encouragement so far. The hands do look a little small, and the arms a little short. This was starting as an older model as a base, and the UV's aren't perfect either--so I might be screwed from the beginning (that's looking on the bright side,huh?) :) I think that for the illustration I have in mind, though, it the textures will help it turn out ok.


Here's the update--displacement lines, and the famous "leather scales" (just for you Mark!) No specular yet...the maps are still in their early stage.







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Obviously, excellent work. What sort of maps are you using to get these textures? Or are you using materials? All of them are spectacular!


Thanks Myron! They're really in their early stage. Here's a low-res version of them.




I found one more hour to work on him. Here's some more bump/texture detail--the displacement maps are a little out of control in this one. And I think I need to fix the star stretches




Here's a close up of the texture on the legs and blue part




And for those that enjoy that sort of thing, here's a back view ;) If I show you'll more, you'll really see how sloppy and lazy my stuff is





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How does he get into that? I don't see any zippers. :D


Body paint. It's amazing what you can do with a can of spray-paint can these days.



Fantastic textures.... that the new leatherette/spandex?


Thanks...it's called "Leatherdex"


Here's a small update. I only had a half hour. My girlfriend was a little worried when she asked what I was doing and I said "unwrapping a model" :)


Updated the color map (added dust to the thighs), and painted some wrinkles on. A little worried about the lines showing up on him--I'll just have to erase them in post. The last two in the modelin window were 4 x4 multipass.




He looks bow-legged in this picture. Yee-haw!








EDIT--for some reason specular lights got turned off in my test scene--here it is updated:







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Can you package up some of your modeling and texturing talent and share it with the rest of us?

My girlfriend was a little worried when she asked what I was doing and I said "unwrapping a model"

It's a good thing you weren't boning it. You might have caused a heart attack :)

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Too true Holmes! :)


Well, I decided to do a quick face test--the real work here was finding face reference, I just wanted to do a quick test to see how it would turn out--clearly, you can see it's not done from the "A".


I'll give a pat on the back for anyone who recognizes the actor the references are taken from








Thanks for looking!

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