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  1. Amazing results.... Did you try animate it ?
  2. this topic remember me this effect that I created a long time ago butterfly.mov
  3. Definitely decal is the solution . I used them to weathering these models.
  4. Xtaz

    Hey there

    Welcome aboard...
  5. Do you really need this patches density on the landscape ?
  6. my attempt is to animating them individually until they join together... and then to use a new model created and rigged with the joined robots
  7. Amazing... really great job.
  8. amazing caricatures.. I loved the style and appeal
  9. Welcome back Grand PoohBah ! I'm glad to see you here again...
  10. I modeled a lot of them to Anything Goes Contest early in 2012, I used treez plugin to trunk ( displacement map as texture) and hair to leaves...
  11. Your work is superb. Maybe some changes in the driver to make him more relaxed, he is looking like a robot in this pose. The elbow should be away from the body with your hands more centered. Tilting the spine will also help in naturalizing the pose.
  12. you are completely right... and it works pretty well, but the user needs another 3d software to render it, the magic trick to export directly to Standalone Octane is to program an alembic file exporter
  13. I was thinking here about this contest, would be more interesting if we work in a splash screen contest instead a mascot contest. This way we could create a magnificent structures, mechanical, sets, abstract forms...
  14. Will be a pleasure to show the step by step... should I post it here or open a new one ??
  15. I have a friend she is writer and wrote a book named Fada de botas ( Fairy with boots ) ( http://www.fadadabotas.com.br )... we are planning to transform it in a 3d short movie... here is a little test that i rendered to show him some possibilities... modeled and animated in A:M rendered in C4D ( Octane renderer ) teste0001_1.mp4
  16. I would use an expression GetTime() at the rotate axis.... Tranform.Rotate.X=15*GetTime() 360º in 1 second ( 24 fps )
  17. Is there a way to dock CP weights window ?
  18. Thank you for reply Steve...Before export all poses are set to NOT SET except SUPPLEMENTAL->CONFORM RIG SETUPS TO GEOMETRY BONES OF MODEL ( ON )
  19. Hi fellows ... I'm trying some rigs into my model... after I CONFORM and EXPORT RIG the rigged model doesn't have USER PROPERTIES in its properties... Is missing some obvius step ? V18p SSE4
  20. I'm working on a new model and an updated Squetch rig is greeeaaattt... I'll try it this week. Thank you in advance Simmons. A quick question: Did you add the ability to change IK from heel to toe and vice versa ?? And I suggest you to fix your signature to aim your last post ( with the latest Squetch update )
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