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  1. I've got a few characters in the works, I tend to model, then get frustrated rigging, then model something else, if you want them, I can post pics and I'll upload the projects you like. Andy.
  2. Great work! I can't wait to see him in action. Humphrey was always one of my favorites.
  3. aen916

    Windows 8

    I've been using windows 8 for a while, I build windows servers for a living, so pretty much since it was in the beta stage. The interface is different, and most people don't like it, but I have no problems with it. It's much better on a tablet, than PC. I have noticed some performance gains, but not significant. It definitely boots faster. If you have windows 7, there is really no reason to upgrade unless you just like the live tile start screen, and the app store experience.
  4. That's weird. I am using the 64 bit version though.
  5. aen916

    windows 8

    Are you getting a problem with the selection box being solid? I'm running windows 8 as well. As far as OS goes, it's been running like a champ.
  6. did this work for you? My realtime rendering is set to OpenGL, with no option to change it to DirectX. I'm getting the greyed out selection box as well. The reset settings did nothing to help.
  7. I hate it when they give you something and then take it away! Anyway, I'll be finding out soon enough...my new notebook will arrive next week and it has Win8. Thanks robcat! Rusty I'm running WIndows 8. No Aero, and I still have the problem with the selection boxes being solid, even if the option mentioned above is disabled. Andy.
  8. That's great,I always wondered who sang in those cartoons.
  9. cool, but I'm missing some of the decals. Can you put them in a zip file?
  10. I did the same thing years ago, and everone told me the same thing, go through the tutorials first, they really will help you. and take your time, don't get let yourself get to frustrations edge. I been trying this for years and I see some people work and am just in awe, and don't be afraid to ask specific questions up here.
  11. I´d bite my own ass if i´d rig my next character a week before the plugin is going to be released... Would that be an action or a pose slider?
  12. aen916


    No problem just let me know when. Glad you like my work.
  13. aen916


    I usually like to do cartoon animals, check out my website, http://mysite.verizon.net/~aen916/ , if there's anything you like let me know and I'll do what I can to help you.
  14. There used to be a dented or crumpled (trying to remember which - not at my pc right now) texture that came with older versions of AM, I think that would really help aging, I've used it for rotted teeth in the past.
  15. aen916

    Rigging Options

    Very cool pic - I can't wait to see him in action - I like the detail you put in to the phaser.
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