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  1. The great thing is that there's resources such as Skype now that would allow for real time lessons and whatnot.
  2. As I was reading your post I couldn't help but think of Axanar and then you mentioned it. They got something really incredible going on. Next pay cheque I fully intend to support, especially after the 20 minute prelude they released. Sorry for the OT
  3. This is all really fantastic advice and I highly appreciate it! It's late so I won't make a big long post, but it's quite obvious to me that my expectations are very low haha. You guys are here spewing numbers like 20 bucks an hour and I'm here thinking I'll be lucky to get 20 bucks for a project. But like I said, this is all just in a consideration/fact-finding phase. Just a way to make a little money on the side of my (minimum wage) management job. Like it's not even a goal for me to start up a full blown business. Spent my whole life watching my parents fail at that, but I'm at least interested in the prospect of new challenges. Again thanks for the advice so far! Like I said it's late and I'll re-read everything with a clearer head in the morning!
  4. Ah! Very clever thinking! And as I understand it, if it's not an "official" business, I can do it all under the table. Unless by some miracle I make more than I'm expecting, in which case i can claim it at year end as other income.
  5. So over the past year or two, I've started volunteering my services to some fan productions. So far it's been a great experience and I feel a sense of accomplishment as I'm now completing projects on a very regular basis. Now I'm considering expanding that practice into something that might make a few dollars here and there. I by no means am looking to quit my day job. Rather, make a little bit of money on the side doing what I already do in my spare time. Thing is, I'm not really sure where to start. Also I'm not entirely sure how to best "get my name out there" so to speak. I'm not looking to do big things, rather target smaller groups that need a bit of work done here and there. I have started work on a website which you can view at www.dwflash.com. If anyone has any advice or pointers or anything, please let me know. Likewise, is this viable?
  6. If you use the posting box at the bottom, that's "Quick Reply". Clicking More Reply Options puts you into the full editor.
  7. Happy birthday Gerald! Thanks for all you've done over the years!!
  8. Darkwing

    Top 5 Books?

    Thanks guys! Those are all exactly the type of things I was looking for! I figured it was high time to start learning some of the more conceptual aspects to CG work. Payday is Tuesday so I think I'll order a book then, perhaps Digital Lighting as I've been taking an increasingly higher interest in lighting these days. Feel free to suggest more books too, I only said 5 just to make you guys think about it for a few minutes Hopefully in time it'll be able to be more than 5 books that I order haha
  9. Darkwing

    Top 5 Books?

    Hey all! I've been progressively trying to get to the point of being able to do freelance work to some extent (I even made a website!) but I still feel like there is much to learn before I'm ready. Certain concepts I've gotten pretty solid (with much help from you folks!) but there's always more to be learned! Anyways, I was wondering what the top 5 books are that you might recommend for doing CG work. It can be ranging from any topic from lighting, to animating, to modeling etc. Just what are the top 5 books you think anyone like myself should read when doing this sort of work? Thanks!
  10. So for the first time in ever, I have a pretty decent PC. 3.5ghz Intel i7 quadcore, 16gb ram, 2gb nvidia graphics card. So how come my render for AM still takes 5 minutes? And I'm not rendering anything all that intense BTW. Furthermore, when I pop open task manager, it's only using like tops 15% of my resources. My PC is set to high performance and I gave AM realtime priority in task manager, but that hasn't caused AM to use any more resources. Is this as good as it gets for AM's processing power? Or am I missing something (cause I don't really know much about getting a computer to run at peak efficiency)?
  11. Oui oui monsieur! But shhhh, tis a big secret at the moment Yeah, so it would seem. Anyways, I felt it would be a project better suited for AM anyways. Plus it gave me an immediate excuse to resubscribe now Now I can finish my Batman model!
  12. The solution is to create a dummy object and link the model and rig to the dummy. But whenever I did that, the mesh uh...exploded. So yeah. A simple task should be simple in my opinion!
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