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  1. Hey everyone! I'm back in A:M for this contest--it's on!
  2. Wow Stian! What would it take for me to adopt you as my older brother? Great work! Couldn't look better!
  3. Hey Rodney! I think you just might be one of the nicest guys I've never met :) Aside from some TWO shots here or there, I haven't seen any of your work. When are we gonna see some Rod-ster action? :)

  4. This is amazing Will-the storyboards are fantastic. Can I borrow some of your artistic talent for a sec? The idea is great, it's not exactly what I had in mind. Ever since I saw this post though and have been looking at the storyboards it's been on my mind and I've been going over it in mind over and over again like a frustrated troll who can't seem to get any fish Besides, let's get real, Will, no one could give this the proper directing treatment it needed except for the guy that came up with it. I'd love to see this finished, and if you'd like any modeling/lighting/texturing help, don't forget your buddy with the little video game guy avatar, mmmk? I would love to light something like this. You da' man! Lee
  5. Bevel or no bevel, it does look great! Your attention to detail so far has been really impressive--keep up the good work! Lee
  6. Too true Holmes! Well, I decided to do a quick face test--the real work here was finding face reference, I just wanted to do a quick test to see how it would turn out--clearly, you can see it's not done from the "A". I'll give a pat on the back for anyone who recognizes the actor the references are taken from Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks Steve, it was fruitful, and I loved it. I didn't have time to work on this today--but I just wanted to fool around with it...thought this was pretty funny: Thought I'd take this in a whole new direction Lee
  8. Body paint. It's amazing what you can do with a can of spray-paint can these days. Thanks...it's called "Leatherdex" Here's a small update. I only had a half hour. My girlfriend was a little worried when she asked what I was doing and I said "unwrapping a model" Updated the color map (added dust to the thighs), and painted some wrinkles on. A little worried about the lines showing up on him--I'll just have to erase them in post. The last two in the modelin window were 4 x4 multipass. He looks bow-legged in this picture. Yee-haw! Close-up! EDIT--for some reason specular lights got turned off in my test scene--here it is updated: Thanks! Lee
  9. Wow, Mark! All of this looks great! You really have such a cool style! Are you still planning on making a movie out of this? Lee
  10. Thanks Myron! They're really in their early stage. Here's a low-res version of them. I found one more hour to work on him. Here's some more bump/texture detail--the displacement maps are a little out of control in this one. And I think I need to fix the star stretches Here's a close up of the texture on the legs and blue part And for those that enjoy that sort of thing, here's a back view If I show you'll more, you'll really see how sloppy and lazy my stuff is Lee
  11. Hey everyone, Thanks for the encouragement so far. The hands do look a little small, and the arms a little short. This was starting as an older model as a base, and the UV's aren't perfect either--so I might be screwed from the beginning (that's looking on the bright side,huh?) I think that for the illustration I have in mind, though, it the textures will help it turn out ok. Here's the update--displacement lines, and the famous "leather scales" (just for you Mark!) No specular yet...the maps are still in their early stage. Thanks! Lee
  12. Hey Everybody, This isn't too exciting...and I can't seem to get away from Modeling super heroes...However, this is an attempt to finish my Captain America model. I'm going to try and sculpt him from an already existing base model (made a little beefier). Here's a dirty start with the textures..nothing too exciting...but I'll post my progress. It'll be slower than it use to be. Thanks for Looking! Lee
  13. Shoot, sorry David, I didn't even think about that! I was so glad to have it done, that everything else slipped my mind. That DOES explain why it took a while to upload Check the first first post, I'll update it. Thanks for the heads up! Lee
  14. Hey, everybody...as my time draws short (1 1/2 weeks) I've been trying to finish all of the things I've wanted to get done. One of those things was going back and cleaning up all of the modeling/animation/lighting errors in my movie Well...it turns out that I only had time to correct 1 shot and I chose the one that I felt had the best overall animation. Here's the new one (old one can be found at time 2:22 at above video): EDIT: Here's a compressed version...not as good and there's a big annoying blue frame at the end that I forgot to cut out. uhmistahcompressor.mov I changed a couple of things I think you'll notice right off the bat (no pun intended) and a few that are more subtle. One of my favorites is the new lighting...gives it kind of a "Bryar Rose" sort of feel. Most of the changes came from things that I learned while working on TWO, even though I was never an animator. There are still a lot of things to fix but I think the end result is really nice. Like I said, I wish I could go back and make all of the movie look this nice. Thanks for taking a peek! Lee
  15. Haha! Oh man, that's awesome! I love watching movies like this...you guys weren't taking yourselves too seriously but you still took the time to do a decent job. You see way too many home movies that are done in one shot with only the first two or three lines actually planned out. "I'm deathly afraid of monkeys, anything associated with monkeys, including bananas!" The shot of the tumbling monkey flying through the air is killing me Haha! Thanks for posting:D
  16. Easy! Once you have you're color map applied, you right click the images folder inside the color map decal and choose add image and then click you're bump map (for testing you can just use the map you're using as your color map). So now there are two images in the images folder. Click the one you want to use for your bump map and in the properties panel under Type choose "Bump". I hope that wasn't something you already knew...maybe I misunderstood the question. Hope it helps though! Lee
  17. Nice work...I'm impressed! I can't wait to see him in action either! A few notes: 1. Do you have photoshop? It looks like your textures that you're using now could be used as a bump map. If you did that then you could green up the map in photoshop, add some color detail and then save it seperately and use it as a color map. 2. The black parts look completely black (RGB 0,0,0) I would make it a lighter black (and maybe a little roughness) so the details could really come out. 3. If you added a little specular intensity and size to the whole model that would look really cool (espially if you used a bump map on the armor parts). Keep up the good work! Lee
  18. Both of these models look great, Mark! The lighting looks really cool too! Henrietta looks like she's pretty tough! So, when do we get to see the Original film? Lee
  19. Hey this is looking better all the time! Are you using SSS on the candles themselves? That would be cool! Also, this link may provide you with some inspiration. Keep up the good work! Lee
  20. Awesome stuff Gary! I don't know that I can say anything that hasn't been said already. Is that SSS in the first pic? It looks like it. Yeah, MS Paint is where texturing started for me too, it works pretty good to a certain point. You really should animate them, they're all way cool! Lee
  21. Thanks for posting that Mark! You're very talented; the A:M community is lucky to have you. As far as the jacket goes, I'd be surprised if anybody noticed it aside from you. I mean look at how far the male-uddered cows got in the movie Barnyard. Good thing us artists think about stuff like this, otherwise the general population would be living in visual ignorance What kind of schooling did you have? Have you always been able to draw? Great work, I love it! You always have so much personality in your work! I agree about the Brimstone thing. For being such a quick story and concept, it came out pretty decent. Maybe I'll keep working with it! Lee
  22. Thanks Caleb! Mark I think just the part that you did a standee for A & W Root Beer is cool enough, but now that's it's relevant to what I'm doing, it's even cooler! Do you still have it? Could you post it here...uh...for reference purposes. I wanna see! As far as the jacket goes...I wish this was the first time I had made this mistake, but it's not. You get into "the zone" and you forget about stuff like that. There's also something seriously messed up with his right arm around the elbow area. But...for my first piece of real character concept art, I'm pretty pleased. I really wish I had time to model it for real. Oh well... Lee
  23. Great details! I'm impressed!! But hey, what does a frog need scuba diving gear for?
  24. Haha! Oh crap! I forgot all about that.... thanks for sharing. We should DEFINATELY go with that one! EDIT I got to thinking about this and thought: what if Doctor Buchanon (or Doc Canon) was a real bad guy instead just some made up one? What would he look like? Although I'm not really that skilled as a concept artist I came up with this today: What do you think? I wish I had time to model it...oh well Lee
  25. This is an amazing production Satyajit! Everything is so professional. The first models are looking great too! Lee
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