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  1. Hi everyone hope everyone had amazing fourth of July, The name of my epic star wars fan series is called Galactic Conflict: Phantom Squadron. The series is about five strangers coming across a banded x wing hanger the group fix's the X wings up an uses them to make a difference across there galaxy. The reason why I use Galactic Conflict rather the name Star Wars is because I do not wish to run into any copyright valuations.
  2. Thank you so much Rodney for the models I will most definitely Give credit where credit is do on Monday I will give you guys the title for this epic Starwars fan film and what's it all about.
  3. Thank you guys for responding does anyone have any y wing starship models or x wing models ?
  4. Looking for hash artist who can donate guns,ships,and models from starwars or star trek will give you credit and also some tips.
  5. Does anyone know the best tutorials for photo real skin using material and pictures.
  6. Hello does any one out there know the best tot-rials for explosions and were they are im kind of new to the hash forms I always had the software and im kind of stuck on a few think.Thank you everyone lololololol
  7. Hello do you know the best style for rendering cartoon.
  8. Does anyone have any tips on rendering to look real.

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