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  1. Andrew

    Sev Trek

    Hello Everyone, About 12 years ago I finished a cartoon that I had been working on in my spare time for about three years. The cartoon was called Sev Trek. From a financial point of view, it did very well. First by selling videos on the website, to having a distributor market the DVD worldwide. The rights to the cartoon automatically returned to John and myself a few years ago. So now the cartoon can have a new life on Youtube. I animated the cartoon from the first scene to the last, and if you watch carefully you will see my animation skills get better. You will need to be a Star Trek fan to get most of the jokes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCviNaeOZoVZlUen-BQ9NMUQ Thanks Andrew
  2. Thanks Robert, You hit the nail on the head. I had not changed the FPS for the project. I had created the project before I changed the software default FPS to 24. Yes, it is a big scene, but it is just a simple clock, and it makes sense to render it all at once. This is also the reason the timing is crucial. Thanks for your input everyone it was all helpful. Andrew
  3. Hello Everyone, I am having a problem with rendering a scene at the correct length. I have a scene that is 14400 frames long, and I am rendering at 24 Frames Per Second. But I am getting a file that is a little over 8 minutes long when it should be 10 minutes. Does anyone have any experience in which render options I should choose to have the file rendered at the correct length? I have a clock in this scene, so it is important that it is the right length. Thanks in advance to all those who help. Andrew
  4. Hello mtpeak2, I hope this is not a bother. But I note then when I turn on Left Hand Lock and move the hand around the arm moves as well. Same with the Right Hand Lock and the bone does not stay fixed to the null. Is it possible to have the hand bone orient like the hand null? Or how much per model for you to rig with a simple rig some models I have? Thanks Andrew
  5. Hello mtpeak2, Wow that's great, thank you! andrew
  6. The 2001 Rig was designed before there were changes in how A:M works in Actions (v13)...it doesn't take into account the "baking" of constraints when switching from FK to IK (or IK to FK). For that reason, I would recommend either the LiteRig, 2008 Rig, TSM2 or Squetch Rig. TSM2 was also designed before the change, but I haven't heard of any problems using it (and I think Mark Skodacek made a script that would update how it works...you'd have to do a search for it). Hope that helps, Andrew. Hello Itsjustme, Thanks for the feedback. Very helpfull. But the other models seem to work ok. They also look like the 2001 rig. Has someone updated those and not the 2001 rig? andrew
  7. Hello robcat2075, No I did not add it to another model. I just loaded it, created an action and turned on IK Arms Setup. When I do the right arm points to the sky. thanks andrew
  8. Hello all, Is there an error in the 2001rig in the data file just downloaded from the hash site. When I turn on Ik Arms Setup the right arm points to the sky. Does it do this for anyone else? Thanks in advance to all those who reply. Andrew
  9. Hello John, Thanks. I do not have a CD. I have been using a dongle since v3. and the data file off the Hash web site has been saved in v15. This rig is a little different to what I have used before. Are there instructions on the CD or would you mind pointing me to some. thanks again Andrew
  10. Hello Everyone, I am looking for a copy of the 2001_Skeleton.mdl. I have had a break from animation and am getting back into it. But the 2001_Skeleton.mdl on the hash web site must have been saved in v15 and does not work in v14. Would someone mind uploading the 2001_Skeleton.mdl saved by v14 or before. Thanks in advance for your help. Andrew Simpson
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