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  1. Trying to finish off the Learning curve, using V18g in OSX 10.85. Made some modifications to one of the models, saved it as an iteration. Looked ok visually so tried to test it it as a render using the action window previously worked in. When I tried to do a quick render, the process seemed to stall, with the message appearing, "calculating the visible patches". That went on for some minutes and eventually aborted that render. Tried again, the render crashed the program. Opened up again, same project, same settings, same problem with calculating the visible patches. Went out to do some food shopping and leave it to get on with it. Just checked progress and, the render was going through but, instead of taking 2 seconds or less per frame to render, it was taking 20 minutes. Closed out AM, rebooted and just tried again, its back to taking 2 seconds or less per frame, and not ( touch wood) crashing out. Is this a known problem ? I've experienced it before with the extended calculation time but thought it must be an error on my part. This happened just after modifying the model but, only realtively minor mods saved after each change. regards simon
  2. Robert Thank you for your reply and kind offer to help. I went away, had a cup of tea and calmed down, went back and found, I'd inadvertently translated the foot bone and rotated it. Must admit its getting on top of me a bit, just want to get it done and move on to something else. Next time I will ( at least hope ) to be better prepared rather than fire fight while trying to proceed. No cure for foolish. regards simon
  3. I have no experience of rigging so, when I adapted a model from a DVD some time ago, went with the rig installed I've insterted an extra bone since then ( for the lower torso, but thats not giving problems). Have lined up the feet and the legs in the model window but, when animated in an action window a twist or distortion appears in the ankles areas. Could someone kindly suggest what the problem might be and how to correct it ? Thank you for your time. simon LC Baby C.mdl
  4. This might be of interest to some people ? Its a Library of BBC sound Effects available for free download. https://thevinylfactory.com/news/over-16000-sound-effects-bbc-website/?fbclid=IwAR367TaPwjmhgiDiWQOFAGc-9PQeoS5389Ki8kuhRaQM8mJ0LGEPp49UCzc
  5. A FB friend is quite a successful comic artist here in the UK. He posted this today. "Most bizarre 'I want to get into comics' request ever -- A guy starts messaging me on FB. He wants to work as an artist in comics, or maybe films. Could I help him get started? I ask whether he's done any work in the field I could look at. He hasn't. Nothing at all. But he has a cunning plan to sidestep all that 'having to actually produce samples' stuff... He's seen on twitter that Duncan Jones is producing a Rogue Trooper movie and also doing some comic-book work. Matey-boy wants to show my art to Jones. He thinks Jones will be interested in my stuff, and as a reward for having 'discovered me', he thinks Jones might thank him by offering him a job. ( I guess he missed the inconvenient facts that I've met Jones and spoken to him, he's collaborating with a publisher I've worked with for more than three decades and his film is the adaptation of a story I've worked on more times than I could count. So there's just the faintest possibility that he might have already passingly 'discovered' my work. ) Tempting. I reluctantly decided to pass on his kind offer. " Strewth is an old UK exclamation when you can't think of the right words, ( its a shortening of "its the truth" but does service in other areas too)
  6. Thank you Robert. I shall check that after having a large cup of tea. regards simon
  7. Robert. Thank you for your help. Pardon me, I missed the invite to live answers, I was working on the short its for. I tried it in Photoshop because, when I opened the sequence in TVpaint, which does use alpha channels to layer composits, it appeared to be black and not transparent. Will try it in After Effects tomorrow to see how that gets on with it? Thank you. regrds simon
  8. Robert Apologies for delay, I have a large render going through of the full scene, taking 18mins per frame.Rendering at UHD because I want the larger file siz to work on afterwards. Here are the files and a screenshot of the settings used in the render options. as you can see, the tga file is viewable but, the same frame rendered as a png file, is scrambled. Both file formats were visible when viewed in the render window in AM as the render went through, but Photoshop could not read the png file when I tried to use that to view it.. Thank you for your help. regards simon TLC S2 0000.tga
  9. Robert Thank you for your reply and offer of help. I'll send a copy of the files tomorrow if thats OK?. I've found a work around in Photoshop using Droplets to do the grunt work. Its getting late here and the the land of nod beckons. regards simon
  10. As mentioned elsewhere, have been having a lot of tech troubles recently, had thought they were behind me now and to get on with something new(ish) but have hit a problem with alpha channels in TGA files. First a bit of background. I'm working in V18 within OSX 10:8.5. on a Mac mini, I7, 2.3ghz with 4Gb of Ram. Just rendered two scenes to TGA with the figure set against an empty background ( ready for compositing later ). All was well until I opened them in Photoshop, to find that the background had rendered as black rather than transparent. When selecting the background and deleting it, the Alpha transparency is there but, ideally, don't wish to do that for 1000+ frames. Is there a setting I could easily have missed that might cause this problem ? Thank you for listening simon ps Initially the files were rendered to png's but, V18, OSX 10:8.5, produced incorrectly parsed files. Although they looked correctly rendered when they were going through, when opened afterwards in PS The files were a corrupted incoherent jumble of pixels and PS flagged the message, "cannot open the file because it is incorrectly parsed.' This problem had occured before but, rendering on a different machine/OSX solved it. Unfortunately that option is no longer available due to the recent troubles. Any suggestions as to how it might be possible to fix this would be very welcome. The prospect of manually removing 1000+ frames backgrounds is not a happy one!
  11. Robert Thank you for your reply. It has been four weeks or so of teeth grinding time, possibly in time with the Timemachine HD that was gradually grinding to a stop. There were three attempts, the last migration took 8 days and didn't give me back all the files I wanted. Lost all my email contacts for example. Now trying to rescue that data onto a newer HD but, the drive is barely moving, and the estimated time remaining is showing at 111 days ( not a typo ), its already had 6. The house spring cleaning has been bypassed for more urgent things. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Agreed about OSX numbering, only thing more irritating is the naming system. I migrated from PC's after a lot of reliability problems post Windows XP, both hardware and operating system. This is the first time I've really hit trouble with the Macs and its really because I didn't pay attention to the ext HD. Lesson learned, at least I hope so. regards simon
  12. Mark Thank you very much for your help. I think I've found it ( not sure of anything tech wise at the moment ) It has been such a nightmare the past four weeks, If I wasn't grey before, I would be now. regards simon
  13. By way of update on this problem. I has been a very frustrating few weeks trying o sort out the problems, compounded by the HD the timemachine was on starting to give up the ghost. That is starting to settle down but, have tried to migrate V19 from the Mojave machine to a MBP running OSX 10.9. When I enter the authorisation code it warns "that code is already used" and allows no further progress. Is there a way to correct this problem ? I should add that, as a result of all the tech problems, I have lost nearly all info on the original Imac HD. The code I have was written down when I bought V19 last year Thank you for any help. simon
  14. Robert, Mark Thank you for your help and replies. I went and had a look at other programs on the desktop, and several of those were no longer available as well, FCP, Logic Pro9 and Logic Express. As they are the main programs I work with, other than Photoshop and Lightroom, it seemed like a good idea to revert to El Capitan and get rid of Mojave. A friend gave me a mac book pro with FCPX on it and, for me at least, its horrible. Aside from the samples and loops the same applies to Logic ProX. Anyway, hesitations about needless upgrades aside, I've gone for reinstalling from the Timemachine backup. It is going to take a very long time. At this point, its saying the estimated time is 260+ hours. Hoping that is an over estimate as 11 days seems like an eternity, Will just have to get on with it on a different machine. One without Mojave ! regards simon
  15. After several months of frustrations with El Capitan, 10.11.6, I was obliged to upgrade to Mojave, 10.14.4, today. One of the reasons I had been reluctant to do so had been the question of compatibility with AM. Haven't tried it fully yet but, on opening it for the first time, a message from Apple flagged up saying it was not entirely compatible with Mojave and to contact the developer. The first thing noticed was that the drop down buttons in the PWS didn't seem to work. Could move the bones in an action but, not close down the drop down lists. Is there a patch available for V18 or a workaround? Thank you for any help. simon
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