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  1. I'm grabbing it now with clipconverter. Thank you. regards simon
  2. Robert Thank you very much indeed. Thats a lot better than sequence I have already. I think it may lead to a different animation rather than redo the current project. Should be more fun though ! regards simon
  3. Apologies. Clearly not looking in the right place.Bit preoccupied with more mundane, less enjoyable, non animation matters regards simon
  4. Robert, Steve Thank you . Can you remind me how to connect up? Its been some time since I did. Rgards simon
  5. Robert. Thank you for your reply and offer to help. Unfortunately I can't be sure about tomorrow as things are a bit hectic at the moment. What time is the session ? regards Simon
  6. Presently trying to edit the F curves on an animation sequence and having all sorts of "fun" doing so. Can anyone kindly suggest a broad strategy for going about the process?. Mainly trying to stop feet going through the floor plane and smooth out positional changes as it approaches or moves away from the keyframe. If I adjust one bone until it works, it inevitably affects the position of another. Its probably age catching up with me but, it can get very involved and confusing very quickly. I wondered if there was a fairly standard way of approaching the problem, such as starting where in the bone heirachy, what type of interpolation to use. I appreciate this is a Chicken and egg type of question but, just wondered if anyone had a regular method or workflow they used to deal with it? regards simon
  7. Robert Thank you very much. That makes life simpler. Regards simon
  8. This has happened before but I worked around it. If possible, I'd like to avoid it happening again. I animated my flour dancing. When it came to editing it to avoid mesh penetration, found that, in the choreography, there were two sets of keyframes to adjust. Can someone kindly point out the problem and how to avoid it in future? Thank you. simon
  9. Robert I tried your preset, it worked, thank you very much indeed. I've been having a lot of niggly troubles with OSX over the past 6 months or so. It keeps dropping the default settings, losing pathways and authorisations. For example, while rendering the line options, each time i open V18, it asks me who I am and what organisation and won't allow me to procede without entering the data. This despite having done so without problem for the past 6 months or more. Frustrating is not the word for it. regards simon
  10. Robert Pardon me I was a bit tired and on the way to bed when I replied. Will try that preset today. I did want the alpha because I was hoping to try the lines only to use as a stencil with the fill ( paint bucket) tool in TVpaint. By way of a small experiment regards simon
  11. Robert Thank you very much for your reply and help. Much appreciated. I do have alpha turned on, and its rendering to PNG's. Have tried TGA and Photoshop formats all with the same result.. Just trying an overnight render in V17. It is that scene I'm using but, all the models except the ingredients have been deactivated, so there are only the three models in the scene. When tested with a quick render in the chor, the lines show up but, not when rendered to file. Will hae another look in the morning. Regards simon
  12. I'm trying a test on the mix files while waiting on something else. Working in V18 under OSX 10.11.6 Have set up the models to use 50% of underlying colour, they render as a quick render in a model window but, when I try to render them out in a chor, just the alpha channel is there, no lines. Is there a setting I might be missing? Thank you simon
  13. Robert, Rodney Thank you for your help and suggestions, I shall try them out this afternoon. regards simon
  14. This may sound strange, my apologies if it does but, does anyone have any advice on how to animate a figure on the diagonal? By which I mean, If the direction of travel is perpendicular and in straight lines then it is very straightforward ( pardon the pun ), I have two figures already done but, the third is coming in at an angle to the target and I am having trouble getting the movement working because its not perpendicular to the view angle. I'm sure I've done this before but, the afternoon tea has not dispelled the clouds.. Any advice gratefully received. simon
  15. Robert Thanks for message and suggestion. . I'll have to ponder that a bit, My first thoughts would be, not as much as earlier anticipated, but some change would help. I was thinking yesterday that it might be time to get acquainted with particles, as the Blue and Orange sacks are supposed to be Flour and Sugar. The Butter might need to be a bit stronger in form ? Theres only about two seconds when there needs to be something in the mixing bowl so, time for some more pondering on my part. regards simon
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