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  1. Thank you Robert, much appreciated. This isn't the final version, it goes from colour to white light ( probably ) but it does give the idea. regards simon CnE 013.mov
  2. Robert Thank you once again for your help. I got it to work as I wanted by, as you suggested, turning off the alpha and making the camera background black. Boosted the volumetric level to 1000% and rendered with 16 passes. Here is the result. While it works as a process. I think it needs some revision to make the H and W more legible in the sequence? I'm using V18g on the same Mac mini as previously, running OSX 10.85. regards simon 013.mov
  3. Robert Thank you very much once again. It is as needed, except for the absence of volumetric lighting? At risk of sounding a bit pretentious, its the prelude to a 'Big Bang' sequence. Not the TV show but a sort of spoof on the moment of creation. The centre of the O is actually an egg. Its part of the Chicken and Egg project I've been working on. Is it the jpg format that is allowing it to work ? regards simon
  4. Hello. I have mainly moved over to trying to use drawn and stop frame processes for projects. However, wanted to use volumetrics for a particular shot and returned to the fold for that. Unfortunately I'm having a lot of bother getting a consistent result. The shot was set up and tested using quick renders to check progress. All seemed well until I tried to render it out as a QT file. This is a screenshot of what was supposed to happen and this is the QT file. Clearly very different. When rendered as a single frame jpg it refuses to save the file, as apng it does not parse the file into readable form, this is a tga converted in PS. Here is an embedded copy of the prj Can anyone kindly point me to the errors of my ways ? thank you simon CNE 013 SH 000.mov Chickens 002.prj
  5. When I first went to art college ( a very long time ago ) I learned about 'Moire Patterns', which was basically a major influence on the "Op Art" work of the 60's. These were variations on that effect. Very simple to do, just a bit un nerving to view. Regards simon
  6. With apologies for file size. This is first assembly edit of project. Any critical feedback very welcome indeed. I've spotted somethings that will need to be altered but would be very keen to hear about any you may have noticed ? regards simon BEWARE !!! The sound is very grating Sequence 1.mov
  7. Version B. Same file, different camera angle. Which revealed that... I need to address some problems with the splines around the arms on the Mum's back, and some follow through animation on the baby after he's moved the piano lid. Simon TLC S4B.mov
  8. Robert. Thank you for the feedback. He bobs up and down twice, but only gets to it the second time. I could change the camera angle to show it more readily, I liked that one because it was markedly different from the others and, the photos on the top of the piano give a wider context to the scene. (Although, they are not of course visible in this clip). I'll try a version with a reduced reaction and a different camera angle. regards Simon
  9. Penultimate shot of the Learning Curve. The fingers go through the piano lid slightly in places, which I will try to ease out later. At the moment, its the overall animation I'm concerned about but, any critical feedback very welcome indeed. When I get this bit right will go for a full render, with the rest of the piano and the room included. simon TLC S4 .mov
  10. With a very BIG thank you to Robert for all his help. Here is a version of scene thrree, or at least the action part of it. As always, any critical feedback very welcome. simon TLC S3 Baby G.mov
  11. Thank you. Its getting very windy here so lots of photo ops and an escape from the computer while it renders. regards simon
  12. Robert. Thank you. Thats what the first part is, the same model, action and render settings but no material. I'm just trying a test with an earlier iteration of the model, and no flickering on the face. Unfortunately that model doesn't have all the smartskin and CP weighting that caused so much frustration yesterday,. I feel a trip to the seaside coming on. regards simon
  13. With a big thank you to Robert for his help in resolving the bones problem, may I ask another question Is there another way to smooth a mesh without using Porcelain material ? This is a short clip, using the same files and models but with the absence of porcelain as part of the skin group in the first part. On the second part, porcelain is there, giving the smooth skin effect required but, as the render goes through, a visible flicker occurs on the right cheek by the nose. As everything else is the same my guess is that it is caused by the presence of the material ? thank you. simon Porcelain.mov
  14. Robert. Thank you very much indeed for your help. After yesterday I was preparing for a long holiday. Such a frustrating day. regards Simon
  15. Robert, Thank you for your reply. Sorry. I'm a bit tired, its been a very frustrating day. What I'd like to do is remove the disorientation of the R4 bones in the action file, so I can then go through and redo the poses for that finger. The rest needs adjusting but that is proving difficult to trace. If I actually adjust the positions of the bones at the start of the action, it then distorts in different directions later in the sequence. Have tried several options I can think off but to no avail. Hoping a good nights sleep will help. regards simon
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