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    Also video games and modeling.
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    AMD 12 core, 32GB Ram, Nvidia 1080 GTX, 10x HDD 2TB
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    build first chacter
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    make a short film
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  1. OMG all these cool new Features!!! this is what happens when you disappear for a year! downloading right now!
  2. hey guys long time no see. Even though i havent been very active on the forms in a while i am still using AM in my daily life and work. So i wanted to share some of the things i been working on for the past 1 or 2 (3 years?) years since i last posted something. there is a lot here so take your time to browse around. dangerousD stinger.webm bonesaw_stinger.webm cubes5.mp4
  3. wow you been busy! the forums look great! im going to check out the rest of the site now!
  4. Welcome back Jason! You've been missed too! I have always been here lurking in the background. training new skills
  5. from what i can tell polo pockets are about 3" wide by 4" tall. so leave about 1/2" of space on all sides. so looking at a design size of about 2" x 3". hope this helps.
  6. Im fixing some common mistakes people make with business cards. also trying to make some suggestive fixes. ok so i fixed all the major issues with placement and pictures. ill start with the back of the card. there was just way too much going on. when someone looks at a card you want to make sure that you get an idea of your company in less than 2 seconds. the logo did that right away. so dropped everything else and just used the logo. the massive amount of links. completely unnecessary since the hash.com has a link to every one of those right on the homepage. the front of the card. when someone is reading your card you want to make sure that the info is easy to read. you had too many clashing colors as well so i went with a 3 color for the text and background. the characters will add the other colors with will make it a 4 color print (CMYK) also moved the other picture you had on the back to the front. when you look at a card you want a persons eyes to make a circular motion starting from the top going around the card and starting at the top again. we do this with the title Animation:Master and link, then going down to the picture on the right then the info, ending with the picture on the left and starting back at the top again. its more pleasing to the eye. and people will stare at it longer which will make them remember you easier! here are your cards. v18_buss_card_V2.psd v18_buss_card_bk_V2.psd
  7. Thanks for the review and i will take some of the advice to the next project! as for some of the scenes you mentioned. most of the shots we had were for time saving since our PC power was not up to bar to the scenes we needed. since we were rendering scenes while we were working on others we saved some time but if we rendered all of it after we finished animating it probably came out to about 2 months of rendering. so most of this was just time saving. as for the voice acting, well yeah we just are horrible in that aspect lol. but this project was more for learning than anything. most of the animations were done by my partner and he has done quite well considering he only learned 3D last August (2012). we have already moved onto the next project. everything here will be featured in a full 3D Video game that based on the journey of the robot going to save Santa. We are actually working on 3 Games at the same time, and will be starting a kick starter soon to get our studio up and running.
  8. yeah it went thru like 20 name changes and never decided lol. my buddy did the majority of the animations. i think he did a good job. and thanks! it was a long rough road lol.
  9. Well its been over a year. but finally it is done. let me know what you guys thinks of it.
  10. when it comes to software of this scale. depending on what they will be charging will definitely take a huge bite into their profits. i mean for smaller studios it will be a harder hit than a larger one. but lets take maya for example. full price for the program is $3675 (upgrade $2575). you buy it and keep it until that version has become outdated (which could be anywhere from 2 - 5 years). lets say you keep that version for 2 years before updating. now renewal subscription is $195/month ($2340 yearly) or year $1840 (save $500) using maya for 2 years Full = $3675 (save $5) subscription = $3680 (yearly sub) using maya for 4 years full + upgrade = $6250 (save $1110)(upgrade every 2 years) subscription = $7360 (year sub) using maya for 10 years full + upgrade = $16550 (save $1850)(upgrade every 2 years) (upgrade every 5 years $8825 save $9575) subcription = $18400 (year sub) so the saving only start adding up to compared to how frequently you update. but compared to hash subscription = $80 10 years = $800 (savings compared to maya $17600 )
  11. the mug in the video was exported at 1024. i tried 4096 but it seems to crash in V18 A1.
  12. i wish i knew this sculpting stuff but its all greek to me. i tried sculptius but it doesnt make any sense to me.
  13. i have always used AMD chipsets. never had a single problem. in all the tests i done not one has ever burned out on me. and trust me the room im in get up to 110º F (43º C) so the machines i run are not in the most friendly environments (no AC in this office)
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