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  1. wow you been busy! the forums look great! im going to check out the rest of the site now!
  2. i ditched that project. went back to unity hahaha. everything works fine now.
  3. ok i have been running tests and this is the first problem i run into. just a plain cube with a solid color and an image with an alpha channel. the background should still have the solid color but in unwrap it goes completely transparent. how do i fix this? is it in unwrap or is it in the export settings?
  4. yeah im liking unity much better myself but these guys are stuck on unreal. i been at it for days and nothing makes sense to me. they keep saying edit blueprints but i have no idea what they are talking about. i will just have to not use alpha maps. which is going to stink but oh well.
  5. this is everything for the model with all the steps in between. if you can take a look at it and see where i might of did something wrong. been scratching my head on this for days. anient pillar.zip
  6. well i made the PNG and cookie cut them in AM then i baked the whole thing like you did in the instuction video and exported it as an X file. then brought it into unwrap and saved it as a FBX file. and then imported that into unreal. ill try a simpler model to see if its all screwed up still.
  7. well i got that program and i think i did everything right but when i pull the model into Ureal engine 4 its all screwed up. you think you can help me figure out what went wrong? this is what its suppose to look like. in unwrap it looks fine as well. this is what it looks like in unreal engine 4
  8. ok thanks fuchur ill let you know what the team thinks of it. crossing my fingers.
  9. awesome could i see the 4 poly one to see if i can import it? it needs to be a FBX file.
  10. here ill make it even easier. its just colored no mats. i just need to know if i can send a model that has color on it. no special animations or anything. Leather Sofa Chair no mat.zip
  11. hey Fuchur were you able to look at that model yet? let me know if you did.
  12. no problem. if you need more detailed one let me know.
  13. I was using these as a template i guess you would say for the city scape but maybe its more of what you were looking for. I didnt make these buildings and i cant remember who did (maybe one of the members do). but see if these fit your purpose for now until i can come up with something a little more detailed.buildings.zip
  14. That is one heck of a request! but not something i haven't tried before. i tried to make a modular city a long long time ago. one that was single buildings with a play set style prj file that could be added and moved around to the persons liking. I had 5 or 6 different building types that could be scaled and moved anywhere in the play set. but this would have to be on a different scale since you want to be street view. where i had it set up to be skyline friendly. give me a little time to play around with this. ill will post updates how its going.
  15. ok thank you ill make sure everything is in there
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