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  1. It's a new year and in a crass grab for better karma we've decided to release Skycast as freeware. For those who don't know Skycast is a spinning light generator for Animation Master. More details are available at skycast.artboxanimation.com while the software can be downloaded from here skycast.zip Enjoy
  2. JohnArtbox

    Exporting OpenExr

    Rodney, I think Jojo's refering to Hash's Multiplane Compositing module which was released back version 6 or so. It was a fantastic piece of software, some of which was integrated into AM proper with image layers. JoJo I think you're safe, although the more people who use composite and OpenEXR, the better.
  3. JohnArtbox

    Exporting OpenExr

    Fusion 5.1 directly supports AM OpenEXR files. Add a loader and then click on the format tab. Under the RGBA tabs select the channel that you wish to use EG AmbienceR, AmbienceG, AmbienceB and AmbienceA. For the next layer of the OpenFX Tab add another loader and then select the Keylight layers in the same manner. Works like a charm.