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  1. thanks , i copy the folder GRADIENTS from V14.c , apparently it work fine
  2. Gradients folder on AM 15.0e WEB ??? , not found it in my installation Anime.gra ?? Cartoon.gra ?? Thermo.gra ?? Three-Tone.gra ?? Two-Tone (hard).gra ?? Two-Tone (soft).gra ?? Two-Tone (with line).gra ??
  3. nice animation thanks for your comments
  4. really not but I decided to donate the character full rig character (it use my Rig) mery christmas to all Character_AM_V15.0E.ZIP
  5. I upload it to youtube http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=DJgoVfapGVE
  6. old character animation remember this ?? 3dmx_256x172.mov
  7. i use next steps 1 - i make a model in AM an check the normals , export it with AMXText plug in to .X file format 2 - import it in Ultimate Unwrap 3D and export to STL file format 3 - Open the STL file in MeshLab for check the model 4 - send it to 3d printer
  8. how is the best form to export a model to STL ( Stereo Lithography Files ) ??? MDL to STL ??
  9. i recover it from a backup , it lost small things , not is a trouble Thanks, guys !!! alway make a backup your work hard but true
  10. i need open it , is my work week ( Unable open file- error ) ??? is a .mdl file momia_George_ok_v_15.zip
  11. Normal mapping is a type of bump mapping that involves a normal map, an image that contains an XYZ direction vector ( normal vector ) at each pixel to be used in polygon surface lighting calculations. Some types of bump mapping are done without a normal map. With all types of bump mapping, the goal is to increase surface lighting detail without adding more polygons or vertices
  12. here you can download the character !!! Character___Raxy.zip
  13. by the way this is the first characters that I did with AM 10.5, I would like to know your opinion about it...
  14. I decided to donate this character FREE for the community of AM Soon in ( Free Models) http://www.hash.com/freemodels/
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