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  1. Greetings TD3D enjoy!!!!!!
  2. Hi all I need some help on how to separate a photo into 2 parts and then, how to use the 2 new images with AM to create the effect of a model in the original photo. photo 1 An example would be of Victor Navone and his model in front of his computer. photo2 I have worked with Photoshop for several years but never messed with masks or alpha channels so does anyone know where I can find a simple tut. on how to separate the fence? Then to create a project in AM with 2 layers and my model?
  3. Oh Ya, Loved the ghost, nice job.
  4. Thank You jimd Cant wait to get a look at your light work. AWESOME!!!
  5. Great job!!! would love to hear more or a tut on how you did the lights.
  6. What can somebody say cept, Most excellent! Great job!
  7. I did a quick look through and this one is the one that shows you how to set up a rotoscope and start the modeling process. Part1 and Part2 teach you about the program and basic operation of AM. A:M Training 1: Part 3 - Character Modeling Part 1A:M Training 1: Part 3 - Character Modeling Part 1
  8. Hi MJL Last year when I first started I found this and purchased several of Barry's tuts. Great stuff and helped me a lot. http://stores.lulu.com/barryzundel I suggest first draw a sketch of a character front and side and then once you can import them in as rotoscopes it's all just one CP at a time. It's fun, love it.
  9. Hi dre4mer, I found this post a while back http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22912 and loved what you had done with the sleeves of the shirt with SimCloth and have been working for weeks now on my model. Getting no where fast. My model has a scarf, and robe ( with long sleeves ) that I would like to have move like you models sleeves. Would you have any suggestions or settings that you used to point me in the right direction?
  10. Hi Gang More Questions as always Found a post by dre4merback in July of 2006 and like to know more about it. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22912 I have checked through this thread and the vid clips are what I am looking for on my model. I have my model rigged with the 2001 rig and need her sleeves to move like the above movies, so how did you do that? What bones is the cloth attached to? I have done the cloth and deflector materials and created new bones, tested all kinds of ideas and just can't seem to get it. If I attach the material to different arm bones when
  11. Hi frosteternal, thanks for the advice and encouragement, while fighting the mobs at work today I was think about this and have a question. Should this cloth work be done in a chor.? Can it be done in an action or just what are the specifics of working with cloth?I have seen several times coments about choro. So it makes me wonder. Wally
  12. Thanks Fuchur, AM is such a great program and you can do great stuff with it but this cloth thing is a bit overwhelming. It is one of those thing I will have to study on a bit more and do a LOT of practice. Thanks for the help and advice.
  13. Thanks Rob I think I will let this roll around in my head at work for a few days before I give it a try
  14. so now this creates more confusion in my mind, which would be the best way to go to have a dress move as cloth would on a model, cloth or CP weighting? The cloth tuts that I have found seem very vague in fine tuning where as CP's are more specific yet a lot more work and the cloth may not flow as cloth would. I know it is a choice I have to make but which would give the better effect? I saw a mov. that Vern did where a curtain opened and it swayed and moved smoothly which is what I would like but not sure how he did it. the cloth thing is still as confusing as CP weighting, I guess it i
  15. Thanks Robcat I see that now so Looking at the two models from the lib. Gala and Lady Goodbody I noticed the Lady Goodbody has no 'simcloth' or materials that make her dress work yet it does when you do an action so how is this done without deflectors or simcloth? or am I just missing it some where?
  16. ok Looking at two models from the lib. Gala and Lady Goodbody I noticed the Lady Goodbody has no 'simcloth' or materials that make her dress work yet it does when you do an action so how is this done without deflectors or simcloth? or am I just missing it some where?
  17. I agree Robcat it seems to be one of the things, like cloth, that clog my pipes
  18. Greetings All ok I was looking at the 'Lady Goodbody' in the lib. and noticed that some bones have falloff and some CP have rings around them which appears to be controlled by two bones as the attached image shows. If so then how do you do this? The seam in the center of her dress is my point of focus since my model has the same and I am not sure which bone to attach them to.
  19. This is my finished test. The object is for the dark contacts (sun glasses) to open when entering a house, then the eyes to dilate as they adjust to the light then for the contacts to close as she goes out into the sun. Special Thanks to Rob and John for the help. Wally opening_eye.mov
  20. Thanks Rob, You are always the one that pulls all the rest of us out of our messes! You are the Man! Will work out your new info tomorrow.
  21. Ok here is what I found so far If I shift select all parts and rename as 'untitled' or something else when imported into the model I still get the long list of parts as well as the new named one. The problem with 'image 3' where the contact pose opens right through the model is because when I scaled the eye down to fit the model the relationship/pose is still full size to the original-full sized eye. So I assume then I will have to redo the relationships to the new sized eye???
  22. Thanks Rob will give it all a try
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