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    furniture, animation, girls. Whatever. I'm having a hard time editing the other swatches of personality, but basically I've veen doing animation with AM for 15 years, continue to do it with great people and at the moment I love my life.
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    Vista on amc dual 64 3 gigs of ram

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    Douglas Charles Ferrin
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    York, PA
  1. For the life of me I can't remember how to move a bone in real time, letting each frame be a keyframe. I feel like my memory is going to wrack and ruin. Could someone give me a nudge. I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks. Doug
  2. Greetings, I just wiped my hard drive and have re-installed AM. When I apply a photo to a model, it appears in full resolution and slows modeling down enormously. I've never had this happen before: a decal showing in high-res in default mode. I've fiddled with the real-time render settings but that doesn't change anything. If someone knows a way to get the default resolution of decals down (pre-render or quick render), I'd very much appreciate the info. Thanks, Doug Since I wrote the above several hours ago, I loaded v16, and things happen at the speed they should. It seems to be a problem with v17, at least the way it loaded on my computer.
  3. Hi, When I try to download the model, my browser opens a new tab and displays the asci text with no window to download. Not sure if it's my browser (firefox) or some other problem. Please let me know if you know. Thanks, Douglas
  4. PS. If you open the file, you may want to turn off hair first. DF
  5. Hi - it was a short film I was going to do of a man telling a beautiful female robot an Irish joke in a bar. Sadly, I had all the sets and the female robot built, and then when I was transferring files to a new drive I lost most of it. I'm not sure why I chose Michael Keaton as my subject - just thought it would be funnier with his speech cadence and mannerisms. Doug
  6. Realistic Michael Keaton head that I never got around to using. The decalling is a bit sloppy and I'm sure there are those who will complain it has too many control points. Anyway, I think I zipped it correctly and that everything (except the hair) should appear as I made it. Hope it's useful. Douglas Ferrin MK_C.zip
  7. It's been a while since I've done this - I have a string of tga files (0000 - 0600) and want to apply them as a moving decal. As I recall, I only have to apply the first in the series, and the rest will follow automatically. It doesn't seem to be working - the image stays frozen on the first frame. I've put a few of them in the decal folder, thinking perhaps they need to be there and not just in the images folder, but that is not working either. I made an action, wherein the object the decal is applied to moves slightly, but still no luck. I've looked for the subject in the techref manuel but can't find it. Perhaps also someone could let me know where it is in the manuel. Also, is it possible to use an avi or other movie format as a moving decal these days? In any case, if someone could let me know what I'm doing wrong, or how to get it to move, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks, Douglas
  8. Thanks Rob - still not sure if the tsm2 is a new rig; is the 2008 a new rig? I have v17 and can use either 32 vor 64 bit. Any recommendations? Thanks again. Doug Thanks Rob - I can do 64 bit and I'm up to v17 - just really wondering if there are any signifigant differences between the (what appear to be) new rigs and the 2001. I've more or less combed the forum, but haven't stumbled into any clear answers. Thanks, Doug
  9. Greetings, It's been a few years since I rigged anything - I'm wondering what the difference between the 2001 rig - last one I used - and the 2008 as well as the tsm2 rigs are. Also, are there new instructions for the various rigs? I thought I saw an illustrated rigging walk-through (using thom?) the other day but can't find it again. Any points in the right direction(s) would be much appreciated. Thanks, Douglas
  10. Made this tonight and thought it might be useful to others. Napkin_dispenser.mdl Napkin_Texture.tga
  11. Yes, looks good; thanks very much for the movie. Indeed my units were set differently. By the way, what program did you use to make the movie - that is, what program allows you to capture what's happening on the screen? Thanks again. Doug
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