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  1. chaz


    @ mouseman: Cheers for the heads up on the tuts, lot of helpfull advice there. @robcat2075 : Brilliant tutorials you have posted there. Thanks for the one on th epainting package, looks like a good tool I have been toying around with getting it for a while now, I might take the plunge. I take it its a download only package? Also, great work on you blog page by the way.
  2. chaz


    Cheers guys, much appreciated. It was hard work, and took a while but it was fun. Am looking at streamlining my work flow now so I can make more of them, and try and do them more quickly. I still have a lot of work to do in terms of developing the "Albby World" project as a whole. As I mentioned the next step is to work on textures and lighting, developing an over all style that complements the characters. There is also much more to do besides that though too. Your comments are very encouraging, and its good to be working in A-M again, being part of the community once more. I find A
  3. chaz


    I have recently made this little short using Animation Master, I have uploaded it to the servers, but I understand it takes a while to be processed. So I thought I would just post a link to it to my Youtube channel until the short becomes avalible. This is something I have been working on the last few months. It's a basic character test for a project I have in development. The brief I set myself was to develop Albby's cheeky little character and design a world for him to inhabit. I also wanted to play around with cameras and develop a style that would suit the story telling I am intere
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