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  1. Just thought of something. If there is an "UNDO" section or file associated with the project, that could be the culprit too. Hmmm... to hunt the bug or not, THAT is the question.
  2. Robert, I found a work around. Not the bug, but a way to clean it from the Choreography. I believe it is in the Choreography section of the Project. I save out the Choreography and then create a new Project and Import the saved copy. By doing this, at the saving process or importing process, the corruption is filtered out. See for yourself... SelectRotateMoveBug03.mp4
  3. Robert, I started from a new empty Project. Opened my model files, then created a new Choreography. Placed a few instances and all was well. As I was adding more instances (parts), I would stop and drag select and rotate the last 6 to 10 and make sure they nudged, rotated, etc. Again, all was well... until. Well, see the video. It may be file length related as there are a lot of instances and after a certain point things don't rotate properly or get locked altogether. I am also including the project file with the models embedded. It seems to retain the behavior. Test it as you see
  4. Well, I'm thinking it's just this one project then as drag selection yields me almost NO movement of the model instances now. Something is surely wonky. I will try and rebuild it slowly as I have the individual models saved as separate files. I will keep the original file and browse through it with a text editor and see if there is any obvious corruption within. Wish me luck!
  5. I noticed this in the 18.0L release post..." Fixed All: Turn rotates only around the global axis of selected objects , not the local axis"I guess not eh? I'll have to wait for 18.0m to go public.... *sigh*
  6. Okay, a few details just so they are not missed. I am running Windows 7 - 64bit with Service Pack 1 and all critical updates. I am also using A:M 64bit version 18.0L Web subscription (latest). Here is my video response to Robert's Demonstration: Enjoy! DragSelectMove01.mp4
  7. I tried to assemble the models in an Action object with similar movement issues. *Sigh*. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and manually move them one at a time or group items that are oriented the same way. That seems to be the only way to move more than one. CTRL-Selecting the model instances in the PWS works a bit better but is a PITA to organize properly. YEESH! Intuition states that simply grouping a bunch of models and nudging or dragging them should do so without scattering them or leaving some behind. Bug report or feature request?
  8. Well part part of the solution I found was removing my model instances from the folders I had created in the choreography. I had so many I was just trying to organize them. It still does not move about half of them in the selected group, even after putting the instances back in the root of the choreography. I will do some additional testing this evening. Cheers!
  9. Hello, All! I've been away a while... work demands my attention. I was messing around on a personal project and had a lot of models (four, but with lots of copies) to assemble a structure. The issue I am having, and maybe I just forgot how, is I select a group of models and want to "nudge" them over with the arrow keys. Well, this results in the models moving all different directions as they have been rotated from their original placement. I can drag them with the mouse with no issue, but it is not as precise. I have attached images to show what I mean. EDIT: Correction, it even s
  10. FYI, I had an accurate orbit model with all the known bodies in the solar system, I think it went to the extras DVD at one point. Not sure. All the planets, even Pluto when it had just been demoted, their moons and lots of fairly high resolution textures. I also modeled their orbits and rigged the whole solar system. If you need it let me know, I'll find a way to put it up on the net. Cheers! EDIT: Found my old post with my whole solar system project uploaded HERE on the forum!
  11. I wonder if NetRender crashes at the same point. I would probably try it on that frame and see. Cheers!
  12. Yep, I agree... Excellent work! The entire team is one of a kind!
  13. One critique I have for the animation is that the left foot is LOCKED to the deck. A true sword fight or even in fencing, the foot does pivot and move slightly with the other. Footwork is essential to keep you out of reach of your opponent's weapon. At one point it looks like her ankle gets broken. Other than that, the movements are a great start!
  14. Reminds me of a childhood toy I had... Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down... LoL
  15. I am so sorry for your loss. My wife's friend lost her mother last week too.
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