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  1. Yes, I avoid Hooks (use only invisible parts) and always check the direction of Normals. I tried V_TEST KETTLE.mdd and V_TEST KETTLE.mdl.
  2. Yes, I have plans for a long term project, perhaps changing the version while the project is in progress. There may be a problem, and another reason I don't have a credit card, it's not easy to shop online often, I want to be able to Transfer funds directly to Hash, Inc.'s account and scan the transfer document. Can be confirmed through this forum, it will be another convenient way. thank you with high regards Bobby
  3. Try .mdd in A:M version 16RC. Capture_Import_MDD_0000-0660.mp4 SamMaDee_TestMDD_b_0000-0225.mp4 SamMaDee_TestMDD_b_0000-0225.mp4 SamMaDee_TestMDD_b_0000-0225.mp4
  4. I chose to modeling and animating in A:M and test-Render came out as Shaded & Wireframe until I was satisfied with the animation and then exported (.obj sequence) to rendering / compositing / editing in Blender. I don't have any knowledge of script writing, so I have to import .obj to put in the Blender's Scene in frame order. Which is something that is repeated Is a boring job And takes longer than animating in A:M Lighting in Blender is easier than lighting in A:M and Blender can render quickly. And get the image to be very realistic Unfortunately, the Materials and Decal in A:M cannot be exported with .obj, but luckily, the configuration of Surface properties in a group in A: M models can be converted with .obj to some Shader values in Blender, such as Diffuse Color, Diffuse Falloff, Transparency. I also made a clip as an example. Manok_LoveMask4all_v2_mix_AM_a_0000-0132.mp4
  5. In the Choreography window, change the mode to Muscle Mode and move the CPs(groups) to fit the Rotoscope image.
  6. this is my way, 1. Use the Shear Tool and Perspective Tool in GIMP (or Photoshop) to adjust (projection) the Perspective view to Elevation view. 2. Export the modified image into a Rotoscope in the Model window in A: M and then create the model as normal. 3. You know the base dimension, scale Rotoscope to get the correct dimension. 4. Estimate the depth and height of model by adjusting the proportion in choreography. (please excuse me for grammar, I wrote in Thai and then "google translate") Model.zip Model.zip
  7. Bobby


    I'm fine thank you and hope you too. thank_you_0000-0199.mp4
  8. Models / Action with A:M, Render / Composite / Edit with Blender Manok_LoveMask4all_d_0000-0048.mp4
  9. I try to put ResoluteWalk (action from Hash CD) to scotty.mdl and then re-Rig use "Skeleton_myFinger_full_ok2" (the same as 2001_Skeleton except Fingers Rig). Clip: ScottyResoluteWalk and the project. scotty_2a.prj Scotty_0000-0278.mp4
  10. This clip used a Rotoscope and Rendered as Image Sequence both Shaded & Wireframe and Final (16 passes) in A:M, and then edited in Video Sequencer Editor in Blender. FatMan_Impack_24fps_fin_mix_loss_0000-0360.mp4
  11. Try to export the model (.obj) from Amimation: Master to import (.obj) into Blender then try lighting and Render. Try both Render Engine: Eevee and Render Engine: Cycles, with Render having clear background (alpha). And then overlapping a background, adding a (bobby) graphic logo, and adding text in GIMP
  12. camera in Blender can do as same as shift film plane in view camera, so I think camera in A:M can do the same.
  13. Is it posible to Rotate X, but Y,Z not change? I don't know about function in Expression. Thank you.
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