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  1. Bobby


    I try to put ResoluteWalk (action from Hash CD) to scotty.mdl and then re-Rig use "Skeleton_myFinger_full_ok2" (the same as 2001_Skeleton except Fingers Rig). Clip: ScottyResoluteWalk and the project. scotty_2a.prj Scotty_0000-0278.mp4
  2. This clip used a Rotoscope and Rendered as Image Sequence both Shaded & Wireframe and Final (16 passes) in A:M, and then edited in Video Sequencer Editor in Blender. FatMan_Impack_24fps_fin_mix_loss_0000-0360.mp4
  3. yes, but it work now, thank you very much.
  4. Try to export the model (.obj) from Amimation: Master to import (.obj) into Blender then try lighting and Render. Try both Render Engine: Eevee and Render Engine: Cycles, with Render having clear background (alpha). And then overlapping a background, adding a (bobby) graphic logo, and adding text in GIMP
  5. camera in Blender can do as same as shift film plane in view camera, so I think camera in A:M can do the same.
  6. Is it posible to Rotate X, but Y,Z not change? I don't know about function in Expression. Thank you.
  7. When I want 2 points perspective, I must set height image size than I need, Can camera in A:M shift image plane? I found it easy way in Blender, but I love to do in A:M. Shift_Image_plane_take_01_0000-0144.mp4
  8. my tested : (v15) http://www.bobby.in.th/SingleFrame_Pages/WIP_25600603_IBL.html
  9. please try more percent (not sure because I still on v.15) and my tested, how many patches for displacement map.
  10. Simon maybe, this clip will guide you bobby.in.th/index_2560_WIP25600602.html#clip
  11. I think these will help you. I printed from this forum long time ago, original page moved
  12. Hey! Simon You can import image sequence and (post production) composite, color correction, edit, sound, etc... in Blender. I use Blender as A:M buddy.
  13. I learned from this forum, I can't remember which topic. This is pdf files, from this forum or web agep.biz, not sure AM_IBL_rendersetup.pdf
  14. Simon, this is my ideas : moving Rotoscope http://www.bobby.in.th/TextBox/Panoramic_Background.html I'm sorry not in English but I think pictures can tell more words.
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