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  1. camera in Blender can do as same as shift film plane in view camera, so I think camera in A:M can do the same.
  2. Is it posible to Rotate X, but Y,Z not change? I don't know about function in Expression. Thank you.
  3. When I want 2 points perspective, I must set height image size than I need, Can camera in A:M shift image plane? I found it easy way in Blender, but I love to do in A:M. Shift_Image_plane_take_01_0000-0144.mp4
  4. my tested : (v15) http://www.bobby.in.th/SingleFrame_Pages/WIP_25600603_IBL.html
  5. please try more percent (not sure because I still on v.15) and my tested, how many patches for displacement map.
  6. Simon maybe, this clip will guide you bobby.in.th/index_2560_WIP25600602.html#clip
  7. I think these will help you. I printed from this forum long time ago, original page moved
  8. Hey! Simon You can import image sequence and (post production) composite, color correction, edit, sound, etc... in Blender. I use Blender as A:M buddy.
  9. I learned from this forum, I can't remember which topic. This is pdf files, from this forum or web agep.biz, not sure AM_IBL_rendersetup.pdf
  10. Simon, this is my ideas : moving Rotoscope http://www.bobby.in.th/TextBox/Panoramic_Background.html I'm sorry not in English but I think pictures can tell more words.
  11. You can use Blender VSE (Video Sequencer Editor) can exporte to any video contrainer format (file format) and video format (codec) Free to use for any purpose, forever and easy to use.
  12. Right Arm Hinge / Left Arm Hinge
  13. ... and you don't do these. ... you did not do these. I'm sorry for my grammar.
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