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  1. Welcome back. I have not used Hash in a long long time either but I still like to check their web site. I have a dongle too :) I started on the amiga... I think if you have a 32 bit system and are trying to install the 64 bit version of AM, then it will not work. If this is not the case and have an very old version that works on XP, i would right click the setup icon and click on properties. Then check the compatibilty tab and tell the program to be compatible with XP service pack 3. That should let you run the setup. Best PO
  2. Thanks Rodney..Let me look into that. It may put me on the right track. L8R
  3. i have looked through the forum but did not find what i am looking for. Has anybody done a water drop tutorial? i need a drop that either splashes on the ground or in a puddle of water. Thanks. P Happy new year..
  4. Ok, let me work on that on my own to try to figure it out. You already gave me a big help. Thanks. P
  5. Thanks..I have a question. When you say that the second choregraphy has everything set to run. What do you mean? Can i just substitute my object? I know about reusable actions, but can a choregraphy setup be reused? Sincerely, Pierre
  6. Largento, could I also get this project to look at the dynamic of the rolling coin? Thank you very much. Pierre
  7. Thank you very much. let me study it...a lot i do not know about dynamics. i am going to look through the forum to see if i find tutorials about that. Pierre
  8. Guys, this is awesome. Robcat, thanks for the project. I am going to study it. @ largento, could i get your coinspin project to study it too? Thanks. Pierre
  9. I see...bones would warp the coin i guess..or it would create the illusion. I guess i may have to look on how a coin behave when it rolls and fall. Thanks for the hint. Pierre
  10. I do not know if someone has already done. That. I am trying to simulate a coin that is rolling on its side then it spins around, wabbles and stops flat. I can make the rolling part but the stopping part is tougher. Should i create an action and make it spin and fall by interpolation or should I use muscle? Thanks. Pierre
  11. Thank you..works perfectly...
  12. I have an object that has a decal applied to it. I would like to know if it is possible to make it fade away over a period of time. should i use an action? Should i set that up in the choregraphy? I am kind of lost on this one. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks. Pierre
  13. Well something weird happened. After i saved the project and re rendered it, the decal was showing fine. Go wonder.. Thanks for all the decals explanation. Now i have a better understanding. Thanks Robcat for the link to the tutorial. Cool head.. Pierre
  14. Thank you..Now i understand. Why would a decal be mirrored when you apply it? I position my image fine and it looks fine. when i apply it and render it, it is like i am looking in a mirror. Thanks.
  15. Not really private..I just redid the project and it is fine now. Maybe something got corrupted. I'll see if i saved a copy... Thanks.
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