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Love letters AM

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Tests physics and dynamics AM Love letters AM









http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg9P7o24310 AnimationMaster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mha2ldKNk0k



Love letters AM (vimeo) [vimeo]84795875[/vimeo] AnimationMaster [vimeo]84795874[/vimeo] AM.gif AM_LOVE2.gif

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YUM! - both terrific! Nice colors, lighting.


I particularly like the first one as it expertly, creatively communicates and coordinates well with the music to produce a sweet mood with a story.


The second one is also good, of course. Has a different, obviously more bouncey feeling. For me however, the music suggests more "bump and grind". Would be fun to see those letters dynamically suggest a stripper dance?

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Heck, I think you could sell that to people if customized with their initials. (The first one with the initials that is)

Of course you might run into a few issues with usage of the soundtrack...


That's the kind of digital valentine cards that folks would love to send to their sweetheart.

It might help if their initials begin with A and M of course otherwise they might scratch their heads a bit:

"Okay Armando, I can see where the "A" comes from but last time I checked my name was Sandra... so who is the "M"!?!?!


What is really neat about this animation is a catch myself actually trying to see the hands that are manipulating the strings.

Am I the only one that is reacting this way?

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