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  1. Elm

    BitMap plus on animated objects?

    Can someone redirect me to a place where "bitmap plus" is explained? Greetz, Elm.
  2. Elm

    Slightly off subject matter

    Just recently I was watching a very interesting Amiga documentation on TV. Warhol was told to absolutely NOT TOUCH the paint bucket button during the launch demonstration - because the amiga guys were afraid of a system crash... The first thing Warhol did after opening the Debbie Harry Picture was.... well you can guess the rest. System kept running though. The Amiga guys were sweating blood at that moment I guess.
  3. Did the same test as you did above, robert. Works. I do have another choreography with render errors. Still have to figure what's wrong there.... None of the things you assumed...
  4. Hi guys. Can anyone confirm that, if an object is set to be transparent (let's say 50%), it's not rendering right? I get blacked out geometry. Hm. Greetz, Elm.
  5. Fuchur! You're the man! What's odd: The standard shortcut for this function is " / " - which actually IS Shift+7 on the german keyboard. It doesn't work though, unless I specifically enter "Shift+7" as a new Shortcut.... Anyway, thanks a lot Fuchur! Solved.
  6. ********** SOLVED *********** Hi guys! Just subscribed to v. 19 and was shocked: Shift+7 (select a whole "object", or whatever you want to call it..) doesn't seem to work. Am I dumb? Please help me to find it.... A:M without Shift+7 is absolutely non-usable for me. Greetz, Elm.
  7. Great thread! Wasn't aware of that Euler thing... GREAT knowledge!
  8. Elm

    Music Video

    Hi! That is a great song! What I'd like to know is, what kind of video do you expext to get for $150 - $450 ? Seriously.
  9. Elm

    v19.0 Release

    Bravo, Steffen! And everyone else involved!
  10. Hi! Cool thing. Little question off topic: What is "3-Point Reroute" in your plugin list on the screenshot?
  11. Elm

    I'm Martin, and I'm Back

    Hey Martin! Good to have you on the forum again! And thanks for your detailed post, a very interesting read.
  12. I'd like to know / see more... What soft body dynamic examples are you talking about? Greetz, Elm.