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  1. Shelton. Thankyou for your kind words. I like your suggestion of rule of thirds. It was my intention to use it but forgot. I used a real basic rig I made a while back.
  2. mouseman. Thanks for your comments. I take everything you said aboard.
  3. robcat Thanks for your comment. I will take on board what you said about lagging head movement. It is my song and me singing. 'One man' band I guess and no not caricatures just random models I made a few years ago.
  4. Hi guys and gals. I finished a couple of videos. I wish I had more time. Could easily spend hours on a few frames to get smoother animation. Other things I would like to do is change is my rig to one of the pre made AM ones. My rig feels to stiff. If I had more time I would learn more about AM particles and also add alot more texturing. I can fully understand why it takes hundreds of people to make animated movies. I want to make more of these videos when I have time and would appreciate any comments and suggestions to improve. Thanks
  5. Goodday all. I have downloaded 19g and netrender is giving error message. I have loaded the correct project, chor, camera, output location, etc into netrender. As soon as the render process starts a error appears. The error message says files (.act .mdl) are missing for my project. Netrender is searching in the c:\Program File\Hash inc\v19\Data\Material\..... for action and model files for my project. I have not saved my act and mdl file in that location. Why is netrender searching for it in that location. The act and mdl files for my project is saved in my 'do
  6. Thanks Jason. Animation Master is up and running again.
  7. Thanks Jason. I got your email and sent you the 'your_host_id' code and my activation code. David
  8. Yes i checked my spam folder. I will resend email.
  9. I have not had any response for 3 weeks now. Can anyone give me an alternative email other than support@hash.com or jason@hash.com I need a new master license. Thanks David
  10. Hi. Just wondering what is the typical wait time for email response from customer support. I requested new master lic more than a week ago. Thanks
  11. Updated short with the suggestions made.
  12. bling bling. Very nice.
  13. Thanks Rob, you are correct. I will fix that along with adding lighting and texturing. By the way thanks for all your tuts scattered in the forums, a wealth of info. You are a very good teacher.
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