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  1. Sorry to hear that you have trouble with finding a link to the software, but I think with the options I showed you, you should be ready to go, right? But I can see, that it might be more convenient to get the link by the mail too. I'll ask Jason about it. Best regards *Fuchur*
  2. Hi Bobby, I just tested it and you are right. I asked Jason about it. Thank you very much for the catch :). Best regards *Fuchur*
  3. Latest Version download links can be found here (last one is hard to say because it changes quite often... at the moment it is 19.0 p): https://forums.hash.com/forum/2-latest-info/ - it can be found on hash.com directly at "Get it now! > Download latest version" (see attached image) - you can just go to the forums, first entry at the top. (see attached image) - you can see the installer on the store page itself (see attached image) I think that is pretty straight forward and at several locations and should not be that hard to find. If you are talking about the process to ge
  4. "Distribute to passes" : Passes render an image a couple of times and combine them after that to one for different reasons like better anti-aliasing, etc. If there is a process (like for instance reflection levels or ambient occlussion or radiosity) that has in itself several iterations A:M will normally re-render each of those iterations for each pass, resulting in a much longer rendertime. Passes are combined at the end anyway and then that will not result in a better image quality but much longer rendertimes. By distributing those iterations to the passes, which will be blend at the
  5. Hm, I am not an expert myself with MDDs, but I just tried to export a simple OBJ with MDD and imported it into Blender and that worked. Could you provide a sample file where the problem is happening? Best regards *Fuchur* PS: To import MDD in Blender you need to activate it first in the Preferences. (File >> User Preferences >> Add-ons >> Import-Export: NewTek MDD format (Enable the add-on)) export_obj_mdd.mp4
  6. The problem that is solved is the limited resolution of the image file used by the decal. A way to paint a texture using a 2d software is to unwrap / flatten the model, make a decal and save that decal out using a screen shot or use take snap shot in A:M. Both is great, but it has limitation that the resolution of the taken snap shot is limited by the resolution of the display you are working on. This feature can now create "the same" result / something similar but with a more or less unlimited resolution. Best regards *Fuchur*
  7. Hi Kenneth, You need to get the licence changed. Send a PM to Jason (often faster) or an email to support@hash.com. It might be helpful to have your new host-id at hand when talking to Jason. You can find that one out by following this instruction set on the left: https://www.hash.com/try-it-16-en Best regards *Fuchur*
  8. Yes, thank you very much Robert :). I extremly enjoy especially the videos you put together after the contest and of cause it inital once too. It really is quite a show and very likely a whole lot of work. Thank you very much for the hard work *Fuchur*
  9. Very much fun as always :). Well done! For some reason I just get drawn right into it when I am watching it. Best regards *Fuchur*
  10. Hi, yes, pretty much exactly what Robert said. Internal patches might be bad here and of cause: Everything needs to be closed (it does not have to be connected but it needs to be closed and of cause it needs a thickness everywhere. Normals can be fixed in general, but it is better to already do them right in A:M. A starting point is to use > Remove Internal Patches, but that can not give it a thickness at any place. You will have to fix that by hand. Best regards *Fuchur*
  11. Amazing, thank you very much!
  12. Great looking material – please let us know about how you did it :). Best regarts *Fuchur*
  13. Thank you very much :). Best regards *Fuchur*
  14. Try Filezilla. That should work.
  15. That is fine. Robert will test it through and give it to Steffen is necessary too :).
  16. I can't seem to reproduce that crash. Could you give the steps you are doing to get it to crash? In the video you can see what I tried out. Best regards *Fuchur* plugin_cutplane_test.mp4
  17. In general it depends on what you are trying to build from it. Is it only a round object without any attachments? Than 4 can be fine. 6 is pretty uncommon if you ask me (in general it should be divideable by 4 because that makes it easier to work with on the axis evenly). For really round objects in close up situations go with 8 or higher. If you plan to attach something to it (for instance you want to attach an arm to a torso or something) you will likly be more happy with 8 or 12. It is all about the structure of the splines / patches / CPs. For better understanding you can hav
  18. Please have a look here: https://www.hash.com/renew-subscription-44-en Best regards *Fuchur*
  19. Hi Robert, ah I see... yes that is pretty much fine... 4.7 GHz is more or less max if you are not doing a overclock by hand... sometimes it can go higher than that even, but in general 4.7 to 4.9 is the max. I am not sure what is causing the above 25% but that seems to be normal. Maybe it is about refreshing the windows or switching between cores or something. But it is constantly going below that again after a short while. I think only Steffen could answer that, but it is very likely just some kind of overhead like that. Best regards *Fuchur*
  20. I am using Windows 10 with the default powermanegement. Anyway it would only be one core or thread no matter what and I doubt Windows is going to throttle that CPU because of about 6% usage at most ;). The 5900x is a 12-core / 24-threads CPU. I asked Steffen recently to see if there is a reason why there are only 12 render slaves with netrender available currently if you have a 12-core CPU (I seem to remember it was the thread count not the core count and maybe it would be good to have 1 or 2 threads for net renderer to manage the others) but lets see what he says about that. I re-
  21. I just downloaded v15j+ (32bit) and got these results with it. It is between 03:24-03:30 for the teapot benchmark. Hopefully I got everything right and compareable with the render settings, because that version has not yet the feature to import render preset files. It is a little bit hard to compare anything like that because: Yes of cause, the software is much faster today but the reason for that is the processor itself too. If for instance the new processor has a new instruction set like SSE4.2 it can be used by the software if it is implemented. But how to weigh that in? Is it pos
  22. Man that is improvement ;). I am pretty sure it has to do with the improvements in A:M too, but still: Damn that is fast. Best regards *Fuchur*
  23. Hi Robert, I just tried it... a little under a minute at about 58-59s with the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x and A:M Version 19.0 p. I think it cuts the next best entry till now by Jason by about 16s for the teapot and is the first one under 1 minute :). (link: https://forums.hash.com/topic/36753-cpu-render-benchmark/page/8/) Best regards *Fuchur*
  24. Today I updated my CPU to a new AMD Ryzen 9 5900x with a new Mainboard (Asus Prime B550 Plus) and wanted to see how much that will help with rendering in A:M. The result: It is about 1.7x faster for single-core 180p rendering time: My AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at around 19:12 with 180p single, the new 5900x is at 11:19. The rendertime for 360p single-core: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at 1h 17m 23s, the 5900x is at 45m 21s ...and of cause the 5900x has even more cores (12 core vs 8 cores) and does quite much better there too: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at 38m 34s, the 5900x is at
  25. I tried for a very long time to bring Affinty photo to run on my computer and laptop and the short answer is: Nope... it is very much trouble for many people out there as far as I understand it... just a very bad port from the Mac to the PC and it pretty much does not work for many people. I just stopped trying to get it to run. It just did not work out for me... I am not sure if they have trouble with anything but NVIDIA graphics or if it is about intel CPUs or something like that but it just did not work out. Best regards *Fuchur*
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