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  1. Man that is improvement ;). I am pretty sure it has to do with the improvements in A:M too, but still: Damn that is fast. Best regards *Fuchur*
  2. Hi Robert, I just tried it... a little under a minute at about 58-59s. I think it cuts the next best entry till now by Jason by about 16s for the teapot and is the first one under 1 minute :). (link: https://forums.hash.com/topic/36753-cpu-render-benchmark/page/8/) Best regards *Fuchur*
  3. Today I updated my CPU to a new AMD Ryzen 9 5900x with a new Mainboard (Asus Prime B550 Plus) and wanted to see how much that will help with rendering in A:M. The result: It is about 1.7x faster for single-core 180p rendering time: My AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at around 19:12 with 180p single, the new 5900x is at 11:19. The rendertime for 360p single-core: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at 1h 17m 23s, the 5900x is at 45m 21s ...and of cause the 5900x has even more cores (12 core vs 8 cores) and does quite much better there too: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at 38m 34s, the 5900x is at
  4. I tried for a very long time to bring Affinty photo to run on my computer and laptop and the short answer is: Nope... it is very much trouble for many people out there as far as I understand it... just a very bad port from the Mac to the PC and it pretty much does not work for many people. I just stopped trying to get it to run. It just did not work out for me... I am not sure if they have trouble with anything but NVIDIA graphics or if it is about intel CPUs or something like that but it just did not work out. Best regards *Fuchur*
  5. You tried renaming the master0.lic in the installation folder to for instance "master1.bac" and after that try to open A:M again, right? Best regards *Fuchur*
  6. You can try this too: https://www.patchwork3d.de/start-am-netrender-185-en
  7. I currently own 3x 3d printers... one for PLA (Makerbot 2), one of ABS and PLA with two print heads, heated plate and so on (Makerbot 2x) and one is a resin printer (Elegoo Mars) but I constantly find myself going back to the PLA machine because it really is the most reliable and easy to use one... I just put it on, press print and in 95% it just does what it should do at the first try... in my experience PLA is pretty much on par with the ABS for most purposes while being less stinky, easier to handle and has a lot less shrinking and is much more predictable when cooling down. The only thing
  8. Any software that masks, changes or tries to alter the Mac adress or anything else like that on your Windows-PC or Mac?
  9. Hi everybody, I think everybody knows that and it just recently drove me nuts again... this small little stand for keyboards which break and a totally fine keyboard is just no longer pleasant to be used and you would need to throw it away which is totally wasteful if you ask me... So I bought a thousands of dollar 3d printer and printed something out to get over tha... Not really... it has been used in many, many instances like that over the last 7 years or so and I think it should be fine today especially if you count in the fun I had with it . Here is the result and the bro
  10. That just means, that your Firewall/Anti Virus/Windows Firewall is blocking it for whatever reason. I'll just download it for you and zip compress it. Have a look if you can download this one. I would say that you might want to put hash.com on your whitelist if it really does this. Sometimes they just put it in a blacklist because of "hash" in the URL for instance or in case of Microsoft security software, because Microsoft just wants to push the Microsoft store. Best wishes *Fuchur* AM_64BIT_v19o.zip
  11. i took the liberty to convert it to mp4 using MiroVideo Converter. evolutions04_web.mp4
  12. Ask Jason (support@hash.com) about it. If you have an active licence Jason can help you with that sort of problem. Best regards *Fuchur*
  13. You even designed an own label in Illustrator for the soap... Man that was just great to watch :). Best regards *Fuchur*
  14. Just to make sure: Did you use Reset All once or reinstalled A:M just to be sure it is not something strange?
  15. Hi mulls, thank you very much for the kind words and Happy Eastern to you and your family too :). A perfect circle is pretty easy: Use the lath tool with a straight two point spline, afterwards delete everything but one spline ring and turn it by 90 degrees. (I would recommend to use a lath subdivision of more than 4 to get a "perfect" circle. (click on the lath-tool button while pressing "CTRL") Or you can use the Primitive Wizard for it. Both should bring you pretty close to the perfect circle. The text part is more troublesome... I am not sure if that is possible easily in
  16. Of cause, but it is pretty uncomon to move a part of the head with the little toe, even so you can do it in A:M: The "exactly same CP" just means: Same position in space or even same CP name. With TransferAW it would be a fall-off level more ore less but in the end something pretty similar if you put the fall off to 0. Best regards *Fuchur*
  17. I am pretty sure he means: The CP is at the right distance to a bone to be assigned it to. And if you already did that once, it already has CP weight information on them. Best regards *Fuchur*
  18. Yes there is an admin mode (assuming you are running Windows). See the attached image. (RMB = Right Mouse Button) It should be something like "Run as Administrator". Go to the Animation:Master Install folder (for instance "C:\Program Files\Hash Inc\V19.0"). Best regards *Fuchur*
  19. I'd say it is not obsolete just uncommon. I like dope sheets but often use the manual approach too if I want to act something out a little bit better. Still for long speeches and stuff like that it really is a great approach. When you hit OK A:M crashes? Could you try starting A:M with Admin rights once? A:M has to create a file in some situations at the first time and that has to be done in the install folder which might need admin rights. Best regards *Fuchur* dope_sheet_test_v19.mp4
  20. 200 Dollars only for a DOF plugin for AE...
  21. Damn Michael, those are just great! The lightening, DOF and materials are amazing. Best regards *Fuchur*
  22. Yes, that is the normal approach... but the interesting part at least for me was, that even one type can be combine from different maps here too. So for instance if you have a layered approach in 3dcoat or photoshop, you can even keep those layers intact with this method. Did not know that was possible. Best regards *Fuchur*
  23. I am not sure if people are aware of this, but I just did a small test and it works... You can even use one decal (UV set) to layer color maps with transparency over each other. Not sure if it helps a lot (maybe with 3d painting it could be nice for instance to animate wounds or skin changes or something like that?) but it was an interesting thing for me... Best regards *Fuchur* video_stacking_color_maps_on_each_other.mp4 decal_texture_layering.zip
  24. You might turn down the subdivision level a little ;). Press page down in the chor for that one or a couple of times. Best regards *Fuchur*
  25. Funny but it really is meant to be like that... If you go under 1 fps it will show that ;). It means "Seconds per frame". It changes the unit to not show less than 1. In your case it would be 0.769 fps. Best regards *Fuchur*
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